Long May IT Wave, Baby!

Today marks the 104th birthday of JFK. (It would be a good day to announce the non-death of Junior, wouldn’t it??!!)

Well, as promised, Memorial Day weekend here in Crazeysburg has been less than auspicious. Rain and cold yesterday; rainier and colder today! But Monday is still looking like it will be reasonably okay. We shall see.

I overslept for some unknown reason, so I’m scrambling a bit here today.

Only a couple videos below for this morning. The one from Michael J *co has some interesting insights into surviving the fake vax (among other things).

I also include directly below, a video from Nicholas Ven ia min’s te le g ram page from last night. The video is 6 years old, and it is extremely interesting.

It is a talk given by a female incarnated hybrid Grey-human who has been living here on Earth (or trying to), for several decades, after a spaceship crash that killed her entire crew. I found her fascinating, and her story heartbreaking. But what actually freaked me out, was around the 40-minute mark, when she warns us that “innoculations” are coming for humans; that they will put a needle either in the back of our necks, or in our arms, and that these inoculations are dangerous and will take away our humanity. (I’m paraphrasing.)

The fact that she was saying this 6 years ago… ummmm. (below: 49 mins):

And on a similar topic… (in the video above, she also talks about hybrid experiments of humans and animals that she has seen the results of in what sounds like a D U M B.)

The video below discusses the possibility that our government or m*litary have been creating genetically-modified hybrids to use as weapons — it could be what some of these paranormal creatures are (the vicious 7-foot-tall dog-men in the forests of Northern America), and that portals could be how bigfoot gets here:

Okay. That’s it for today. I gotta scoot!! I leave you with the patriotic ditty: Make America Texas Again!!

All righty!!Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


More quick UFO sightings. (I particularly like the astute commentary from the gal in Palm Springs: “This is weird, guys. No, I mean, this is genuinely weird.”):

Below: J * co on vaxes and more:

Below: Tr ***p might get arrested but it is a false flag. Eyes on the v * te audits instead!!

Below: X *2 R* port special interview ” We caught them all!”:

Below: X * 2 R * port: We have everything:

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