SOS, Baby! A Week from Hell is Coming!

This will be short but important.

Keyboard Operator posted again during the night that the laptop info from last evening was a false alarm. So let’s put our party hats away for now.

If you are on p  a  r  l  e  r  you no doubt already know that they are being attacked by the l  e  f  t  in a big way. Unbelievable c  *  n  s  *  r  s  h  *  p. You can no longer get the app on g  ** g  l  * and a  p  p  l  e is removing it next, if they haven’t already done so.

a  ma  z * n hosts their server and is preparing to remove them so good bye p  a  r  l  e  r  most likely. G  A  B  is overloaded but if you’re patient you can usually get on. C l o u t hub also an option.  I recently also joined we wake dot life but it’s conservative and Christian. Not everyone’s taste.

VERY important. From L * n W ** d:

a  p  p  l  e is allegedly planning to do an update to all i phones to turn off your emergency b  r  o  a  d  c  a s t system.

    • Immediately go into your settings
    • “general” 
    • software update
    • toggle automatic updates to OFF

Be prepared for a possible black out in U S. Already a Black out in P  a  k i st an. Black out at the V a t i can.

Also, here are some things I’ve done recently.  It could be helpful to you. I moved my $ to a very  small local bank. I got an encrypted email and got a vpn, Also switched to Brave as my browser and only use d*ck d*ck go to search. I c an ce led my f   b   and tw * t t * r accts.  I joined several alternative social m * dia hubs. And I only get my news from alternative outlets — about 7 different ones, with actual journalists, so that I can compare the news.

Latest from CDC btw — no known cases of that  virus” variant” here in the U  S… (I’m thinking it doesn’t really exist, regardless.)

Stay safe. Be prepared. Pray if you’re up for it… I will post more videos later once I get time to listen to all the podcasts.

Below: update from K O:

2 thoughts on “SOS, Baby! A Week from Hell is Coming!”

  1. You are doing G d’s work in providing these syntheses! You’re simply awesome! Remember you have a friend who thinks exactly as you do and shares the same values — one who has known you for 54 years, cares about and prays for you. You are not alone. Enjoy your Sunday, no matter what! Make soup! Maybe bake, and make the house smell yummy. 🤗

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