Get Ready for the Swan

Okay, guys. Another short one today. Anxiety here is high and it is effecting my sleep patterns.

(My CBD oil comes in an amber-colored glass bottle, so I wasn’t able to see that I was completely out of it until I went to take it at bedtime on Monday night….  I have a different brand that I’ve been trying to take instead, but it only helps me sleep for about 2 hours at a time, then I lay awake for an hour, go back to sleep, etc., which for me, is the perfect breeding ground for unbelievable anxiety.)

So, anyway.  For 2 nights, I’ve been sleeping in this crazy way, feeling anxious  feeling exhausted. I’m hoping that today, I can get more of the CBD oil I prefer.

Okay, so pretty much everywhere, I am hearing that troops are gathering. In D C , C A, and States in the middle of the country, too.  Much like how various troops from other countries were said to be gathering everywhere for “practice maneuvers” — that’s what they seem to be doing here, too. 

It’s looking like this could be the  b  l  a  c  k   s   w   a  n event, the event expected to trigger “everything.”  In the We the People News  video below, she has footage of troops gathering in various places across the country. Especially in  D  C. So take a look at it and, as always, be prepared, okay?

I’m also hearing that the 3 g  or  g  e s  dam is gone now? Footage on te l e g ram showed that you can no longer see the actual dam from g ** gl e  ear th… I had been hearing that once that dam went, millions of lives would be in jeopardy. I have no clue what the numbers are on that, though, since actual body counts are being very haphazardly reported from events all over the world.

You’d think that nobody was dying, but I know that plenty of people actually are.

I’m also seeing comments all over t  e  l  e  g  r am stemming from Nich o las V en ia min’s chat with juan a s a v in on Sunday, wherein juan basically said that all cryptocurrencies were a really bad idea —  a type of ponzi scheme, where people could lose all their money overnight. He recommends gold and silver instead — or metals that can be mined, I should say. And lots of people are just really, really upset by his comments.

I still have no money whatsoever, so any thoughts of trying to invest in dogecoin remain just ideas, you know. But I thought I’d throw that out there regarding juan and crypto. Just to keep you updated. (I posted the video here on the blog over this past weekend). 

More talk that the fake b* den will be removed from the movie really, really soon. There is allegedly more than one actor playing b * den, but all of them will be removed from the story soon.  And I’m no longer really hearing that our beloved k a m a  la will take his place– so we’ll see where that’s heading. It’s starting to sound as if events will move very swiftly. Something like: b * den goes; results of v*t e au dits show Tr **p’s landslide win; m * litary takes over (black swan?), quantum satellites reset media, Internet, banking systems. Non-terrestrials reveal the Med Beds. (And, I’m hoping, some sort of miracle cure for everyone who took those fake vaxes will be revealed, too.) (Oh, and all those until-recently-dead famous people will make some sort of appearance , too.)

Each day, another State joins in the e l * c tio n fr * ud audit — so it is indeed, all coming down, gang.

All over the place, an intensity is building that is making me feel insane — and it’s not just from lack of sleep.  The huge reveals going on in the Middle East —  how much “b* den” has funded the terrorists in order to attack i s r a  el. However, I think what we are really supposed to be looking at ( since b * den has already been taken out), is that o  b  a  m a  was heavily funding the m  * s l * m b r oth er hood and all terrorists who had their sights on wiping out i s r ael and the U  S. 

The Nich o las v en ia min chat with Mel K explains a lot of that terrorist stuff  in detail and o b am  a  ‘s role in it. (In fact, Mel K maintains that A O C was never a genuine politician, but an actress hired to play that part from the beginning? Of course, that would explain a lot, but I wouldn’t want to be her, actress or not.) But Mel K also makes a great point about how the d **p s t* te has used t erro r ists to make it really difficult for any of us to visit places in the Middle East that are regarded as sacred religious places.  Then she named all of the places (Jewish, Muslim, Christian places), and I thought: wow, she’s right. At least, in my life time, it’s always been really dangerous to visit most of those places. It never occurred to me that they set it up that way. Not only to keep us hating  and afraid of each other, but to keep us from connecting to the sanctity of those actual places.

Okay, I gotta scoot.  Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a nice Wednesday.  I leave you with my trying-to-fall-asleep anti-anxiety music from last night! Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Some great news in the  headlines from T X: David N * no Rod r iguez (18 mins):

Below: We the People News update : footage of troops gathering (33 mins):

Below: The always interesting Tarot by Janine in Canada ( 16 mins):

Below: R * d p * l l 7 8 News : More on the state of the au dits (20 ins):

Below: Ni ch o las V en ia min and Mel K ( 1 hr):

Below: Pa trio t str eet  f  igh ter: Constitution Class continues (1 hr 12 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd roundtable — angelic human beings ( 1 hr 27 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port ( 42 mins):

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