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Doge, Utopia, and the Moon

Okay, gang. The news is basically the same as before.

Dogecoin is hitting another all-time high, and everyone is carefully monitoring every single solitary thing e  l on m us k  says or does and uses it as a reason to invest in more dogecoin.

Even though we can’t be positively certain anymore that e l on musk isn’t just CGI, controlled by the white hats…

Me and my [17]-following friend at work  (both of us are extremely broke and somewhat, although not extremely, old — plus we refuse to use any company that isn’t 100% p* trio t, meaning we won’t use anything that was involved in that reddit- Game Stop fiasco) — anyway, we are determined to come up with something that at least looks like money so that we can invest in dogecoin, too. I’ll keep you posted.

The other thing that sort of confounds me is this eco system that I downloaded and installed — Utopia.

I open it and stare at it, as it is spread out across my laptop, and I ask it: Okay. Why are you here?

This is some sort of very, very deep white hat thing. I can’t quite put my finger on why it is so important that I have it, but I get the feeling that it’s very important that I have it. That it has something to do with the upcoming quantum Internet.  With something that will be part of everything that will soon be utterly different in my online universe.

I use ProtonMail and I’m very happy with ProtonMail (and its VPN). Yet I still open Utopia and I stare at it and I wonder what the heck is up with it.  (Reminiscent of the black monolith- obelisk- thingy in 2001: A Space Odyssey.) (Except now we know that every obelisk on Earth is symbolic of Satanic fr ** m * s *n ry and needs to be blown to smithereens…)

2001, Monolith of inhumanity, and the human dregs (Lore ...


Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that the long-dead musical icon, m * ch a e l j * ck son, recommended that we download Utopia. And that was because Tr **p mentioned the eco system in his brief and final tw **t before the entire world removed Tr***p from every social media platform known to Man.

Honestly. The whole thing amazes me. The main thing being that I am even following the long dead m * ch a e l j * ck son on te  le  g  r am (because D *n S c * v in o told me to– and mj has about 11K followers, btw). And I honestly feel, judging strictly by how insane things are these days, that there is no way on earth a man like D *n S  c * vin o would  suddenly announce that m * ch a e l j * ck son (and J *m  m *  r r i son) are not dead and that we should follow them on te l e g ram — if either one of these men were  actually dead.

I’m not a huge J *m  m *  r r i son fan, but I adored m * ch a e l j * ck son and I would be more than happy to discover that either: a.) he’s been in protective hiding this whole time; or b.) on this particular timeline, a whole lot of unexpected people never actually died.

And so I watch that mj te l e g ram account [ @MagaFighters ] for any indication whatsoever that life is going to suddenly get off-the-charts weird. And that Utopia will be some sort of secret (or not so secret) eco system from the white hats that we need to have  if we intend to survive whatever awfulness is sure to arrive very, very shortly.

Okay, so that’s going on.

And the almost-war escalates in Israel.

And rockets are targeting a bunch of other countries, the world over.

Mel K makes very good points regarding just how many countries are succumbing to the very same color revolutions right now, for the same reasons, basically.  (One of her videos explaining that is down below.)

All of it seems to be part of a white hat m * litary coup — a take-down of the c a b al — in country after country, all across the globe. (And as [17] said: “Israel will be last” — so this is looking like the end is finally in sight, gang.)

(Yes, party hats at the ready, gang !! But PLEASE: extra food, extra water, cash on hand, gas in the car. It could get really really intense here very soon.)

Mc Donald Parody Funny Spoof I'm Lovin' It Red Snapback ...

So that’s going on.

And there is a whole ton of fake weirdness going on in the U K right now.  It centers around the q u e  e  n being long gone from this earthly plane, and a tv news reporter there in the U K accidentally acknowledging her death on tv the other day…

Interesting, right?

Here, the el e c tion audit begins in NH. So eyes there, please!

And meanwhile, the A Z audit is off the charts out of control now, so that’s gonna fall — as we knew it would.  But it’s still going to take a couple of weeks, at least. They are wily, wily coyotes, those A Z el e c tion officials, but wouldn’t you be, too, if you were now facing charges of  H* gh Tre * son? (and its accompanying death penalty?)

Coyote vs. Acme Gives Wile E. Coyote His Own Looney Tunes ...

Okay. So I guess that’s it for this happy Friday. Hang in there, folks.  I leave you with “Lavender Fields” by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (2021), appropriately enough from Carnage. Thanks for visiting.  Only a couple videos today.  Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Tarot by Janine: What’s up with q e 2 and all the fake babies? (18 mins):

Below: P * trio t str ee t figh ter, Mel K,  Mi cha el J*co roundtable– revolutions all over the world (1 hr 44 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (43 mins):

To the Moon and Back!!

Happy  Weirdass Wednesday!! I am effing exhausted.

This is probably going to be another quick one, because I can’t seem to get anything done this morning and I am running late now.

Most important things I’m hearing:

    • While the war between Israel and Hamas is intensifying, FOCUS on A Z re- count instead. Also: M I re-count getting underway, and efforts in N H re-count. Focus on these things. Re-count will bring in m * li tary and officially bring back Tr **p and new Constitutional Republic.
    • Do not focus on the stupid gas shortage in the southeastern States. This is being caused by lunatics who are hoarding gasoline. (Methinks it could still be optics — cyber attack creating “gas shortage” so that more and more Americans can hate B*den.)
    • I’m also hearing get ready for the housing bubble to burst, big time.

On the good news front, it is looking like Dogecoin is the crypto that will go intergalactic.  And I don’t mean just that it’s value is getting ready to go to the moon; the actual dogecoin will soon be accepted on the Moon…

Pin by Roxanne Watson on Collection of Moon Illustrations ...

I’m hearing that we should all invest at least something in dogecoin now, as it is on its way back up. (I don’t actually know this; I’m telling you what I am hearing all over the fucking place.) (This has a lot to do with Space X being built on dogecoin funding, and Tesla car sales soon accepting dogecoin, etc.)

(And, yes, I am still skeptical about the color of e l o n mu sk’s hat, and I’m hearing that he’s just CGI now, too, but oh well. Onward, gang.)

I’m also hearing XRP will skyrocket, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the crypto they will accept on the Moon… And I don’t know about you, but I need to know that what little money I have will be good anywhere, throughout all galaxies.

