…to stay offline today because I need to write that new erotic short story for Volonte, and the reading of my play is this evening, so I only have a handful of hours left.


I could not let some of this stuff go unstated today.

The NY Times Sunday headlines today said not a word about the ongoing voter fraud, legal challenges, criminal allegations, seizure of the D* m*nion server in Frankfort, Germany, by US armed forces etc. Not a word.

I spoke to a good friend in NYC  yesterday, who didn’t seem to really understand the seriousness of what was at stake, or that an actual coup d’etat was in the process of unfolding and hopefully failing.

Scary shit, how the media can hypnotize people into thinking all is well. When that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Then, an interesting statement about Oregon — decriminalizing heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone, etc. (which I am not against, actually), and yet more than 6 family members under your roof for Thanksgiving and you could go to jail!

Okay, so like, honestly. In what universe does this not sound like George Orwell???

In what universe is this shit fucking OKAY??!!

Do we have to constantly repeat it?

Only people at risk because of age or other physical complications need to be protected from ALL serious health risks, including C* VID. The rest of the world needs to be un m*sked and free to assemble and go about their daily lives.

    • 2 vaccines that are 95% effective coming in a handful of days.
    • there are now 4 therapeutics that will cure the average person if they catch it
    • 99.997% recovery rate for the average person
    • And add to that, asymptomatic people do not appear to be contagious

Unbelievable how many Americans don’t seem to know this.

Also, unbelievable how many American citizens seem to know nothing about how the courts work in this country and how you must go through lower courts to get to the Supreme Court.  And so a loss in a lower court is not a bad thing.

It is truly a weird thing to read the news — or attempt to read it — in the mainstream news outlets.  Honestly, you’d think they lived in an entirely different country. I guess they really want certain groups of people to believe they do.

Meanwhile, in the rest of America:

the Federal Election Commission Chairman Tr*y Train*r said that affidavits from the Tr**p campaign show that fraud has occurred during the November general election.

[Full article is here]

1984 by George Orwell (Signet 26th Printing) – Retro Book Covers

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