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Who’s That Creepin’ ‘Round the W H??!!

Well, gang, this is going to be another short one!

Now that I’m over the weird sinus & ear stuff, I am now combatting a UTI, so I got very little sleep last night and need to go back to bed before I go in to work.

But I really needed to post here. Such great stuff!

To see this 6 minute video, you have to visit “Nancy Drew’s” channel on te l e g r am.

The video is here. It is from yesterday morning, and it’s of Marine One landing at the Oval Office in D C to pick up Tr ***p and get him on board!

She then received this message, which she also posted:

Sent to Nancy Drew yesterday morning — her real name is Kelly, fyi

Tr **p then took off in Marine One and allegedly went to NYC.

This is all really exciting, gang.

And then Tarot by Janine took a look at the c a b al surrendering, and she came up with some great stuff, too! She says that the beginning of the end has begun!! (15 mins):

Hw great, right?

Okay. Here’s that whistle blower from pro ject v er it as re: C *vid vax e s that he released last night:

Doctor says: “The darn v ac c in e is full of shit! This is bullshit!” (13 mins):

And way up in space, a UFO swarm enters the atmosphere by the ISS Space Station . Filmed 9/15, shown on UFO Man yesterday (3 mins):

J*co, cir st en w, and patrick bergy (1 hr):

Okay, and guess what? Suddenly I got 3 separate notifications from Amazon during the night that I have royalties coming at the end of the month (next week.) That was a huge happy surprise. looks like, for some reason, they decided to pay me my money. We shall see!

All righty.

It looked like Nick Cave & Warren Ellis had a great show last night in Edinburgh. They are taking 2 days off and then will be in Sheffield on Sept. 23rd. You can buy tickets here.

Here is Nick Cave, saying goodnight to Edinburgh last night:

And here is a shot of at least the title of Nick’s upcoming memoir. This won’t be the actual cover:

Okay. I gotta scoot, gang! But such great things are at long last happening!Yay!!

Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

The Times They Are A’Changin’!

Indeed, gang.

I am still trying to find news that disputes the claim that the c a b a l is done, and I can’t really find any.

There is still a ton of really bad news regarding the effects of the v a x es, worldwide. But that’s not really “new” news, at this point.

And still some really hard to comprehend shit going down in a u st r a li a (although the people seem to winning). Here’s a very short clip from a longer segment that went viral over the weekend, but I love this. Powerful! Melbourne vs. the police, set to music. 28 seconds:

J*co chatted (for almost 3 hours) with ju an o sa v in. And they spoke about the potential for the near death experience regarding a war between ch * na and Formosa, involving the U S , but this is intel that cir sten w had all the way back in February, gang. That a seemingly potential war between ch * na and Formosa (aka: t a i wan, if you’re not old enough to know that!!), which would look to trigger WWIII (which we’ve already been in for, like, I don’t know — at least a year and half).

Anyway, this was going to signal the end of the movie, and that J i and p u tin and tr **p are allies, as well as M o di in India. And that’s when we saw fl y n n ‘s brother, general ch arl es fl ynn, become head of the P acific fleet.

So, even though that intel came out in February (7 months ago), it is gearing to play out in October exactly as it was reported back then. So it is hard for me to feel that this is something we are supposed to actually be afraid of. I’m just not sure. Ju an reports it in 2 different ways: it’s going to be huge and awful — but don’t worry!

Anyway. Here is the lengthy chat between j*co and ju an (2 hrs 31 mins):

If you have less than 2 and a half hours to spare, here’s a great quicky from Pr y m e Mini ster — a clip with Ne g 4 8 (25 mins):

Some key arrests were made in Brazil yesterday re: the plan d em ic. This video clip is curtesy Laura Aboli’s te l e g r egram channel. Along with this:

“The mayor and health secretary of Guaruja (Brazil) have been arrested.
The two politicians are accused of corruption in connection with the Corona measures. Bo ls on ar o, who is critical of the measures, was empowered by the mass protests on Independence Day to take consistent action against the corruption of the Corona measures supporters.”

[17] The Storm Rider had a great update on all the protests worldwide:

by QTSR see

_ HAWAII out Protesting against the va x es and lockdowns since March
Israel night protests, against va x es and mandates carry on into midnight hours _Tens of thousands march against the va x mandates in New York city _Glasgow protest against va x passports _SWITZERLAND 7 days of protest against the v a x laws and mandates.. people eating in the streets defy C* vid
DC PROTEST has more officers. FBI. law officials and MEDIA crews than Protesters.. Only 400 protesters showed up for the false flag event _Berlin Germany protest continue through the month
_FRANCE railway workers and civilians continue 2 weeks PROTEST against mandates
_ANTIFA ,BLM protest in Liepzig burn buildings in protest.. And ANTIFA members turn on each other during protest and spark fights
_Australians plans Major protest for coming weeks and unifying against the tyranny
_Austalians fed up with governments.. And civilians speak of civil War
_Texas city declare State of EMERGENCY
_Over 230 significant antigovernment protests have erupted worldwide

You will love how the Story ends_


So there is still some really severe weather stuff going on, worldwide. However, the 3 g or g e s d am and all its evil is finally done. Over. kaput.