Okay so.

If you are following the once-dead-and- now-alive-again J *m m o rr i son’s te le g ram account, you will no doubt have noted that he is urging you to follow the also no longer dead but very much alive j f k jr’s t e le g ram account.

So, of course, I did. ( @jfk_Q17 )

I will say again that the weirdest thing about these formerly famous dead people’s te l e gr am accounts is that they are unlike any other accounts. Their posts almost sound computerized or something. Or heavily “managed.”

I watch all 3 of these accounts now (m * ch ael j*c k son, j *m m o rr i son, and now j f k jr) and I just get the feeling they are going to explode into something super weird, probably right around the time that the c a ba l blows off this planet for good. We shall see.

This morning, after my breakfast, after my Inner Being journaling thing and after my meditation, I was back in bed with my coffee, watching the sun come up and listening to the Beach Boys song from long ago, “California Saga: California”, and I started to have a little cry. You know, everything on this new timeline is just too fucking weird. If you are on this same timeline, then you know what I mean: Everything’s different. Absolutely everything. It is just so fucking weird.

Okay, I gotta scoot. Someone in a far away land needs me to do some editing for him before I take off out of here this morning.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Da v e N * no R od r i guez: “Hollywood is dead” (12 mins):

Below: More exposure of f a u c i ( 7 mins):

Below: Tarot by Jannine: very cool as always (16 mins):

Below: P a trio t str eet f ighter U S Constitution class #6 (1 hr):

Below: Always interesting!! Ni chol as V en ia min talks clones, N W O, clin tons and more (1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R * port (45 mins):

The Intensity Intensifies!

Happy Tuesday, gang.

I’m guessing you can tell that things all over the world are getting intense. [Photo Credit above of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from last night: Ofir Gendelman / Twitter]

Allegedly, that is an ancient cypress tree on fire on the Temple Mount, and some reports are that no one was critically injured. Still, 100 rockets were fired on Jerusalem. Tensions between Jews and Muslims are allegedly off the charts.  And a video below indicates that many were killed.

I don’t use the word “allegedly” to discredit anyone’s suffering. But until the worldwide news seems to be free of o p er a t ion m   ockin g bird, everything I don’t see with my own eyes is alleged for now.

Here’s something I found very interesting. It was on m * ch a el j * ck s on’s t e le g ram account yesterday. A download for utopia eco system, so I downloaded it. Here is the link, in case you’d like to, too:

Utopia Ecosystem – Decentralized Encrypted Ecosystem

Also, I’m guessing you already know about how American corporations have been seeding nan o bot s into Americans since at least 2012.  It was sort of the run-up to the full-blown forced v a  c  c  ine that the now dearly departed h i l l ary was planning to unleash on us after she destroyed most of the world in a nuclear war —  oops, she was supposed to be the 45th  pr  e s id ent but , well, um.  Let’s just say: rigged election, upon rigged election, upon rigged election… 

You do the math.

The long and the short of it is that we were saved from the full-on atrocities of h  i l l ary, but according to the Na no D om e st ic Qu e l l Dossier, by June 2013,  the “total infection rate for United States general population [was already at]: 82.7%”

And the projected infection rate for the general U S populace by January 2014 was 98%.  With total infections for ages 18 and above, to reach 99%. And in order to give it that extra boost, increased liquid dispersions of na no bot s were coming from:

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Danone, and the lucky municipalities of Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles through the water supplies.

If you hadn’t already heard all about this, I’m sorry to break it in this glib sort of way. But you can read  and download the complete dossier at this link.

I know I drive people crazy with all this, but it is why I am always harping on you guys to detox from heavy metals, to clean up your diet and decalcify, to do the bathing protocols, to daily do your colloidal silver, take your activated charcoal, drink your diatomaceous earth.  Take your L-Lysine. And if possible, either make your own MMS, or buy some and keep it handy. (Chlorine Dioxide.) Also zeolite.

Trust me: many people don’t speak to me anymore. I make people completely insane with this stuff, but it’s real, gang. They put those horrific things into us, and for truly horrible reasons. You need to do what you can to get rid of them, and keep them out. (If you have any type of skin lesions with tiny wiry things coming out — you’ve got Morgellons’s Disease, which means you are fully loaded with n an o bots. The vax will do that to you, and the P C R c* vid swab test will also do it.)

You can also get (or build) those personal electronic ionic zapper thingies. I have posted a couple videos about them recently, but I don’t know much about electronics. From what I understand, the ionizer things do not remove the nan o bo t s from your body, but they do “zap” them with enough of a shock to de-activate them.  (And you would basically need to zap yourself once a day, if you go outside a lot.)

Just FYI: the  na  n o b o  t s are an Artificial Intelligence operating system, that — from what I understand– were created with the DNA of some sort of insect.  These bots come fully loaded with viral infections and other infectious diseases. They burrow into your bones, joints, reproductive organs, and your brain.  

They can be activated by satellite to literally destroy you — or to make you behave in peculiar ways, to hear voices, block your empathy chromosome; they can monitor your bodily functions, what you’re body is doing, including having sex, etc. It builds a secondary nervous system inside of you that is operated by A.I.

So get those fuckers out of you. And don’t let them put any more in!!

And as I posted yesterday, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits ( who is awesome, btw — she exposed not only f a  u c  i’s involvement in the scam d emic, but also his involvement in creating H  I  V and blocking the cure for A I  D S back in 1986, and she went to prison for it). Anyway, she maintains that  the antidote to “spike proteins” (aka: na no bo t s) is pine needle tea. So now, of course, I have bought pine needle tea! (My [17]-follower friend from the health food store split the cost with me and we ordered some from Korea.)

Remember, you CAN make your own pine needle tea, but many types of pine needles are toxic, so be sure you know what you’re doing. 

Okay, so as I also said yesterday, it looks like the white hats are in the process of publicly taking down f  a  u ci, even though I believe these are optics and that he’s already been taken down. But here is an article for your perusement — from yesterday’s Gateway Pundit:

Report: Ch *  n  e  se Military Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus Five Years Ago before Outbreak — While Dr. F*  u  ci Was Funding Their W * han Facilities

[full article is here]

Okey dokey, folks. I gotta scoot here. Yesterday was filled to the brim with amazing videos, so I will post as many as I can here today. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: update on deaths between Hamas and Israel (5 mins):

Below:  I loved this! Alexander Quinn chatted with Nich o las Ven i amin about the Schumann Resonances, Ascension, DNA (46 mins):

Below: Nich o las V en ia min and M* cha el j * co chat! (58 mins):


Below: Very interesting look at human bloodlines! (1 hr):

Below: M* cha el J * co Update: V ax violates Nuremburg Codes, death penaly coming: (1hr 30 mins):

Below: We the People News Update (33 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (46 mins):

I Swear to God they have an Effing Time Machine!!

