All Right. Second Chance

It looks like r  u  m  b  le  has had second thoughts and fixed J * d * n S * th er’s [17]- related videos.

I haven’t had the time yet to check if they fixed other podcasters’ videos that were being ce n  s or ed due to material about [17]. But J * d an’s have been fixed. So I guess we will see.

Meanwhile, you have to watch R * d P * l l 7 8’s interview with a nurse whistleblower who worked in an NYC hospital at the height of the alleged p an d e mic.  What she reveals will make your head explode. It’s much worse than we even suspected.

And here are a couple of J* dan’s videos that are now able to be embedded.

Below: “There is [17] and there are “Anons” but there is no [17]Anon”:

Below: “HighImpactFlix Fishing For Clicks, Hates On Me & [17] – REACTION”

Below: “‘[17] Is A Psy-Op To Make You Passive, Look At Operation Trust!’ — Wrong.”


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