Many threats of food shortages — although, fingers crossed, I’m not seeing anything like that around here.

Su ss man has only one charge against him in the indictment, which, according to ju an o sa vin, means that he is being cooperative (aka: “spilling the beans”) and that others are going to to go down quickly.

Real Raw News is reporting that our beloved che ls ea cl * n ton and her hubby have been arr est ed. I seriously cannot believe they waited this long to arrest those two. If they are even still alive, they’ve gotta be well settled in at gitmo by now. We’ll see.

I’m still hearing that the markets are going to crash, crash, crash in October, gang. So plan accordingly. It is not going to take long to recover from it, as it switches over to the new system. But still — start looking at precious metals and certain cryptos instead of the stock market. Everyone imaginable is saying that, so probably we should listen. (Although, I feel like my $19 is completely safe, so I’m not too worried as of right now…)

(Although somebody drove into my mailbox during the night Friday and drove off, and now I have to figure out to replace it. I can’t get it to go back into the ground and stay standing…. aarrggghfff) (I’m guessing that $19 is not enough to buy a new mailbox but we shall see!)

As you likely saw, tens of thousands of people from Central America and H a i ti are set to enter the US illegally. All those people under that bridge, and all those oncoming caravans. I guess we’ll just see, folks. (Meaning: how long will it take for sleepy Am er ic ans to call for B*den to be hung upside down from a meat hook at the local gas station….)

(Well, it would actually be the actor playing b*den and that doesn’t seem fair. But I guess we’ll just see if something goes horribly wrong there.)

Meanwhile. the rest of the news seems exactly the same: v ax, war, vote au dit, weather.


Don’t forget that tonight, in Edinburgh, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage. They will be at the playhouse, show starts at 8PM. Buy tickets here!

And also tonight at 8PM EST, pr o ject ver i t as will drop huge whistle blower info on C * vid (36 seconds):

Tarot by Janine looks at deep truth (18 mins):

Beyond Alta! Deep Woo! Jean-Claude and Cliff High and David Mor g an (1 hr 39 mins):

X * 2 r * port: sc a vi no message received! (52 mins):

That’s it for today, gang! Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Better Late than Never!

Sorry for the delay, yet again!

I wanted to re-publish Twilight of the Immortal while I had the time, and it ended up taking longer than I thought.

However, I am happy to announce that Twilight of the Immortal is back in print!! For the first time since 2011.

You can purchase the new print edition here, and a new eBook edition here. (The eBook is no longer available on Amazon or Smashwords.)

By the way, Twilight of the Immortal is historical literary fiction, and suitable for all readers. It is not erotica. You can read the back cover blurb here.

And again, I want to thank everyone who is supporting my move away from Amazon and buying my self-published books from LULU now. I truly appreciate it.

Well. I looked everywhere for some backup news to support this news that the c a b a l surrendered on either Thursday or Friday.

I could not find that specific statement repeated anywhere other than on A r t o f the d e a l. However, I am noticing signs that cause me to believe it is true.

There was no f a l se f lag in D C yesterday. In fact, the event is being called “FedFest” on te l e g ram since it seems that the F B I and undercover cops were the only people who showed up. (It was a trap for Tr ***p supporters but it backfired.)

Also, nothing but good news involving the A Z au dit — which is set to announce its findings on 9 2 4 (which, oddly enough (!!), on the Julian calendar, would have been 9 11 (!!) and Neg 4 8 told us to expect good things on 9 24…)

If there are no fa l se flags before 9 24, then I will believe that it is true, the c a b al is done. (According to ar t o f th e deal, terms of the sur ren der included: if there are any more fal se flags before the A Z audit report is released, the E B S will begin.)

Also the m c a fee thing didn’t seem to actually happen yesterday, as ju an o s a vin had been anticipating.

Also, the D u r ham indictments started.

Also, the W H O is now stating on their website that “animal doses of i v er mec tin are safe for humans” and not hazardous.

Also, the FDA is now against the p f * zer booster. And is also publicly stating that the v a xe s are killing more people than they are saving.

Also, the Su pr eme Court of the United States will now hear the case to reinstate Tr **p.

