Off to A Rocky Start

I am feeling a lot better today, gang. However, Word  press  is back to forcing us to use the new editor in order to create a post — which doesn’t work well with my blog layout, so I’m looking into moving my blog yet again.  (I can continue to use the classic editor if I want to pay $252 a year…)

Which means you will lose access to any older posts, any of my music links (meaning to my own demos), my stories and book excerpts, and any photos. So, I guess, gather them while you may…

I will keep you updated. For now, I can only post from my phone.

First, I wanted to talk about our newest mass sh**ting, gang. Please look closely at these things, gang.  Enough is enough.

Even the first responders to the scene in C O felt there was something staged about it. The p o l i c e  and fire would not talk to reporters right away. Because they weren’t sure what had really gone on.

Prayers are needed at this time, gang. Prayers and deep empathy. And I’m not talking primarily about the victims. I’m talking more about these poor young men, targeted by the c  i. a — one after another, after another, year after year — to be the next mind c* n tr ol led patsy; the lone sh  ** ter fall guy. These young men do not know what is happening to them, what they are allegedly doing or why. Their minds are destroyed along with all the lives of the victims and their families.

Also, be aware of totally false stories being reported. For instance, a headline yesterday addressed a mass sh  ** ting in a small town here in Ohio. No such event occurred. Not even close. Perhaps it’s on its way?

Remember, this is all to get A m e r i cans to support anti- gun legislation. As soon as A mer i cans lose their gun rights, the jig is up for the entire world.

Okay. Below is the only video from last night that I am able to embed from my phone. R u m b l e does not work here.  I will keep you posted re: the blog. Wherever it lands, it will always be called Marilyn’s Room, and the url will always be marilynjayelewis dot  com.

Thanks. I love you guys. See ya.

Below: P   a trio Str  ee t fi gh ter:

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