Sunday Morning, 2.0

Okay, gang. The video from R*d P*ll 7  8 below is long (3 hours) but really informative. Listen to at least the first hour if you can.

Later tonight, there will be a new X *2 R* p*rt, which I’m guessing will be equally amazing, so go to r u m b l e d ot com and follow him directly and it won’t be delayed.. (Or: x  2  2  r  e  p  o  r  t  dot  c o m)

Since everything has dramatically shifted into some other phase — military intelligence, tribunals? What’s the best word?? I am now trying to focus only on what appears to be upcoming info.

And let me tell you, gang– it is full to the brim with DIS info, so please keep that in mind.

I am not focusing on the staged/rigged stuff that happened at the c  a  p  i t  o l, or the so c * a l m* dia blackouts that we knew were coming. I’m not focusing on the im p * a ch ment papers, because it’s a panic attack in action.

I am trying to focus on what’s coming that we need to keep an eye open for.

Potential blackout in main U S urban areas. Similar to P a k i st an and V a ti can, although I am hearing that those blackouts might not be confirmed. Also roads blocked in Rome while the V a  t i  c  an was blacked out. Don’t know if any of it was true. Anyway, prepare for a possible black out.  But it won’t last indefinitely.

(I’m almost thinking  — based on the wording of the warnings –that the blackouts will be caused here by us in order to cease communications temporarily and arrest people, but don’t quote me. I could be seriously wrong.)

What appears to indeed be true was the video I posted from Keyboard Operator a few days ago about R  o  m  e and L o n d on ( m i 6) and c  i  a   and Ob * m* using I t a l i an military satellite to switch the v  * tes here in US.

U   K  seems to not be our friend at all. Not in any way. However, I like them as people– and who didn’t love the Beatles?? — and hope this whole a c t of w a   r  on their part won’t be construed as a reason to go to any war. (I like Italians, too, for that matter.)

Also, at least 7K troops  appear to be patrolling D  C   right now…

Okay. The call is to join p  a  r  l  e  r dot c o m immediately — like, right now — before it gets blocked, which will happen later today. Sign up even on your web browser. Even though it will go dark for about one week. They need you!! It’s about freedom of sp  ee  ch and will help them in court. (?)

On p  a  r  l  e  r right now, L * n W** d is dropping more and more stuff:  “Shocking things will come to light in next 10-14 days.”

About a great deal of evidence coming to court involving government officials and elite wealthy people re: child sex t r a f f i c k ing and p* do ph * les, and also conclusive evidence of el * c t * on fraud, and tr e a s on against U  S.  Also, revelations about ” J* e B* den, Ob  *  m*, J* dg e R * berts, H* ll ary, P* losi, Ep S t * in, B*ll G  a  t  e  s, v  p  P * nc * and more”.


Pay attention to this because X *2 R * p* rt has been talking about this forever

L*n W **d is posting that Tr **p will be “ridding us of d eb tor-state status” and that there will be a bankruptcy and a fresh start with no income taxes.

This seems to be the main reason why all this chaos got underway in the first place — r * gg ed  el * ct * on, fake p* n d * m * c, get rid of Tr **p back in 2 0 1  6 no matter what, fake c  l  i  m  a  t  e accord, fake  w  h   o  , n  a  t  o  not pulling their financial share: e  u , u k,  s  o  r  o  s, ( and c h * n *) wanting to take down the  c  e  n  t  r  a  l  b  a  n  k  i  n  g system — crash the world’s economy — and put a fiat currency in place. Without the U S   participating, it can’t happen the way they want it to. Tr **p is determined to not allow it to happen here.

This is also why (I think)  it is suggested that you move your $ to a small local community bank or local credit union ASAP.

Okay. Have a good Sunday.  Play it LOUD and dance around! I love you guys. See ya.

Below: Try to listen to at least the first hour. It’s very important!

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