Also, NHS in UK is now saying that Tr**p’s cure for C *VID was the right one! (Alex Belfield The Voice of Reason — 4 MINS):

Also, the main-page video on R um ble today is Tulsi Hubbard asking “How much is a little girl worth?” — getting ready to redpill America about child s e x tr a ff icking, gang??!!

These are huge changes, gang. Really, just huge.

The troublesome spots are still the v a xe s and the hospitals. If you are sick, if at all possible, do not go to a hospital.

Below: Amazing Polly (1 hr 23 mins):

And be on the lookout for this: the 3 main v a xes have changed their names! (And they are silly names: Pf * zer/ Bio N tech is of course the unpronounceable “Comirnaty,” Astro z en e c a is now “Vaxzevria” and M o d erna is “SpikeVax.”)

Below is old news already, it is from Friday — [17] The Storm Rider news update on te le gr am. I guess read it with a curious eye at this point. I did not have time to post it until now:


_Police in Melbourne have made over 200 arrests and deployed capsicum spray as violent anti-lockdown protests erupted as protestors chant “YOU SERVE US” at officers.
_Railway Workers Protest as Macron Unveils New High-speed Train at Paris Station_Strike is expected
_Brazil: Man Throws Explosive Device at Chinese Consulate in Rio
_General Milley faces congressional investigation forTREASON
Gen. Milley asked military leaders to swear an oath to him during secret meeting
_Tom Renz: Hospitals are now becoming killing fields Brighteon.TV
_Backfire: Detroit TV station asks for stories of unvaccinated covid fatalities, gets bombarded with vaccinated deaths
_Dr. Stella Immanuel talks about how hospitals are ignoring hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as effective treatments
_COVID PLANDEMIC: Healthcare insiders blow lid on widespread elder abuse, medical fraud, forced vaccines
_Same ivermectin that US government doesn’t want Americans to receive is saving lives across India
_Top FDA Scientists Write Letter to Lancet Warning Against Fauci’s Booster Shots
_Biden Regime Confesses To Indiscriminate Slaughter Of 10 Innocent Afghan Civilians, Children With Drone Strike
_FDA Votes 16-2 AGAINST Widespread Covid-19 Booster Shots
_Giulia Lucenti: 16-year-old Italian girl dead less than 24 hours after second Pfizer mRNA injection”

All right.

If you want to take a look at all this really amazing stuff about the once-thought-to-be-dead Kennedy children, and the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedy’s — and Tr **p and ELVIS!!, visit this te le gram channel:

J F K Jr & Kenn edys R Alive: The Druze/Kahlouni Connection. Honestly, it is fascinating.

And Tom Nu m ber s is still in NYC and last night he did a reading on St. Patrick’s Cathedral, for a “friend” who will be nameless for now — could the friend’s name be Patrick (as in the no-longer-dead Kennedy??? Maybe Neg 4 8 ??) (3 mins):

Okay, there was an earthquake in Los Angeles, that town where they are up to their eyeballs now in voter-fr * ud. And an oil refinery there lost power (8 mins):

There are still anti-vax protests all over Europe, in A u str a lia, and even in NYC. And there are still just tons of videos and news events about the v a x es killing and injuring people. So that is still something to be cautious of, okay?

But everything else seems to be pointing us in a different direction now. So let’s just wait and see if things are, indeed, getting better.


Tomorrow, Monday, September 20th, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be in Edinburgh, at the Playhouse. You can buy tickets here.

And Nick Cave announced the other day that he has a memoir in the works! So that will be exciting! (Although the memoir covers his son, Arthur’s, death and then the c* vid l*ck d*wns, etc., etc., so perhaps the word “moving” is more appropriate.)

All right, gang.

I leave you with two more things:

This was cool! Coast to Coast AM: Alien implants: Remote ET Listening Devices (1 hr):

And then, of course, my favorite thing — last night’s UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream (1 hr 34 mins):

Okay, gang, enjoy what’s left of your Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya!!

Make A Joyful Noise??!

I’m hearing the C A B A L HAS SURRENDERED, GANG.

I was not able to post before work and I just got in, so I need to investigate it more.

“Nancy Drew” saw Tr **p and the Mrs at the W H yesterday (?) (1 min):

Shar i r aye had a great update. She has the details and also what to expect with Q F S this coming week:

I say, get your party hats ready and we will soon find out.

I’m going to withhold the other news I was planning to post today, until I can get a better idea about what is going on out there. But I am hearing that the E B S that was set to go today has been postponed as part of the terms of the su rr e n der.


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis performed at a sold out show in Manchester last night. They will return with the Carnage tour in Scotland on the 20th, at the Playhouse. Buy tickets here. There were so many GREAT photos last night. Here is but one!!

