Update Saturday

You can watch the St* p the Ste*l Rally live  on NTD.

They are calling for Civil War and the crowds are in agreement.

Also. Re: the fake p* n d* m*c:

Just added. Watch now. These are not jokes, gang.

“Dr. Shiva created email at the age of 14 in Newark, NJ and has 4 degrees from MIT. 1 degree is a PHD in biological engineering. Dr Shiva begins the discussion with the p* nd *m *c. He says the elite are pushing fake science to keep us in fear. M* sks don’t work and Fa* ci is a quack. The election process is not one vote one person, its an algorithm the elite created to control the el* ct* on process. The elite have given us an illusion of freedom and it is now time to take back this country

All source links to the report can be found on the X*2 r* p*rt.com site”

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