Every time a [17] drop lines up absolutely perfectly — meaning the c h * n  e se rocket that was a non-event, and the [17] drop from May 8th 2020 that had it perfectly predicted — I can’t help but get sort of gleeful inside and feel for certain that they do have access to a time machine.

FYI: If you watched the amazing documentary, F  a  l l of the c a b a l ,  you no doubt recall that, at the end, she proposed the theory that j  f   k  jr has access to a time machine, and that he is involved with [17] and the m * litary behind [17] and with the quantum computer, etc.

But the way these drops line up so precisely, gang, month after month, year after year — and sometimes it was a couple of years into the future — how else can you possibly explain it? (And I don’t think l ook in g g lass could be so precise all the time; I think you’d have to actually go and see what exists and then choose the correct timeline, without fail, every time.)

It’s so exciting.

And all these iconic people that have allegedly been dead a really long time — suddenly, not really dead?

In case you missed the post with the Charles Dickens’ character, Mr. Fezziwig… that was the one and only post in my 22 year-career of keeping a blog, wherein I got  s  h  a  d  o w  ba  n  n ed. I reported that S  c *  v i n * revealed the te  le  g r am accounts for m * ch ael j *ck s  on and j * m m * r r * son. (!!)

I won’t post it again. You’ll have to go find it, if you are interested.  (It is readily viewable to all now, because I deleted what got me banned — a stomach-turning video about f  ^^ r & e   e M ** s &^ n s in show business, etc.)

So I have been following both of those accounts, and I have to say they are the strangest t e l e g r am accounts I follow. So I’m beginning to believe they are legit.

And which fucking weird-ass timeline we had to get onto in order for all these iconic dead people to not only still be alive, but to also be hardcore “p* tr io ts” is just beyond me.

But I’m willing to get on that ride and take it as far as it’s going to go because it is exciting.

I only wish that we didn’t have the constant revelations of ungodly horrors to contend with at the same time.

I’m now having what constitute “nightmares” every single night, but only because I am trying so hard to process stuff.  The bad stuff, I mean. I have complete faith in the good stuff that is underway, and in the even better stuff that I know is coming. But the bad stuff — the broad swath of humanity that thinks (or thought) that the horrors that it was okay to inflict upon innocent animals, children, people — you know? What is that thought process in humans that makes any of that okay? (Not to mention the alleged non-terrestrials that allegedly led these c  a  b  a  l folks by their fucking noses right into this stinking pit…)

If you listened to g e ne de c ode and citizen of gotham yesterday, you no doubt recall them saying that anyone who thinks that all “aliens” are benevolent  is dangerously naïve… that would, of course, be me.  For some reason, I have Anne Frank in the very core of my soul: In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart. And that belief in me extends to the entire Cosmos, apparently, since I seemed, until recently, to be the only one who thought the Anunnaki were benevolent… (well, it’s turning out that some of them are and always were.)

Fucking-A, life is so weird. You have no idea how much time I spend each day thinking about this stuff. For instance– NYC was my home for almost 30 years. Why the fuck did I suddenly end up in this place in the middle of absolutely nowhere, safe — for the most part — from the true atrocities of the scam d emic, from the m*sk mandates, and now the deadly va xes that have overrun NYC (and the world); what led me to this safe haven? And why did I suddenly find myself among these ancient burial mounds? I remember them from my childhood — not from this specific place, but they were all over Ohio, but no one really understood the scope of what they were back then.

Yet, suddenly, here I found myself, in the middle of nowhere, literally surrounded by the ancient burial mounds. The only thing I knew about them was that they were 2000 years old. 

Well, since I am a minister– as unlikely as that seems — and since I do think about Jesus much of the time; that idea of “2000 years ago” of course made me think: Wow, Jesus was alive back then. Over in Jerusalem, in Nazareth, in Capernaum. Back when these people here in Ohio were building these burial mounds that I am now walking upon.

(And I do walk upon them — not on the paved paths beside them — because it is always best to let the sacred energies in the Earth go right up into you through your feet.) (Yes, that would be me — the lone girl with the long silver hair, always dressed like some sort of hippie chick, who refuses to wear a m* sk, who refuses to walk on the path…)

It was seemingly by “accident” that I moved here and immediately started to uncover long lost local history books from 200 years ago, when the mounds had been dug up by local farmers and the skeletons of giants were discovered. And that they were sometimes buried with altars that included stone tablets with the 10 Commandments carved on them in ancient Hebrew.

And at the very same time, the Latter Day Saints showed up at my remote door in the middle of nowhere and told me that these burial mounds were sacred ground to them, too, because they are written about in the Book of Mormon. And they showed me where it was indeed written — or could be interpreted as such. And that the giants were the Nephilim. Dark angels who fell to Earth, raped impregnated the women and all that.

But I’m still thinking, no, they were not angels. They were real.  And by “falling from heaven,” I think they mean that they came from Outer Space. And they were not evil, they were good.

.And then the next thing I knew, I was up at that incredible Kirtland Temple, where Jesus himself appeared to Joseph Smith and they had a great and awesome chat — yes, Jesus appeared here in nowhere Ohio, about 200 years ago, long before the c  i  a thought to mind-control everyone into thinking that Jesus could appear in weird places like that — and then things went bad for the Latter Day Saints very, very quickly after that.

(But that temple is still holy, gang. You can feel it there. The good and the awful. It’s all there, in the air. Regardless of what you have been taught to believe about Latter Day Saints.)

Kirtland Temple constructed in the 1830s. First temple ...

And so again and again, I struggle to process all this uncanny stuff, and I come to the conclusion that the sole thing that is the most evil here on earth are the minds of certain human beings.