Okay, gang.

Eyes and ears open. And pray! I’ll be back when I know more. Otherwise, I’ll be back with the rest of the news….

Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

Sorry, Another Quick One!

I’m having trouble with the Internet connection again, so I have now run out of time to post here this morning.

I wanted to mention something I thought was interesting, though. On the j u an o sa vin chat with N * no, he mentioned that the te l e g ram channel for m c a fee was legit. I will go ahead and post the link here, in case you aren’t already following it. After tomorrow, it will become password protected:

Official Mc a fee

I was really surprised that ju an said the channel was legit. It is one of those channels that is connected to all the “dead kennedys” and to di ana a nd mi ch ael j a ck son and neg 4 8, so I never really think of those channels as “legit.” I do think they are somehow being scripted by [17] so I always read them.

Anyway. Something big is coming, gang. I sure don’t know what, but I’m guessing you can feel it, too. The news is oddly bad and yet not “news” at all. So it might not be a bad idea to follow yet another dead man on te l e g ram.


N*n o and j u an: something big is coming (1 hr):

Here, I am still sick. That makes either 8 days for the current weirdness going on in my ear canals and sinuses, but 7 months, if you’re counting how long I’ve been battling this garbage, in general.

I’m guessing that when the day comes that I am no longer surrounded by va xed people all day long, who are now starting to get really sick, I will no longer be fighting all this stuff.

Overall, though, I feel sort of fine. It just gets tiring. But boots to the ground, right? It is really rewarding to be able to help so many people all day long, that I don’t really mind it once I’m there.


In case you were curious, there is now a FIFTH erotic eBook on Amazon that has my name on it as the author but which is not written by me. And Amazon no longer even bothers to answer my emails, even though I am always professional and polite.

So Methinks something is surely up with that. But on we go.

I did receive the proof copy yesterday for the new print edition of The Guitar Hero Goes Home, from LULU. And they did a really great job. You can buy it direct from LULU, but I don’t think it’s available globally yet.

It is also available there as an eBook. ($2.99)

Tarot by Janine did an interesting reading on the global medical tyranny. (23 mins):

And Mike Adams did an interesting piece on a potential “hidden holocaust.” Although you also have to consider that the shortage of the work force could also be because the government is still paying people a whole lot of money to stay home. (But that is supposedly ending soon.) (1 hr 13 mins):

I thought this was really interesting & educational. It’s mirrored from Info wars ( 9 mins):

And of course Du r ham has finally released another indictment — this one for S u ss man. This makes 2 indictments in about the last 250 years… But one we go, gang.

Meanwhile, here is the X 2 2 r e po r t. D ur ham & A Z a u d it. (55 mins):

And don’t forget that Nick & Warren will be in Manchester UK tonight, but the show is sold out. (They have added 2 Paris shows for October 12 & 13, but the 12th is sold out, too.)

Anyway. I gotta scoot. And I have a zoom call tonight for the regional S * mon P * rkes thing again tonight. Hopefully it will be less political than it was last week. They were nitpicking the first GOD doc, and also Ch * r lie W * rd, so I removed myself from the call after 45 mins. I don’t have anytime for anything at all like that. My life is absolutely too damn full for negativity right now.

Okay. I will try to be more coherent tomorrow. Have a great Friday, gang, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I Am At Last Awake!

Yes, I am feeling lots better today –after about 9 hours of sleep last night. Unheard of for me!!

Then I got on here to post to the blog and the Internet was out again. So — sorry this is late!

Some very interesting things to post today.

S * mon P * rkes publishes the rest of the GOD documents!! Visit this link to read and download!!

In a u str a lia, this seemingly wonderful thing is happening in s yd ney: CL * VE P * LMER SICK OF THE 2 PARTY MONOPOLY STIFLING FREEDOM & LIBERTY, BIG CHANGE COMING (16 mins):

More non-compliance: Swi t zerland does what the f r enhc did– dine in the streets!! (2 mins):

This went viral. If you haven’t seen it, it’s awesome! (21 seconds):

Tarot by Janine did something really cool yesterday. Pick one of the decks and then she gives a reading for “you”. I found it uncanny!! (I picked the 4th deck) (23 mins):

Awaken with JP explains the truly terrifying “Tyrant” variant! (5 mins):

“Nancy Drew” had some great footage from D C: the W H is definitely getting spruced-up, gang!! and for who??? Hmmm…. (1 min and 3 mins):

Cave Things announced a new item, the angel charm! Purchase her here!

And Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds released another video for the upcoming Volume 2 of B-Sides & Rarities: The song is “Earthlings” and it’s a pre-cursor to a song on Ghosteen:

And Lt. Col Paul Douglas Hague announces he has resigned from the Army after 19 years, cites “Marxist takeover”:

“He says, ‘I cannot and will not contribute to the fall of this great nation and its people — those very Americans whom I swore to protect the liberty of at all costs'” […]

“A 19 year US veteran has resigned from his post, relinquishing his pension and citing Pr e s i d ent B * den as the cause of his exit. According to the Daily Wire, Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague said B* den’s vaccine mandate was ‘unethical, immoral and tyrannical.’

“”The values that our nation was founded on, has lived by and thrived under, have been utterly decimated by the current presidential administration and the leadership of the military,” and denouncing the “ideologically Marxist takeover of the military and the United States government at their upper echelons,” Hague continued in a scathing letter.” […]

[full article is here]

This next one is a tricky one, gang. We have been hearing rumors that the U S, U K , and A u str alia will soon be under one umbrella of liberation and perhaps leadership? Not sure how to phrase that. So it is no surprise that the U S and U K announced yesterday that it would be sharing “nuclear sub marine tech” with a u str a lia.

The weird thing is that it comes while the fake leaders of those countries are still pretending to be “in office”. Read it with a questioning eye, gang:

In Surprise Move US, UK Agree To Share Nuclear Submarine Tech With Australia [full article is here]

I don’t know if you’ve been watching what’s currently happening over at p r j ec t ver itas. It is both really sad and really courageous. Whi st le blowers came forward with info about a nursing home where they forced an elderly woman to get va xe d against her wishes and then a few hours later, she died. Well, the story went truly viral, and the police are now investigating.

Also, thousands of whistle blo w e r s are contacting p r o ject veri tas wanting help getting their own stories out there. (14 mins; and 47 seconds; and 38 seconds):

R* d P * l l 7 8 had a great news update yesterday (31 mins):

c ir st en w and g en e d e code (44 mins):

How to know if you have g r a ph ene o xi de in your blood. English subtitles. (Good news! It looks like g r aph ene ox id e does not stay in the blood! hence the need for boosters every 6 months.) (4 mins):

As s t e w p et ers has suspected, doctors are being forced to tell lies or lose their licenses (11 mins):

P * trio t s tr eet fighter chats with ni ch o las v en ia min (42 mins):

Another great Sh ar i R ay e update( 39 mins):

Mel K and p atr ick by rne (1 hr):

Don’t Miss This!! Dr. R ei ner F eull mich gives his co ro n a virus plan demic findings in English! (39 mins):

X * 2 R * port: Justice is coming! (40 mins):

Don’t forget, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be in Manchester tomorrow night, at the Bridgewater Hall. Doors open at 7PM. Sorry, gang! This one is sold out. (From last night’s show in Bradford):

And that is it for today, gang!! I gotta go downstairs and finish the laundry.

Have a very happy Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

The Warnings Are Everywhere

Okay, gang. This is going to be really short.

I’ve been sick now for 6 days. My body is doing a really good job of fighting it, so I can’t complain, but today I am fucking exhausted and I need to go back to bed before I go into work.

But I felt I needed to post here because I’m seeing warning signs all over the place that things are getting ready to be very intense. Bit chute, t e le g ram, news headlines.

Involving wars, rumors of wars, ch * n a, and then the crashing markets all over the world. M * li tary actions all over.

Below, S * mon P * rkes is expecting several iconic buildings to be taken down soon — controlled demolitions. Perhaps bu cking ham pala ce? washing ton mo nu ment? v a t i can?? I don’t know. CERN. He also says there is something really evil under l a ke g en ev a that needs to be taken out. So we will just see.

But he is recommending extra food, water, flashlights. And to get ready for internet black out and e b s. So I guess just be prepared. (48 mins):

Sadly, no surprise about ne w some. We saw that travesty coming a mile away, for several weeks now.

I feel really sorry for anyone who is awake in c a li f or nia and hasn’t already fled the State. These endless redpills must make them want to just throw in the towel…

Okay. I’m outta here. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya for a longer post tomorrow.

Nick & Warren are at St. George’s Hall tonight, in Bradford, UK. Doors open at 7:15 pm. Buy tickets here.

What in the World Is It?

Wow, so many dead Ken n ed ys, gang, and so little time!

Honestly, what is up with all this? Clearly it’s some sort of [17]-related plan. When you follow these sights on t e l e g ram, they are so carefully managed and controlled. I just love it. So much more interesting than the rest of all the (usually bad) news I have to absorb all day, every day.

You can follow a r a be ll a k en ne dy here: @A ra be lla Ke nn edy Q (last night, she posted this: “The Ken ne dy’s are back. We will bring the power back. The enormity of what is coming will shock the world.”)

