Many Happy Holidays!

Okay, well, at least two: Happy Pesach and Happy Palm Sunday!

I’m celebrating my Palm Sunday by sort of halfway doing more Spring cleaning (which I hope will actually be finished by Easter). And also by waiting for the repairman to stop by and give me an estimate on fixing all that wind damage done to two of the soffits along my roof, and some siding that also came loose.

It was this very time last year, wherein I not only caught the co ro na virus, but I also stood at the kitchen window and watched a different wind storm blow the roof right off of my barn.

And the Spring before that, I stood at my kitchen window and watched yet another wind storm come through and blow most of my neighbor’s wooden fence into my backyard.

So, now that I’ve lived here in the Hinterlands for a few years, I’m starting to see a pattern…  And I don’t think it’s caused by me standing at my kitchen window, but I’m not 100% positive. It could be the winds of Spring…

So. I’m good. I hope you are, too. If you listened to the podcast yesterday between Ni ch o las  Ve n ia min and Ge ne De co de, it’s probably really, really hard to feel truly “good” about anything, but it certainly is interesting, being alive right now.

And, below, I have another one of those chats with Bi sh op L arry G ai ters, wherein he connects the dots between the murder of Ko b e Br y ant and the C O shooting from last Monday.

Both of these chats (Gene and Larry), are so filled with the kinds of facts that rewrite history before your very eyes, that it can get emotionally exhausting. But at the same time, I still find it stimulating; it sends my mind off into so many unusual directions. And I would rather be challenged to think about startling new things, then just get complacent. But sometimes…. Man, I miss the old days.


Probably the two  things trending most on t e el e gr am have been:

1.) will they open any of those containers on the “ever g iven” and if they do, will it reveal human cargo? Allegedly, there are animals on there, starving to death. And there could be humans (maybe children) locked up in there, already dead.

And 2.) those horrific new Nike Satan Sneakers — 666 pairs — that allegedly contain human blood. Why anyone at all would even think that this was an idea worth having, let alone pursuing is, well, you know, one of the reasons that make being alive on Earth not my favorite thing.

Also, in news that doesn’t seem to make it on to M S M in the U S : deaths in the e u from the many vaxes is nearing 4000, with injuries related to the vaxes at 162,000. (This doesn’t seem to include the U K, apparently, where deaths from that virulent “new” C* V ID are getting super mixed up with deaths from the A  Z  vaX.)

[however, full article is here]

Honestly, are there any people left on Earth who believe these are actually vaxes and not weapons of mass destruction?? You bet there are! Tons of them.

And there are still people here in Ohio, steadfastly refusing to allow any laws to pass the General Assembly that give us the freedom to ban m* sk-wearing or curfews or l*ck d*wns based on accurate science…

If you’d like to donate to Ohio Stands Up! to help fight against the State and Federal gov ern ments and all things fake scam dem ic, you can visit this link. And/or attend the event below.

And, here’s a happy thought! If, like me, most of your friends, and perhaps even your closest friends on Earth, died from AIDS back in the 80s & 90s, you’ll want to be sure to watch the P * tr iot Str ee t fighter chat with Dr. J u d y M i k o vi tz, and hear all about the specific cures they had for HIV/AIDS by 1986, that were blocked by f  a  u ci. And then, of course, hope that (as rumor has it) f au c i has indeed already been hanged for crimes ag ainst human ity.

One nice thing, though: currently, in Austria, in an anti-l* ck d own protest, the police have taken off their helmets and joined the march.

Please — let’s multiply that occurrence by every other place on Earth and start getting the world back to the people. 

Little by little. We shall see.

All righty, gang. I gotta scoot and get back to cleaning around here! I hope you are having a really nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world, holiday or not!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya.


Below: Mi chael  J * co and Pastor D ra gon fly chat with Bi sh op Larry Ga i ters (2 hrs):

Below: P * tr iot Str ee t fighter chats with Dr. J u d y M i k o vi tz (1 hr. 16 mins):


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