Well, anyway. In addition to famous movie directors and Hollywood producers, and most of the A-list actors and actresses that we all know and love, and perhaps even some of the best boys and grips, and every single person who ever had a hit record on the radio, the other thing that apparently can be really evil is some of those non-terrestrials.

In my dreams at night, I try to figure it all out.  And it is disheartening and exhausting. But when my eyes finally open to the here & now each morning, the words that always come to me are the reminders that I took the vow to follow Christ and that I must put on the full armor of God and let life on Earth be whatever it is —  go out there every day and walk in it, come what may.

Below, there are some short  videos about what is up with the spike pro  teins that escape from those fake va x es. (The va x es are loaded with them.) One thing that I found interesting is that they now believe it was the spike pro tein itself that was bio engineered to adhere to the cor no vir us, and that the spike pro t ein was what caused some people to get very sick, especially if they had underlying conditions. (And now, of course, it is the vax that will kill you. It’s a time bomb, waiting to happen.)

When I got the vi rus last Easter, it did indeed attack my ability to breathe — it depleted oxygen from my lungs, my brain, my blood. It was unlike any “virus” I had ever had and so I really believed, even back then, that it was man-made.  That is wasn’t from some bat in w  u  h *n.

Anyway. Some interesting videos below, so check them out at your leisure if you haven’t already.

And some good news! Chief Justice Clarence Thomas, the sole Federal U S Judge who apparently is not a pe do phile, finally declared that any s * cial m* dia banning speech that is protected by the First Amendment is unconstitutional, and that Section 230 itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Finally. A beginning to the end of all this cen s or ship. Perhaps even the beginning to the end of me having to type in this fucking weird way, day after day for a year now!

All righty. Enjoy your Sunday. If you celebrate Mother’s Day today, enjoy it. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

He went up against the c a b a l :


A moment of peace and beauty:


Below: Tarot by Jannine (20 mins):

Below: Medical professionals worldwide losing faith in w h o; too many kids have autism worldwide, why?? (7 mins):

Below: Doctors warn the v a xed are t he new leprosy, keep girls and child-bearing women away from them (14 mins):

Below: Internet and phone lines going down worldwide (15 mins):

Below: Digital Soldiers U K: Viral shedding (27mins):

Skyward, Christian Soldiers!!

Well, I won’t complain too much, because I’ve been blogging in my crazy code now for nearly one year, and just yesterday was my first day being s  h a  d  o w  b a  n  n  e d.

I’m hoping that, now that I’ve deleted the video that triggered it, my time in purgatory will be brief.

Yesterday was rough, gang. And today is getting off to an even worse start. But I’m planning to go take my revitalizing alfalfa bath the moment I post this to the blog!!

No, it is not revitalizing in any way. It is actually kind of creepy. But since I have no clue how to build my own electronic  ionizer capacitator to crash the A I operating system in the na no bot s,  and since I won’t go anywhere near any sort of medical facility whatsoever for any sort of assistance right now (not until the war is over),  I am sticking with the alfalfa.

If you’ve read my post about my bath on Sunday, you’ll know that it was truly creepy (I forgot to post about how both my hands immediately turned indigo blue the minute I put them in the bath water but then they instantly cleared up, but nowhere else on my body turned blue — what the fuck was that, right?).  And now, when  a stranger mentions to me that they’re “fully va  x  ed ” it’s all I can do to not want to immediately move six feet away from them.

I do not want to do that — I don’t want to become part of the “us vs. them” scenario, springing up all over the world now; between the fully v a x ed, with their dangerous little na no bots, eagerly seeking more and more body heat to burrow into,  and the un v a xed, of which I am one and plan to remain so.

And I refuse to stay barricaded in my house or anything, because that is exactly what they want this to lead to — no one out on the street. No one communicating. No one being alive anymore.

But I can see now that it is going to require a heck of a lot of alfalfa and then those ionic detox footbaths, too.  (And this is not counting all the internal protocols I’m taking, as well.) This is fucking insane.

Right now, I am also relying, sort of blindly, on the power of the Christ Consciousness Grid to create a sort of protective anti-spike-protein shield around me, whenever I come into contact with strangers  (which is always, when I’m at the store).

I have absolutely no clue if it works — I’m thinking it probably does not, or at the very least, it’s foolhardy — but frankly it is all I’ve got. 

Sometimes I feel this has gotten more sinister than I have the strength for. Yesterday, a woman was very upset, wanting advice on how to help her daughter.  The daughter had had a migraine for several days that wouldn’t quit. And it was accompanied by other bad things —  the emergency squad had to take her daughter to the hospital. 

I knew the daughter had not been v  a x ed, but I asked the woman if her daughter had been spending any  close time around someone who is fully v ax ed, and the  woman said, “Yes — why??

And then my whole body wants to give way. Because I know the hospital is not going to be able – or willing — to really help her daughter. 

When are they going to publicly admit that not only are the v a  x  es  killing people and causing horrific side effects, but they are also causing horrific side effects in un  v a  x  ed  young women, as well?

It is such an invisible demon — this spike pro tein. It’s not as though we can all walk around in the dark, with black lights attached to us, to try to find these little fuckers…

Anyway. I’m in a bad place today, but I’m working on it. I hope the day gets better.

Meanwhile, Cave Things has a new pocket angel available for pre-ordering. (£100 plus shipping.)

And Nick Cave also sent out a Red Hand File yesterday about the various ways you can handle  suffering. 

Okay. I’m outta here, folks. Here’s hoping you will be alerted that this rather dismal entry has been posted. Below are the videos from last night.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: M* ch a el J * co news update, more and more adverse vax reactions (45 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port (44 mins):

Below: Nich o las V en i amin and Jason [17] (41 mins):

Below: Dark Outpost: Is there a va x anti-dote? (1 hr):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News Brief (14 mins):

Below: We the People News update (38 mins):

Below: M * chael J * co and t ar ot by J an ine (Canada) G a t e s is dead (54 mins):

It’s Old Fezziwig! Alive AgAin!!

The weird just keeps getting weirder.

Okay so, yesterday, on the heels of the Pastor Elvis reveal, what should D  * n S c * v *n o reveal but the official te le g r a m acc ounts for m  i ch ael j * ckson and j im m o rr * son.

I’m serious, gang. This was the actual D  * n S c * v *n o that revealed this, so what are we to think??

