All Signs Indicate Victory, Gang!

Some very interesting things happened yesterday.

The most interesting one, to me, was that at least 50% of the customers who came into the health food store yesterday were no longer wearing m*sks.

This is very exciting to me. It shows that more and more people are awake and fed up with this. (Technically, our g o v er nor here still has a m* sk mandate for inside public spaces, but we do not enforce it at the store and never have. We are not really allowed to actively tell people to not wear m*sks, because we could get shut down and heavily fined. But we never tell anyone to wear one, either.)

Anyway. That made me feel really happy. (Sadly, there are still a few customers who actually wear two m*sks, because they have fallen for the C D C garbage, hook, line & sinker.) (And if you think it’s easy to understand a customer who is religiously standing 3 feet away from you and speaking to you through two m*sks, you must guess again, my friend!!) 

And this idea of even standing 3 feet away from someone does not work for me, either. I need to stand as close to a customer as I can because I need to feel their frequencies, make eye contact, take in the full spectrum of their energy in order to be able to really understand what their concerns are and how to help them. 

It’s very interesting how many people willingly allow their personal space to be breeched, when they are in the mindset of wanting help. But those double-m*skers — man, they back away, they put up all sorts of energy barriers. It is nearly impossible to help them. You might as well just tell them to take an aspirin.

Well, allegedly, our beloved h i ll ar y was hanged last night at gitmo.

After a five-day tribunal at the world’s most infamous detention center, a three-officer panel found C  lin  ton guilty of mur  der, accessory to mur  der, trea  son, child traf  fick  ing, and other high crimes […] [full article here]

I have my suspicions about this, of course, because she allegedly crossed over to the fields of our Lord a long time ago — dying from Kuru somewhere in our beloved Greenland.

But I had also heard that her body was immediately frozen so that rigor mortis did not set in and that when her actual body was hanged, they could still get video of her neck breaking.  I find it interesting that she was hanged just after Taps was played, at sundown. So maybe it wasn’t so easy to see everything??

I don’t know. There is also a theory that this was a clone that was hanged… but if the main body is gone, how does a clone survive?? (Can you believe I’m even asking you this? How much our conversations have changed!)

Of course, maybe it was actually her. But, you know, I’m thinking not.

Regardless. Time for the party hats, people!!! We really are on our way to the next freedom frontier.

Hat suitable for most hangings but not all — please use your judgment:

Kids Birthday Party Hats Children Celebration Paper Hat ...

And I have to add, here, that it makes me a little nutty when otherwise educated people say that someone was “hung.” The word is “hanged.”


Well, things are going well in A Z, all death-threats notwithstanding. There are already something like 250,000 fake votes for the fake B* den that have been found. 

I’m guessing the m * li tary will be making a public appearance soon. It’s just a matter of time.

Oh, and yesterday, a customer who practices naturopathic healing told me that her patients are having a lot of success with Black Himalayan Salt for removing the parasites caught from the vaxes, or from being close to people who got vaxes. (Spike proteins, parasites, Morgellons disease — I think this is all part of the same thing — it is in the m  R  N  A  “vaxes”.)

So please feel free to try that — but it must be the black salt, not the pink or grey. It must have SULFUR. Put it under your tongue several times a day. Also use it on your food.


I also want to state again that the new documentary on the truth about cancer dot u s is really fantastic!! They are up to episode 7 now, and there are only 8 episodes. They are all free to watch right now, plus you can purchase the whole set on their web site. 

You can learn so much about the majesty of the human body from watching this series. You do not need to be struggling with cancer to be able to learn so much cool stuff.  It is really just very, very engaging.

Plus, it is awesome to see so many beautiful  healing professionals from around the world, who actually want to help people and not just make millions for big ph a r am and the me d i cal c ar tel.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot! It is a gorgeous day here today in the Hinterlands.  Please remember that they are still expecting some intense stuff to happen between right now and May 20th.  Things involving international military, Space Force, the Internet and wiping it clean of oper a tion mo cking bird, communications blackouts,  financial strangeness due to Q F S, and more r i ot s.

Stay mindful. But we are on our way, gang. Victory! I can feel it. I hope you can, too! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. see ya!


Below: Nich olas V en ia min chats with music producer E Smitty about c ab al in music industry — they’re mostly gone!! (46 mins):

Below: Ch *n r lie W * rd and Mel K : “Back and better than ever and things are looking good!!” (31 mins):

Below: We the People News: Big Event grows closer!! Hang on! (21 mins):

Below: R * d  P* l l 7 8 News Brief: Dept of Def, I P address mystery!! (15 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (40 mins):

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