You can follow j f k jr , too. https://t.me/JFK_Q

You can also follow di an a, she’s part of it: @Prin ces sDia naQ 17

You can follow carol yn bes set t e k en ne dy: @CarolynKennedyQ

You can follow p a tr ikc k en ne dy: @Pat rick Ke nn ed y777

Of course, you can follow ne g 4 8: https://t.me/Negative48channel

I even saw a living K en ne dy referenced on one of their posts today: Caroline posted a photo of her parents on their wedding day ( j ack ie and j f k).

If this isn’t some sort of agenda, gang, I don’t know what is. But it’s all [17]-related, gematria-related, and Tr **p-related, that is for certain.

And Tom Num bers is still in NYC. He has some footage of the T es la Science Center on Long Island, but also mentions that the New Yorker Hotel is a time machine!! (6 mins):

Ironically, the one and only time I was ever in the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, it was in 1981 and I was having an old-fashioned “assignation” in the afternoon with an Israeli I was dating back then, an extremely charming member of Mossad. (Yes, my past is often more colorful than even I can imagine! In my very early years in NYC, I found myself involved with Israeli spies, Soviet spies, and Chinese spies, Iranian dissidents and a Mafia hitman. And then I met and married my first husband, a very dignified man from Singapore…and then I turned 21!!)

Anyway. It would not surprise me a bit at this point if the New Yorker Hotel is, indeed, a time machine.

NYC ♥ NYC: The New Yorker Hotel

Okay, some sad news, but in a similar vein: a key witness in the Ne t an y a ho trial, and his wife, were killed in a plane crash in Greece…

“Former Israeli Communications Ministry deputy general H ai m Ge ron – a key witness in the corruption trial of Ben ja m* n Ne tan y ah u – and his wife have died after the plane he was flying crashed in Greece.

“Greek media claim a technical fault is the most likely cause for the single-engine aircraft’s disaster near the island of Samos, which didn’t claim any other victims.

“Ger on gave evidence in the former PM’s trial involving a multi-million dollar communications contract Ne tan ya h u allegedly illicitly facilitated in exchange for favorable media coverage.”

By the way, you can also follow the English te l e g ram channel for Dr. R ein er Fu ell mi ch: t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish

On another note, but one that feels very encouraging, suddenly s * mon p * rkes is communicating a lot with the regional connecting consciousness groups. It seems like there is a lot of “movement” going on with that. And all of the sudden, I’m seeing a mailing address for WV, and not the one in Hereford UK. Just interesting…

Okay, so after Tarot by Janine said that she would be stepping back from doing so many videos, I found her on three new ones yesterday! The one she did with ni ch o las ven i am in was my favorite. They discussed that recent dark web T r **p call.

What I found most interesting, is that apparently while the A Z au dit results were keeping the d **p st * te pre-occupied, all 50 States had their 20 20 vo tes audited and the results are in!! (Yes, Tr **p won.) So interesting, right? That maybe when the A Z results are finally announced, the other 49 States will be announced right along with it?? I guess we’ll see!!

She also has some very interesting things to say about when they will announce that the U K Royals are all dead. (27 mins):

Ni ch ol as also spoke with J * co about similar things (42 mins):

And I like this guy’s channel because he always thinks every successful female model or movie star is a man — and he has some really interesting physical points to make. Gets the wheels turning. This time, it’s Cindy Crawford (8 mins):

Okay, here’s that great video of Ro se mac G owan’s speech! I couldn’t embed it yesterday, but I found it somewhere else. You’ve gotta watch this! (10 mins):

Switzerland is protesting the v a x p ass (12 mins):

S t e w p e t er s and dr. j ane r u by warn you to STAY OUT of the hospitals! They are the new N a z i ovens! (17 mins):

Please, gang, stay home and take hy dro xy chloro quine (make it yourself!), i v er mec tin (here — each notch equals 50 pounds, round up!), N A C, Vitamin D3, zinc, pine needle tea!! Stay away from rem des iv ir and ventilators — they KILL. Hospital gets PAID.

Okay, on a personal note…

Some strange and happy stuff is going on with my mortgage, gang. They recently reamortized it, and it went down to a very, very friendly amount with something like 1% interest.

Then they said I might still be on a moratorium for my payments. I had to submit more documents.

Then I heard nothing else and I was getting concerned. So I called them yesterday and, oddly, they could find no trace of my mortgage. Nothing. At All. After 3 1/2 years of having it.

Then I got a letter from them in the mail yesterday, stating that I would be contacted soon, and that I would begin paying small monthly payments toward my property taxes and my home insurance, and that my mortgage was being reamortized. (Which they already did back in August.)

I will keep you posted, gang. But it is looking rather interesting, indeed!