If you would like to follow these no-longer-dead guys on t e l e g r am and try to find out, well, here they are:

MJ – @MagaFighters

JM – @ProudAmericann

Methinks that way too much fucking weird shit is getting ready to drop, gang, and so these things are being revealed. (If you saw the footage of d i a n a yesterday, then you likely feel in your bones that it really was her and that she IS still alive; it was chilling and uncanny.)

Every single fucking day, more weird shit hits the fan — be that in a good way: i.e., everyone you thought was dead has only been in some sort of massively secret protection program. Or in a not so good way: people you thought were actually really good people are starting to seem sinister: i.e., what the fuck is going on with Bruce Springsteen and how come he’s suddenly popping up in really seriously not so good ways? Or people who always seemed evil, well, turn out to just be evil. I guess. (i.e., Nick Cave)

Time will tell, I suppose. But you know — time is moving at warp speed these days, and have you noticed that time just keeps revealing more and more and more shit, without bringing us to that much sought after feeling of “conclusion”? You know: “Ah! Here’s that ending where everything now makes sense!” It’s always still out there, just a little bit ahead of us.

And still there are people like Ch * r lie W *rd, who just keep getting happier and happier. Well, I guess I will just try to follow his lead, look for continuing signs of that Q F S rollout, and believe that everything imaginable is getting ready to work out just fine.

All right. So, a long-dreaded moment has apparently arrived for me!  You know how they say that when you are being abducted by aliens non-terrestrials, you suddenly can’t account for chunks of time during the night?

Well, I am someone who remembers everything I do at night.  Even if I’m sort of still half-asleep, I remember everything. But last night, at some point, I unplugged my cell phone when the battery was at 100% and I put the charger back in the drawer.

I know this trivial event seems insignificant to you — because you probably have a weighty life, filled with wonder and meaning. However, I find this simple thing unbelievably perplexing! I always remember when I unplug my phone during the night. And I rarely ever unplug it and then immediately put the charger away; I put it away once I’m really awake, in the morning, like regular people do.

So the fact that I did this and have no memory of it at all, perplexes me. And the only thing that makes sense is that a.) I still have some residual nano bots in me and they are making me do stuff while I’m asleep; or b.) the mother ship from the planet that I originally come from, came to get me last night and before going up into the ship, I noticed that my phone was fully charged so I unplugged it and put the charger away…

Who the fuck knows??? But it is making me a little crazy…

All right. This is gonna be brief today because I got a late start here this morning. But I wouldn’t want to leave you without sharing more of the awfulness. P f * z er admits that vaxed people “shed” infectious particles:

EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why va  c  cin  ate  d people are making HEALTHY people sick, P  f * zer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon

[full article is here] I’m thinking that a heck of a lot of alfalfa baths are hovering in my future… 

I leave you with some important videos below:  Help with combatting nano bots. Help with combatting EMFs. Help with understanding what the fuck might actually be going on right now. And awful shit you’d rather not know about, ever.

Enjoy your Wednesday, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Ch * r lie W * rd update re: EMF protection (30 mins):

Below: Capacitor Reconstruct and Ionizers (de-activates nano bots) (45 mins):

Below: N ic hol as V e nia min and Mel K (46 mins):

Below: We the People News Update (43 mins):

Below: X * 2 R* port (38 mins):

AnoTher Big Lie

The saddest news I heard last night was about the takedown of b o y s t o w n.

I had been hearing indications over the last few months  that  bo y s tow n was a s e x tr a ff ick ing network, but the reality of it yesterday just really sickened me. It’s hard to know for certain if the b o y s t own in the news is affiliated with the actual B o ys town, but the fact that no one at all is decrying the unfortunate name-similarity kinda speaks volumes, doesn’t it, folks?

I used to support that Catholic charity — the physical place. Now they are saying b oy s to wn is:

[…] one of the most prolific child sexual abuse platforms on the dark web with over 400,000 registered users, [it was] taken offline and 4 admins arrested in a multi-agency operation sparked by a German investigation. Many more arrests to follow (EUROPOL)

[full article is here]

Tr *** p said yesterday that the 2 02 0 e l e c t ion will now be known as the big. L I E, but for me, the Catholic children’s charities, worldwide, are the true big L I E.

Well, okay.

As usual, Ch * r lie W *rd is getting happier by the minute because he sees an overall game plan underway, all over the world, that I have absolutely no access to — except via podcasters such as he! 

I am indeed hearing, from all over, that Q F S is in place and the unrolling of it is imminent. BUT — only after some enormously huge, startling, bad EVENT happens after the A Z re-count. HOWEVER — the bad event will primarily be “optics” so don’t panic….even though things will seem really, really BAD.

Well, hmmm.  I guess you heard it here first, gang: Something really great is getting ready to happen, but something really, really bad will happen first, but don’t panic because it’s fake.

Indeed. Feel free to quote me.

I don’t know, but I guess you can feel it, too — something is building out there. An energy. It’s all over t e l e g ram and the videos I follow on bitchute, rumble, and YT. Things are ramping up, the world over.  The m* li tary, the non-terrestrial sightings and UFO sightings. (Yes, now they’re posting videos of the actual non-terrestrials themselves, and not just those constant darting lights in the sky.)

And one thing I want to add (I mentioned this once before, but it’s getting even more pronounced, especially when you consider that Tr ***p just had to be moved  to a more secure location outside of m a r* l* go, due to things like his security team being infiltrated by assassins, etc.). Anyway, even in light of that intensity, every time I see a photo of Tr **p or a member of his family on t e l e g r am, they  are ALWAYS smiling. They couldn’t seem more relaxed, at ease, happier.

What are their mornings like? Do they have a 10-minute family primal-screaming session, to get the horror out of their systems, and then: “Okay, team! Let’s get out there and SMILE!” (? )

Who the fuck knows, but they sure seem happy. All the time.

This piece of hilarity just came in! The BBC announces that the Gates’s are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage! 

Is that the weirdest fucking piece of garbage you have heard yet?? Both of those scumbags have already been ar r este d and (allegedly already ex e cute d) for Crimes Against Humanity — for v ac c in e genocides in Africa, in India, in Italy, and for a genocide-in-progress everywhere else in the fucking world. (Duck duck go it because I can’t possibly link all the articles about it here on the blog; from the years 2000 -2020.)

