Life Goes On

Indeed, it does.

I have to say, it was a very interesting feeling, having no Internet access in my house for the first time in a really long time. Just that reminder about how much of my life is now online. But also how quiet it is when there is no Internet.

It is a somber day here in the US, of course.

All I will say is that these last 4 years –even while I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 — were the best years of my life here in America. I could easily afford a home. I could afford my taxes. I could afford to lease a nice car. Absolutely everyone I knew had access to good jobs. Everyone’s income flowed.

And the other thing I’m going to say is that Nixon was impeached over far less criminal behavior than the allegations looming in Senate Investigative reports over Hillary, Biden, and Obama. But the people vote for them anyway.

I’ll also say that it was a frightening  feeling, to wake up this morning in an allegedly free country and not have access to any actual news. And my Internet has been completely restored, so it’s not that the devices I own can’t receive news, it’s that for the first time in my lifetime here in the US, I could not access any real news on a decidedly important morning.

Scary shit.

Let’s just hope that whichever powers end up being in charge, they won’t renew their antagonism towards pornographers.

I hope you are all having a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

“American Girl”

Well, she was an American girl
Raised on promises
She couldn’t help thinkin’ that there
Was a little more to life somewhere else
After all, it was a great big world
With lots of places to run to
And if she had to die tryin’
She had one little promise she was gonna keepOh yeah, all right
Take it easy, baby
Make it last all night (Make it last all night)
She was an American girl

Well, it was kind of cold that night
She stood alone on her balcony (Ooh)
Yeah, she could hear the cars roll by
Out on 441 like waves crashin’ on the beach
And for one desperate moment there
He crept back in her memory
God, it’s so painful when something that is so close
Is still so far out of reach

Oh yeah, all right
Take it easy, baby
Make it last all night (Make it last all night)
She was an American girl (Ooh)

© 1976 Tom Petty

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