Don’t forget! Tonight, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis will be in Oxford at the New Theatre, 8pm. Buy tickets here!!

Nick & Warren in Ipswich Sunday night

Okay. I gotta scoot!! Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you re in the world! I love you guys. See ya!

X*2 R * port: lies about to be revealed (44 mins):

Let’s Get Ready for Monday!

It was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it? Protests the world over. And then Tr ***p behaves as if he’s the pr e s id ent during all the 9 1 1 ceremonies. (And all the past pr e s id ents on view were dead: B *sh, O b * m a, B * den…)

My two favorite videos from the weekend were:

Amazing Polly: she knocks it out of the park! (16 mins):

This was an incredible speech, gang. You can watch it on R *d P * l l 7 8’s te le gr am channel. It is unbelievably great. She is obviously a white hat on the warpath these days.

Another white hat? This popped up all over t e le gram yesterday:

And here’s a rather massive update on the wars getting prepped all over the world. From [17] the S to r m r i der ‘ s te le g ra m channel:


North Korea test-fired a long range cruise missile, test poses ‘threats’ to neighbors says Pentagon Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan to hold “Three Brothers – 2021” joint military drills in Baku
URGENT – Russia: The Russian Northern Fleet began today a large-scale exercises in the Arctic zone with the participation of 8,000 servicemen, about 800 pieces of equipment and approximately 50 warships. _China talking about conquering Taiwan, Arunachal Pradesh, South China Sea, Senkaku Islands, Outer Mongolia and some part of Russia. _Japan’s navy on Friday identified a sub sailing northwest just outside territorial waters near Amami Oshima island, Kagoshima prefecture. A Chinese destroyer was also spotted nearby. _Russia attacked Ukraine 10 times on September 13. A Ukrainian soldier was killed by a Russian ATGM strike _South Korea’s military confirms North Korea’s cruise missile test: _LEAKED Venezuela: Confidential information from the Venezuelan naval intelligence has been leaked out, names and faces of naval intelligence personnel have been leaked, _Israel admits to Iran’s drone power, says ‘deadly’ UAVs can cross thousands of kilometers. _The Air Force Is Testing A New Ship-Killing Guided Bomb _Russia has 46 battalion tactical groups, 12 tactical groups, 2 missile brigades, 4 special units, as well as boats and helicopters deployed near the border with Ukraine. _For the 10th day in a row China has sent a military aircraft into Taiwan’s ADIZ.. _The office of the commander of the Eastern Rafah Battalion in Hamas was attacked by the Israeli Air Force last night. Airstrikes against #Hamas Yarmouk Camp near Khan Younis in southern #Gaza. Continue into the night
_Russian airborne troops make nighttime assault landing at Russian-Belarusian war games. Forces practice landing in complete darkness while using state-of-the-art night vision equipment for the first time in their history. The training is part of the massive Zapad-2021 >drill<“


Well, this was sad, but not surprising news anymore. From DC Clothesline:

Gov’t Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses to Planting Explosives in WTCs Before 9/11

“According to Manuel Garcia Jr., he was tasked by a team created by Dick Cheney to help carry out a fa l se fl a g attack on the World Trade Centers, otherwise known as 9/11, in order to ‘reshape the World Order to secure another century of US control.'”

[full article is here]

And in more personal news…

Yesterday, I re-published the print edition of The Guitar Hero Goes Home on LULU.com. It is no longer available in print on Amazon (none of my self-published titles are there anymore.)

Oh, and I want to thank everyone who is going to LULU and buying my books there! I was surprised when I logged on yesterday and saw so many sales! Thanks, guys! Eventually, I will move The Muse Revisited trilogy there, too, and then Twilight of the Immortal. (You can still purchase those on Smashwords, but LULU is going to become my primary publishing hub.)

Meanwhile, The Guitar Hero Goes Home is in paperback, 224 pages, and costs US$12.95, plus shipping. It is experimental fiction, intended for adults. (It will be available tp purchase globally by the end of September.) You can purchase it in the US here.

The Guitar Hero Goes Home
“GUITAR HERO GOES HOME, when coupled with NEPTUNE AND SURF and FREAK PARADE, reaffirms Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s standing as a preeminent writer of erotic fiction in the English language. Her depth and range, both on a literary and emotional level, is masterful.”