[link to stupid idiotic BBC story is here]

I don’t know about you, but I am kinda getting really tired of these ridiculous attempts to wake those who are still sound asleep. At this point, just let them fucking sleep and let’s move on.

If b oy s t o wn being one of the most prolific child se  x  u  al abuse platforms on the dark web gets relegated to a headline in alternative media (400,000 members all over the world actively checking out ch ild re  n in porn), but a stupid story about a fake divorce between two dead monsters gets on the BBC…

I am just so tired of it, folks. 

But anyway. On we go, right? 

Okay. So. All I can say is stay alert. Stay aware. Trust your instincts right now.  And the usual: extra food, extra water, cash on hand, gas in the car. They’re now saying they might not wait until after the A Z re-count for the big event, and also that the A Z re-count is using some sort of quantum computing system and is zipping by really quickly — with nary a legal vote for B* den thus far.  So just be prepared.

(Oh! And in another piece of hilarity, they’re also saying the big event will take-out the fake B* den and the fake  k a  ma  ala. Honestly. Do you have any room left in your brain for such stupid shit?) (Oh, and NO ONE is allowed in D C right now. Not even the annual biker rally. Shit is definitely going down.)

Oh, and in case you’re curious! I did my second ionic detox footbath yesterday and I had none of the pin-pricking sensations on the bottoms of my feet this time, and none of the sensations in my ovaries and uterus. So I do believe we made progress.  Although the water itself looked worse than it did on Friday, even though there were still barely any flecks of heavy metals, so the heavy metal detox diet is working.  I will probably do another alfalfa bath this week, too, and just see what that yields. (Plus, I’m still in constant contact with total strangers who have been fully vaxed. So I might need it.)

Such intense times. 

Oh, and by the way! I think I’m finally convinced that Elvis is indeed still alive. It’s not so much how the pastor looks, but that VOICE while he’s giving his sermon!! Listen to it!! (short video below)

(They’re also saying (elsewhere) that Marilyn Monroe is still alive, too. I do have to say that I saw some very interesting photos of an elderly lady smiling a lot with Gen. Fly n n not too long ago that were indeed intriguing.) (Sounds like something  j f k would have arranged — given his hatred of the c  i  a and his love of MM.) (Allegedly, MM was a constant rape victim by c  i a  and ma f ia members at private parties at Lake Tahoe when she was a glamorous blackmailed “movie star.”) (Being a movie star is nothing but fun!!)

JFK + MM | Marilyn monroe, jfk, Jfk, marilyn, Marilyn monroe

Okay. Well, I hope you have a terrific Tuesday, all things considered, wherever you are in the world! (No breakfast-listening music today; I decided to open the window and listen to the birds sing!) Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: We the People News: Mi chael J * ckson,  d  i a  n  a , and Elvis still alive (15 mins):

Below: We the People News: Check out the cool 3D animation toward the end about how the Med Beds work!! Best I’ve seen so far. (43 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd: detox heavy metals, nano particles (43 mins):

Below: N i chl oas Ven ia min chats prophesies with Linda Joyce (1 hr):

Below: X * 2 r * port: El ec tion 20 20 is the new BIG LIE (48 mins):

O Canada! It’s Going Down, Baby!!

Crimes Against Humanity case will be heard in Canada’s Supreme Court!

Indictments have been served to J u s t in T ru d eau (aka b as tard  son of the late  F. Ca st ro), W H O, Gates, the cadaver formerly known as the P  o p e, the cadaver formerly known as the Q u e en, and many, many others!

Thank you, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and all the lawyers of the world who have stood their ground these many months and who have fought this fight all over the world.

Get ready for the dominoes to fall, gang.  Methinks that a “crimes against humanity” case will be coming to a courthouse near you, really soon!

(11 mins):

All right. More intel yesterday that the moment the A Z audit re-count reveals what we have known since time began, that Tr ****p was the legal winner of the 2 0  20 el * ction, the blackouts will rollout — perhaps Internet, M  s M, e  mer ge ncy broadcast system, m* li tary publicly takes over? Not sure which, if not all of them?

But prepare for it to be something big.

What blows my mind is that there are apparently STILL people here in the U S who think B * den won that e l e c tion, and also that B * den is even still alive…. I awaken every morning, wondering which world I’m living in. I’ve never known anything this insane. So many people, so out of touch.

Okay. Good news — Bad News.

I got the fucking bots.  God only knows who gave them to me, since I work among many fully vaxed customers every day.

But the good news is that  ge  ne de co  de’s bathing protocol does indeed work, folks.  It really does.

I first became suspicious that something was up when I did that ionic detox footbath, and felt it pulling something out of my right ovary and out of my uterus, and then my bones and joints — especially since none of my co-workers had ever felt anything similar to what I’d felt: an overall discomfort.

These nano-fibers from the vaxes lodge in the reproductive organs, in the bones and in the brain. (The so-called “booster” shots will allegedly then go after the primary organs, and that is allegedly when people will start to drop like flies.) (Oh, and I learned over the weekend, that it isn’t 5  G that took those people out in c h * na, it was 6 G. Remember how those people in ch * na were dropping dead on the streets from C* VID? They were allegedly full of na  no bo  ts from the P  C   R tests. The na  no bo  ts are microscopic  A.I. operating systems. The ch *n  e s e   6 G   s a te llite, which has since been taken out by Space Force (?), triggered the nano bots and people were instantly falling down dead. It was not c* vid.)

One of my co-workers is a big [17] follower, so we discuss everything. And even she suggested it to me over the phone; that something was weird about my detox footbath.  “Do you think maybe you caught someone’s  na no bots?”

The other weird — although “terrifying” might be a more colorful way to describe it — thing was that, not only was I having indescribably strange vision problems since Easter, but over the past couple weeks,  I was also literally going deaf.  Increasingly, I could feel a sort of veil of god-only- knows-what sliding down over my ear canals, inside my head, buffering sound.

And then the other morning, very early, not only did I have a return of the weird flashing light at the bottom corner of my right eye, but I suddenly had, across both of my eyes, a sort of wallpaper effect of countless tiny connected  hexagons, lit up around all their edges.

That fucking freaked me out, folks. I’ve never had anything like that inside my eyes before.  And then it simply darted away.

Jesus Christ, right? My eyes, my ears suddenly rapidly failing? And then that weird footbath on Friday, where I could feel something being pulled from my right ovary and from my uterus?

