Fakery! Arrests! Aliens! And Effing Weird Sh*t!!

Jeepers, gang.

Another huge drop of news since last night, and so I have been trying to organize a ton of stuff for the last 6 hours and — yes — it’s not even 9am yet.

When I awoke at 2:30am, I was feeling oddly well-rested and yet frisky! I didn’t want to check in on my phone because I was enjoying that feeling of peace & joy in the darkness — and I was wanting to spend some seriously quiet alone time, filled with thoughts of that guy I love… (Do you love me? I sure fucking do.)

Anyway.  That frisky mood zipped by quickly and then I reached for my phone… and the next thing I knew, it was 6 and a 1/2 hours later.

Okay. Lots for you to absorb today, gang.

Get on your t e l e g r am app and check out thetruegreatawakening — he dumped a TON of stuff.

If you are a h*cker or just have really good h * cking skills, he seems to have located I s  **c  K * pp *’s e n cr y p ted   devices and a pa per  k e  y. It is believed that this was what L * n W ** d referred to, and that it reveals the proof of how the elite were blackmailed (videos of ch * ld r * pe and ch * ld  murder and who did it. So h * ck with extreme caution, people.)

He also hacked into the dropbox of a   n  a s a engineer and found a truckload of p*do photos (he didn’t dump that, of course) and just tons and tons of weird stuff. Alien bodies, tiny winged reptile skeletons, UFOs, a wide-ranging collection of strange skull photos, Egyptian stuff, lost civilization stuff, freak show things from long ago, beings suspended in jellyfish-looking pods. Here’s but a sample:

Looks photo-shopped, but still…

Oddly enough, here in this area of Ohio, there are tons of ancient burial mounds. Back in the 1800s, people unearthed giant skeletons like this one from the local mounds. The mounds around here are 2000 years old. Most of the giant unearthed skeletons went to the Smithsonian, but then — voila! — they all eventually went “missing.” And folks who believed they ever existed at all are called — (sound the trumpet) — conspiracy theorists.

(Part of the sudden “missing” status, I believe, is because Latter Day Saints lay claim to these burial mounds here as sacred ground and as proof that the Book of Mormon was true… We wouldn’t want anyone thinking that, though, would we? Easier to just make the skeletons disappear. Problem solved.)

Okay, down at the bottom are several more of the guy’s hacked dropbox photos.


According to C  W in Spain (video below),  the U  S   m * l i tary announced to the world wide med* a  this past Sunday afternoon that it was in control of the U S  now and that many, many arr * st s had been made in D  C and that every main stre*m m* d i a ou t let the world over chose to ignore it.

Curious, though, that such seriously high profile folks then stepped down this week, too: B * zo s and c  n  n ‘s Z * ck er. (We are finding, though, that currently  “stepped down/retired/resigned” are often euphemisms for “a  r  * s t   ed.” We’ll see.) (Much like how  C * VID, sciatica, and heart attacks  can wipe out unsuspecting b * shops, nuns, p  o p es , r o th s childs, and various politicians world wide…)

And allegedly, an order for 36,000 tr **ps has been made for m* r * l* go in FL for m a r ch 3rd…. what the heck could be happening down there? After all, that’s where Tr **p lives…. Hmmm.

However –in a truly uncharacteristic move — yesterday, a group of Dem* crats (!!) announced the Safe Tech Act to “reform Section 230 and allow social m* dia companies to be held accountable for enabling cyber-stalking, targeted harassment, and discrimination on their platforms”.

The press release states that “this bill doesn’t interfere with free speech – it’s about allowing these platforms to finally be held accountable for harmful, often criminal behavior enabled by their platforms.”

I wonder what the big rush was? God knows there are likely still 1 or 2 Conservatives left on t w * t  t er,  f b,  and Y ** T * be that still need to be silenced…

Also, just FYI: some States in our perfect Union are now enacting safer v * ting laws.  Preserving the integrity of our God-given right to free and fair el * ctions… Methinks that barn door has been open far too long and all the important horses have already bolted. Curious that they’re closing that barn door now. But anyway.

And speaking of the el * c t * on fr * ud…

By now you know that M ik e L * n d* ll released a documentary online yesterday, detailing the massive v * tin g fr * ud in this country, and not just during the recent na tion al el * c t * on. And immediately, all the main stream me d i a outlets refused to carry it and/or deleted it outright.

Luckily, you can watch it easily on r  u  m b  l e (or right here!!) (2 hrs) :

And as a companion piece to the above documentary, the G*t e  w ay  P * n dit published a handy article all about  Tr **p’s current legal issues re: the el * ction. Some are still active, but so far he has won 2/3’s of those cases. Hey — is your local news station reporting that??!!

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the Breakdown on the 80 Cases Related to the 2020 Presidential El*  ct  *on

[…] Over and over we heard how Tr ** p didn’t win a single case in the 2020 el * ct  * on related to fr* ud in the el* ct  *on.  The med * a called this proof that there was no fraud. […]

    • There are 80 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
    • In 28 cases Tr**p was/is the plaintiff
    • In 48 cases Tr ** p was/is not the plaintiff
    • In 4 cases Tr ** p is the defendant
    • 21 of these cases have been decided on merits
    • Of the 21 cases decided on the merits, Tr ** p won 14 of them or two-thirds of the cases
    • 25 cases remain active

It is horrible that the courts have not made the cases related to the 2020 el* ct * on a priority.  The courts’ procrastination in addressing these important cases in a timely fashion was, and is, abhorrent. […]

[full article is here]

All right. I’m gonna get my day started here, folks. I really want to focus on some of my own writing this weekend.  We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Okay, for your viewing pleasure, here is a really great 20-minute documentary about that fake C  * p * t ^^l   bdlg siege/shoo t ing. We saw something like this here a few weeks back, but this one is really well done.

Below: Awesome round table. You do not want to miss this one, gang.  Ann v  * n d * r st **l, C h ar lie w * rd, da v id n*no rodriguez, juan o s  a  v  in. Do not miss it.(1 hr.)

Below: P * t r  i ot  s tr **t fighter.  One of L*n W **d’s whistle blowers. G * n er al fl * nn’s remarks from yesterday.  Hold the wine, gang!! (53 mins.)

Below: X * 2 r * p or t.  “…Tr** p and the p* tr  io  ts are controlling the optics, which means it seems nothing is happening until it happens all at once. The timetable has already been established, public opinion and the trap are now moving forward.” ( 37 mins.)

Okay. Below are a small sampling of those hundreds of photos hacked from the n a s a engineer’s dropbox.

Random giant skull, unearthed by really small normal guy
Another in a series of giant guys… (It looks photo-shopped to me, but that could be just me…)
Many interesting skulls
Tiny fairy reptile thing. He had tons of photos of these tiny skeletal creatures.
Um… well. You figure it out!
Space craft created by the Nazis.
Weird jellyfish pod-thingies
Two-faced guy
Basic alien autopsy stuff
Contrast and compare!!

3 thoughts on “Fakery! Arrests! Aliens! And Effing Weird Sh*t!!”

  1. The MIke Lindell research / audit on the psyber warfare attack on USA is clear, conside, completely thorough and indisputable. Wow! What more does anyone need ? Thank you for ferreting through what you do in the the wee hours to provide the truth!

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