Back At It, Gang!

You know, just when I thought we could sit back for a minute and just let the show play out…

J* dan S* ther brought out the sad truth that r u m b l e dot com is censoring videos. Especially if they are related to [17].

This really sucks, folks. Mostly because r u m bl e makes it so easy to embed videos into this blog.  But remember the times when I’ve said here that certain podcasters aren’t “allowing” me to embed their videos? It turns out that wasn’t the case. It is r u m bl  e that is removing the embed button:

(Watch this before they remove it. It’s only 5 mins.)

This sucks for so many reasons, but the main one for me is that I have a zero-tolerance policy on censorship, gang. As soon as I know for sure a platform is censoring people, I remove myself from it as soon as possible.

But now I have to go all over the Internet to find places that easily allow me to embed videos onto my blog, and that is a heck of a lot of work.

Bitchute is easy to embed, but what’s hard about bitchute is finding the people you’re trying to follow.

Ditto with GabTV.  I find GabTV impossible to wade through because they make it hard to locate the people you’re searching for by giving you a BOATLOAD of people you’re not following, instead.

On t e  l e g r am, there are a number of extremely important videos, but you cannot embed directly from t e  l e  g r am. At best, I usually have to just point you in the direction of the account that posted the video and hope you can find it.

So, unfortunately, for now, if the only or easiest way to get you a video is to grab it from r  um ble then that’s what I’m going to do, until I can get completely off of there. (And fyi, I immediately removed the p  a  r  l  e  r  app from my phone, since the two companies are connected.  P  a  r  l  e  r has had some issues in the past that I was trying to be tolerant of, but now I’m done.) (I also stopped following the D * n B*n gin* show, once it became clear that he was not a [17] follower at all. Not even a little bit. Even though I appreciate his politics. I do. But I started to feel like his news stayed firmly rooted in the 3rd dimension. I really need things to migrate up that scale to the 5th dimension, gang, otherwise,  I just don’t have enough time left to mess with it.)

(And the only reason I stay on In st a g r am is because I love Nick Cave. I have tried really, really hard to keep my politics off of my In st a g ra m account because I love following Nick Cave-related stuff on In st a gram. It’s one of the few things right now that makes me really, really happy. I need at least one politics-free zone in my world.)

Image result for nick cave
I’ll say it again: What’s not to love???

All right. So.

Here’s some happy news! Yesterday, I was in my local dollar store here in Crazeysburg. I am usually the only one in that store these days who doesn’t wear a m*sk. Crazeysburg was never a m*sk-mandated place during the height of the virus outbreak last year, because this is a rural area and very few people had the virus out here in Muskingum County. (In fact, I was one of the very few in the entire county who had it, but that was because I kept going into the next county over, where a lot of folks had it.)

But then, just before Thanksgiving, our lovely gov er  nor gave the whole State of Ohio a curfew and a m* sk-mandate (which immediately removed him from my list of people to vote for next time around). And he made it so that a store or dining establishment got a heavy fine and a 24-hour closing if any customer was caught  not wearing a m*sk.

This is one of the reasons that the Legislature here in Ohio brought 12 Articles of Im peach ment against the gov.

Anyway. Obviously, I don’t want a store to get fined and closed down for 24 hours because of my hatred of being muzzled, but last month, I had enough. And I stopped wearing one in the dollar store (the only place here in Crazeysburg that had anyone/everyone still wearing m*sks.)

It was a little stressful because everyone in the check-out line always stared at me for not wearing a m*sk, but I just smiled and persevered, hoping that it would embolden people to stop wearing the m*sks…

Well, yesterday!! I stopped into the dollar store to buy cat litter and no one but the staff who worked there were wearing m*sks!!

I think we are truly making some real progress, gang. It was like everyone around here, on the very same day, decided that they’d had enough.

It felt so good.

And then last evening on t e l e g r am, the P* triot street fighter was in the Dallas airport en route to Las Vegas, and he posted a photo of himself in the airport not wearing a m*ask, and then ON THE PLANE not wearing a m*sk.

So that was really, really heartening to see.

Okay. This whole weekend is supposed to be about finishing that new short story for the kind folks in Sweden. I really can’t spend a ton of time, hunting down everyone’s accounts on bitchute, or other places.  So I am still on r  u m  b  le. And below, are the various links to news videos from yesterday.

Okay. Mostly, I’m really happy, gang. Because I can feel the incredible changes in the air. I hope that you can,  too. (Keep your pineal gland decalcified!! It’s important!! It houses your 3rd Eye!!)

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, as I was contemplating the shifting Timelines and then the parallels between these days right now and how the world was in the mid-1960s. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: C ir s t en w and gene d* code: (25 mins)

Below: 2 hr. documentary about the c   i   a (aka: clowns in a m  e r  i c a) (and oddly enough, there was a 12-minute video, related to this one that r  u  m b  le indeed censored! But the direct link is here!):

Below: Sad fucking shit, people. Watch it, but try not to want to kill yourself over the poor children. (36 mins.)

Below: From a reader yesterday. We’ve posted this one before, but here it is again, in case you missed it.  Plus, the notes on the page state that the actress here known as  “ash li  ba bb  it” is usually known as R o b er t a P aul sen… . I wonder how long she’ll be among the living? It’s been banned from Y ** T * b*. It’s important to watch it, folks ( 20 mins.):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (17 mins.):

Below: X * 2 R* por t (43 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd’s channel “Are We Being played? 110%” ( 4 mins):

Below:  Ch* r lie W * r d and Ni ch o las  V In  ia  min (U K/ S p ain) (22 mins):

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