The brain, the reproductive organs, the joints and bones — what does that sound like, if not the favorite hangouts of the na  no bo  ts??

So, yesterday, I did the alfalfa bath. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes from start to finish. and the first alarming thing I noticed was that the moment I got into the tub, that same pin-pricking sensation happened in my legs. It was nowhere near as bad as I’d felt it in the bottoms of my feet on Friday during the footbath. However, it was the very same sensation and I thought: Well, this can’t be good. Since there was only alfalfa and organic dish soap in the water…

I completely submerged myself a couple of times, then stood up, rinsed off, got out of the tub. I felt oddly exhausted — depleted of energy after a 10 minute bath — and even nauseated; but guess who wasn’t deaf anymore??!! My hearing was back.

And guess who used a Q-tip swab to clean out her ears and then found stuff leaking out of her ear canals that was the very same color as the water had been at the end of my ionic detox footbath on Friday??? Holy fuck, right? This weird brown-orange-y stuff. Definitely not blood. And definitely not like anything that I have ever had come out of any hole in my body, ever. Draining out of my ears.

So there we have it.

I’m planning to do another detox footbath today, since it’s raining and I won’t be able to take my walk among the ancient sacred burial grounds. I’m planning to do the footbath once a week for the month of May, anyway. And then I suppose I will do the alfalfa bath once a week, twice a month — who knows. We’ll have to see.

But what a blessing ge ne d e c ode and all his years of m* litary intelligence are — right, gang? You betcha!!

All right. So. On we go. This is May and apparently everything they promised would happen this month is indeed underway. An intense month, and it’s only the 3rd!

All righty. have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world and with whatever you’re doing!! (Oh, and I want to say that I am really happy to see that a certain a  m  b er  h  e a r d ‘s ca reer at least is tanking. You know, I’ll just say this. When I found out that she and that guy were going to get married, I was on a plane leaving the Austin Film Festival, and when I got off the plane, I threw up and did not stop throwing up for 2 days… That’s all I’ll say.)

I leave you with the unlikely song that was in my head upon awakening at 3:45am this morning!! I have no clue what the song was doing in there, but I don’t think na no bot s had anything to do with it!! (Although, to be honest, I did get the impression that my now deceased adoptive mother was trying to tell me something; 1975 was the year that I first attempted suicide.) Here it is: John Denver’s huge AM radio hit from 1975, “I’m Sorry.” Listen, Enjoy! And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: We The People News update. Conflicts escalating, cyber attacks on the rise. (28 mins):

And, as [17] has promised: “Soon they won’t be able to walk down the street!”  El * t ion fr * ud panic intensifies! X*2 R * port (40 mins):

Below: UFO Man from Saturday, because it’s FUN! (1 hr 42 mins):

And in the event that, like me, you like to focus on living, growing things whenever possible, Ke y bo ar d Op er ator is back (!!), to update you on his current adventures in gardening!! (16 mins):

All Systems Go on this Sunny Sunday in May!

Okay, gang.

More wars and rumors of wars. (R u s s ia and U S embassies ev ac ua ting each other ) (that sounds like urine is involved, but it’s not)) (N or th k or e a thinks b*den is stupid) (and so they should, since we think so, too) (c h * na still threatening to invade for mosa) (intel from January said this would trigger the fall of c  c  p).

More awful shit that seems like optics but could actually be awful shit. (Afghanistan, and U S  tr  oo p s prepping to depart)

Some bad shit that is probably actually really good ( fr ance reaches the tipping point and tells government they want the m * l itary there to take over) (r io ts in  f r ance a nd g er many but a n t if a infiltrated by al lies)

Earthquakes that seem to actually be earthquakes this time and maybe not Rods of God taking out D U M Bs. (Japan)

In ter net black outs around the world that seem to be cyber attacks but could be Q F S related. (South Africa and other places that slip my mind right now)

So, it’s intense, but there is still a feeling of extreme hopefulness out there, gang. Can you feel it? The Schumann Resonances are still high off the charts, too. And more sources saying that Tr **p will probably be celebrating the 4th of July with “us”, but at the very latest — August 31st.

My favorite little snippet from yesterday was from UFO Man on YT. He posted an even snippier snippet about it this morning. 2 mins. Check it out. Non-terrestrials are as good as here and among us now, and no “evil alien invasions” are anywhere to be seen. (Oh, and trust the government.) (Wait — I mean, DON’T trust the government…)

There were a number of videos posted yesterday by a few of my favorite podcasters, but they were seriously difficult to take, as they focused on the tor tured, mur dere d, ca nn iba lized chil d r en. So I am going to not post those today. I’m guessing that if you visit this blog, you are already awake about that horrific stuff and are vibrating in that frequency of being on the side of the Light. So I’m going to trust you to keep vibrating at that frequency today.

And there is also more seriously bad shit about the fake vaxes, gang.  More and more people seem to be awakening to the idea that they should not take them, but that doesn’t help those who already have.

There is the full-on bathing protocol with the alfalfa pellets  from gen e de c ode. (It works, but people are reluctant to believe it works because those same people somehow managed to believe the m R N A was a vax even though EVERYONE on Earth including the makers of it said that it wasn’t.)

Also, he recommends drinking the diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal mixture that I posted here the other day (for several days running, actually.) (I drink it everyday just to keep everybody else’s spike proteins from invading me.) (Plus, I also have a seriously intense immunity-boosting regimen I follow everyday.  Keeping your immune system in top shape is really important now, folks, even though “flu” season is over.) (Remember the “flu” ?? That was a super quaint idea, wasn’t it?)


Plus, there is that info I was given re: BLACK Himalayan salt crystals under your tongue, throughout the day. The sulfur apparently helps either pull out or dry up (?) the spike proteins.

Anyway, the news re: the fake vaxes is still dire, but there is protocol to help — if not actually cure the problem. Also, I’m hearing that staying positive and vibrating at a high frequency keeps the nano bots from activating and wreaking havoc inside you.  They tune in and latch on to low frequencies , such as fear. So steer clear of fear. Aim for joy.

Okay, so I’m going to keep it at that today, gang, because I want all of us to try to have a  nice Sunday. Rest assured that good shit is happening and bad shit is happening, and sometimes we just need to pause and breathe.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with some of yesterday’s listening-music that spilled back over into today!! Listen and Stay empowered!! 