Tarot by Janine and Jean-Claude had a special livestream of Beyond Mystic last evening. News is coming hot & heavy; where is it all going? They are both going to step back and post less often. (40 mins):

UFO Man: Massive cylinder UFO sighted in broad daylight beyond some trees in Indiana (2 mins):

B * l l G * t e s will allegedly hang — if he hasn’t already!! Regardless of whether or not this trial transcript is completely true, gang, at least listen to what the charges are against him. He was a horrific human being. Among other things, he killed tens of thousands of children, worldwide, with his fake v a c c in e s. (5 mins):

If you didn’t know this yet, g ** gle is a va x company. Wake up, gang. Listen really closely to this! It is beyond disturbing. (1 mins):

David Bowie tried to warn us of all this when he allegedly “died” :

David Bowie’s Last Post Before He Died: ‘G** gle Is Illuminati. Illuminati is G** gle.’

[…] a future that was under G** gle was either doing things their way or it was the highway. There was no room for free speech or for dissidents. […]

[full article here]

All right, gang. You know that I go through tons of videos, news articles, te le g ram posts to gather up the news that I think is important for the readers of this blog, and I’m still coming to the conclusion that, even while there is a whole heck of a lot of really bad news out there, it feels like “old” news to me. The real news is what’s coming and I know it’s going to be good. I will keep you posted as best I can.

Okay, don’t forget that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis are touring the UK with their newest album, Carnage. Last night, they played Ipswich. I just love this photo from the close of last night’s show!

They will be in Oxford on Tuesday, the 14th, at the New Theatre. Show starts at 8pm. Buy tickets here.

Okay, that is it! Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

X * 2 r * port, Sunday Edition: They are going to de-certify (48 mins):

Going to have to be quick today!

My Internet connection is going in & out here so I’m going to try to just post quickly today and hope for the best!!

You likely saw that Pr e s i d e nt T r**p was in NYC yesterday for the 20th Anniversary of 9 1 1. (Did you notice that when he was speaking to the NYFD that he had s e c r e t se r vice men all over??)

He was well-received by First Responders in NYC (12 seconds):

He was also well received by the NYPD (42 seconds):

And he also addressed the Nation (1 min 44 seconds):

I think that says all we need to know about his still being the pr e s id ent.

What I found really, really interesting is that Tom Num bers was in NYC yesterday, too. With Ne g 4 8 — who didn’t see that coming? So what’s up with that? T N flies in from U K, goes to D C first, then NYC and is with Neg 4 8 and Tr **p is also there??

Okay! So here’s some quick footage of what Neg 4 8 looks like. Not j f k jr, but still looks like a k e nn e dy to me. Maybe one of those long-thought-dead siblings, like P a tr ick??? I just don’t know! (48 seconds):

Meanwhile, sign up for this brand new podcast coming soon to r u m ble. com (they won’t let me embed it): “Life According to Marz: Story at 6

A word to the wise is likely sufficient.

“Nancy Drew” had some very interesting observations in D C on Friday: A pres i d en t i al motorcade while the fake b*den is off giving a speech! Hmmm…. (and wasn’t Friday when Tom Num ber s flew into D C ??) (4 mins):

And the b b c has announced that there will be no v a x p ass po rt for eng land… yay!!!!!

Before I forget!! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage, tonight in Ipswich, UK, at the Regent Theatre. Buy tickets here!

This bit of news was curious, indeed. When anyone in the entertainment industry suddenly “dies” nowadays, you have to consider that they might have been taken out for crimes against humanity. It is so hard to know what’s really up right now.

So this was interesting to me. M ic k B r ig den, 73, the tour manager for the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan died in a “freak accident” — he was at his home in Santa Clara, California, and digging a grave for his recently deceased dog. (Dog comms are a big [17] thing, gang.)

He then went into the hospital — although they don’t say exactly why. And then he died there suddenly on September 5th.

Everything about that sounds super suspicious.

Also, considering that B o b d y lan has now been accused of the r a p e & drug thing of the 12 year old girl back in 1965… (which I’m seriously hoping will just disappear and go away as non-factual but I guess we’ll see.) Anyway. All of it seems to be raising some red fla gs.

Now, with the recent death of Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts — he had undergone surgery in the UK and the Rolling Stones already knew he would not be able to do the upcoming US Tour. But I don’t think anyone was expecting Charlie to die. Although he was 80 and the surgery sounded serious. I seriously don’t think he was taken out for crimes against humanity, gang… however, it sure is looking like the Stones’ tour of the US next month is going to be — well, let’s say — a “miracle” to pull off.

I really don’t understand why musicians are doing any tours right now. Waiting until 2022, when most of this stuff will have blown over, seems like a better idea to me, but then that’s just me.

:Russell-Jay: Gould announced yesterday that he is filing a legal action against all m* sk and v a x mandates. So that will be interesting to follow (25 mins):

In France, 9 straight weekends of protests. They got a little out of control:

And my absolute favorite way to spend Saturday night! The UFO Man Saturday Night livestream. It was really good! (1 hr 34 mins):

Okay, with that, I’m outta here! Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!