Just A Quick One Today!

I’m getting a really late start here today, gang, and I don’t have much time before I have to leave.

I wanted to post a Micahel J * c o chat with Nich ol as V en iam in from last evening. It was so refreshing to hear J * co again!! He is still not on Y T. They pulled ALL of his videos — I believe it was something he said about va xe s…

Oh, and here’s something that’s sure to fill you with confidence!! R i ch ar d e b r ess er , former director of the C D C is now c e o of the foundation that funds f a ct ch eck dot org‘s vaccine fact – checking program!! Not only that, but he used to be the c e o and pre s id ent of the J & J fou nd ation!!

Yes! the very one that has a fake vax out right now. (BTW, even though it was removed from the market just the other day for possibly being unsafe, it is now back and thoroughly approved!! Who could have seen THAT coming? I mean, besides all of us…)

Anyway. I digress.

I am also posting another new post from We the People News because it has an informative piece from Simon p * r kes explaining the Q F S, in case you are still having trouble with that whole thing. (Plus, the lizards!)

I’m falling a little behind in podcasts right now because I’m trying to stay current on the episodes of the new documentary, from the truth about cancer dot us.

Each episode is 2 hours long. They are up to episode 6, and it ends on Thursday. It is all free to watch. And it is truly incredible. Informative, liberating, exciting, empowering — also a bit enraging, considering the m e d i c al c a r t el we are still up against.

(Yes, not only am I an anti-vaxer, I am an anti- me d ic al-mafia gal, in general. Believing as I do in the power of the Christ Consciousness to heal what ails you . Since God made you, seems He should be fully qualified to fix you, right? Funny how many people want to argue against that… I’m a believer in the naturopath, the homeopath, the midwife, the individual who researches, discovers, thinks.)

I digress. You should watch the documentary if you can, even if you don’t struggle with cancer or don’t know anyone who struggles with it, because it will open your eyes about what the human body is capable of without the dangerous interferences of chemo, radiation, and surgery — and the amount of natural plants, herbs, and proteins that are in affordable abundance all over the world that heal cancer — and, of course, the powerful 3- letter agencies that can and will put you in jail for practicing that in the U S.

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. Have a sunny Monday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya!

Below: J * co and Ven ia min (1 hr):

Below: We the people News, Simon P * r k es Q F S, lizards ( 48 mins):

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