MEN: Just say NO! to estrogen-laced GMOs!

batman says no memes | quickmeme

WOMEN:  Just say NO! to all the other stupid fucking shit they want you to do!!

All righty. Enjoy! I love you guys. See ya.


May Day, Will Robinson!!

Okay, gang! It’s May Day. Look out.


It’s a stunning day here today, plus it’s Saturday — what could be better? However, we have been alerted, too many times to count now, that May Day could be the launch of a ll i ed m * li tary upheavals world wide, which could last through most of May. Actually, these upheavals are already going on and people are dying in combat. So stay vigilant, gang.

Below: We the People News: Global tensions rising (31 mins):

There is also nonstop talk that D o g e coin, which is skyrocketing, will continue to go through the roof after E lon Musk appears on S N L on May 8th. So, I guess, invest now??? (Honestly, I have no clue. I only know that we should be putting our money into crypto now, assuming we have any money whatsoever.)

I’m trying, gang. You know? I really am.  But right now, I’m excited that my cats have enough food to last for a few months (thanks to my brother and his wife), and I have enough food to last me  for a couple of weeks.  So I’m no longer technically living hand-to-mouth…


Yesterday, I took my first heavy metal detox footbath at the health food store. We have a Wellness Center, where we have infrared saunas, and ionic detox footbaths. (Also, massage therapy, reiki, reflexology, etc., when there isn’t a terrifying scam demic going on, causing us to not be legally allowed to touch one another, lest we leave our m*sk-covered carcasses littering the sideroads and byways).

I digress.

Yesterday, a customer cancelled a footbath appointment just as I was getting ready to go on my lunch hour. I usually walk among the ancient sacred burial grounds in the park on my lunch hour, but it was suddenly raining. So, since the room was already set up and since I get to do it for free, and since I am the only person who works there who has never done a detox foot bath, I decided to try it! Mostly, I was curious to see how well my heavy metal detox diet was working.

I’m guessing it is working pretty good, because I had barely any heavy metal indicators in the water (from out of my liver! eek.). But I had a TON of  stuff that came out of my joints, gang. It was staggering.  (You know where within your body the stuff is coming from based on the color of the stuff that collects in the water.)

And the amazing part was that I then had no joint pain for the rest of the day, and I awoke springing out of bed this morning.  I’m serious. My joints feel sort of weightless. I’ve decided to do it once a week for the month of May and see where we are by month’s end.

Oddly enough, you’re not supposed to feel anything at all during the footbath, but for me — who is extremely sensitive to just about everything imaginable — it felt likes thousands of tiny pins pricking all over the bottoms of my feet. Then I could even feel it pulling on my right ovary, then across my uterus. Then, at the very end, I felt it pulling on my thigh and calf muscles. It was not entirely pleasant.

My co-workers, who had already done the footbaths many times because they have worked there lots longer than I have, were a bit skeptical, because they had never felt anything at all: “Wow, Marilyn, You really are sensitive. That’s kind of weird.” Then, when the owner asked me how it went, I told her that I think I come from Outer Space…

It is really the only answer I can come up with these days. Well, the only one that makes sense, that is.

Okay!!On this day in history, not only was Elvis Presley married to the huge-haired Priscilla, in 1967 — but in 1993, Wayne and I got married, too!

Our marriage actually lasted a little longer than Elvis’s did, but not by much. Regardless, Wayne and I are still friends. And very early this morning, I texted him the photo below and he texted back: “God we were so young.” Indeed, we were.


Okay!! Today, my grass is getting cut. And I am not only excited about that, but I am also excited that I have the money to pay him!! Yay!! (It’s all about tiny miracles, gang.)

And this morning, I took down the Easter wreath from the door, and put up the flowery summer wreaths that I just love. One on the backdoor and one on the kitchen door. And maybe later, I will go sweep off the kitchen porch and set out the porch furniture, in preparation for all the flowers, which I am praying  that I will be able to buy before the month is out.

All righty! More month-ending royalties came in yesterday. Thank you to those of you are suddenly buying Twilight of the Immortal !! World wide!! I really appreciate that, gang. That book means a lot to me.

Meanwhile, I leave you with my post breakfast-listening music from this morning — and truth be told, I played it nonstop for about 2 hours because it is so fucking addictive!! Bonnie Tyler’s classic, “It’s A Heartache” — released here in the US in 1978. 

I had my actual breakfast while listening to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ “The Weeping Song” (1990). Then went back upstairs and moved on to “I Am Woman” (1971), by Helen Reddy, while drinking coffee in bed and watching the sun come up, because, even though I am apparently from Outer Space, I actually am woman — in more ways than you can even possibly imagine. And it’s actually pretty cool to have a theme song for myself —  lo !!! — these many decades later.

Then I moved on to “I Don’t Know How To Love Him,”  from Jesus Christ Superstar  — because it is often how I actually feel about Jesus, and it made me think of this other man I love, who is often Christ-like in my imagination, which caused me to then move on to “It’s  A Heartache,” as the sun actually did come up and revealed a gorgeous day and then I listened to that song for about 2 hours. Literally. But I was out of bed by then and puttering and doing stuff… So.  Enjoy, gang. And thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya.

It’s A Heartache

It’s a heartache
Nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it’s too late
Hits you when you’re down

It’s a fool’s game
Nothing but a fool’s game
Standing in the cold rain
Feeling like a clown

It’s a heartache
Nothing but a heartache
Love him till your arms break
Then he lets you down

It ain’t right with love to share
When you find he doesn’t care for you
It ain’t wise to need someone
As much as I depended on you

It’s a heartache
Nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it’s too late
Hits you when you’re down

It’s a fool’s game
Nothing but a fool’s game
Standing in the cold rain
Feeling like a clown

It ain’t right with love to share
When you find he doesn’t care for you
It ain’t wise to need someone
As much as I depended on you

Oh, it’s a heartache…

© 1976 Ronnie Scott and Steve Wolf


Below: R * d P * L L 7 8: Guest Mel lis sa C ar one, who is also WOMAN in a truly huge and awesome way!!! (2 hrs):

Below: X * 2 R * port: interview Lior Gants. Let’s try, yet again, to figure out crypto! (50 mins):

Below: X ^2 R * port (38 mins):