The BAd News Is Not So bad

Actually, the only bad news so far today is that it is going to be rainy and cold here in Crazeysburg for most of the upcoming holiday weekend (Memorial Day).

The good news is that on Monday, when the holiday actually takes place, it will be sunny and mild.

And the other part of the good news is that I was able to buy two pre-planted pots of petunias to set out on my front porch this summer. This is perhaps 1/100th of the amount of flowers I usually have on my back step, my two porches, and around my barn all summer, but they are at least flowers. And they are healthy, so I am happy.

I had a very interesting “download” during my post-breakfast meditation this morning. In fact, during my Inner Being journaling at the breakfast table, they told me it was coming — this download of information. (I tell you, gang, even my daily Inner Being Dialogues are changing, becoming more revealing; everything in the entire world is changing and becoming more revealing…)

Anyway. I won’t go into the whole download thing, but the most intriguing part, to me, was that: indeed, as you may have already heard, many of the new babies being born all over the world now are in fact “star seeds” and they are coming into this world brand new, never having been in human consciousness before, yet fully equipped to handle the New Life & Light that is arriving here on Earth already; and that millions of people, who are not able to “tolerate” or (I don’t remember the word they used) handle, or who don’t wish to experience the New Light that is arriving, will remove themselves, and are already removing themselves from the experience of the New Earth.

Mostly, the meditation download was about not having fear; that there was no cause for fear. And that those of us who will flourish in the New Light, came here for this purpose in the first place — to be part of it.

I have lots of thoughts about this, but I won’t go on and on about that right now.

Mostly, I wanted to address two specific (non-related) things today.

The first one being the general reactions, yesterday, to Romana Didulo. Some people, like Ch * r lie W * rd, are saying that she chose herself to be Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada.

Some are even saying that she is a d**p st*te plant, but that makes no sense whatsoever, if you actually listen to her and/or read what she is encouraging Canadians to do. Meaning: empower themselves; to take off the m*sks and burn them; to gather in groups; don’t get vaxed; c*vid was a lie; Canadians’ lives and freedoms come first; the big corporations will be liable for crimes against humanity and will face the death penalty.

That’s just not how the d **p st*te plants talk…

Whether or not she appointed herself, or was appointed by the allied white hats– we shall have to wait and see. In the meantime, I really like her, so it will be engaging to watch.

I’m also still hearing that a lot of the vaxes out there could be placebos at this stage, gang. Let’s just pray that is true, okay? Maybe, the way the c a b al made up those horrible death totals about c * vid to scare us, but which weren’t true — only a fraction of those numbers were actual deaths. Well, maybe the white hats are now doing the same thing with the vaxes, to scare us into not getting it? Saying that all these millions will die from the vax within 2-3 years — but that it’s not really true?

Don’t put your hopes into that, or anything. I’m just tossing that thought out there because I’m wishing it turns out to be that way.

The other thing I wanted to bring up — I will post the video below. Ni ch olas Ven iamin chatted with a woman about biofeedback, and she stressed that this was the only way to rid oneself of invading nano bots from those who are vaxed, and that pine needle tea and alfalfa baths do not work… at first, she actually called them “bullshit.”

However, she did back-pedal a bit as the interview went on and stated that these things were not strong enough to fully work, and that only biofeedback would work completely — but that none of anything would work on those who were fully vaxed.

While I love the idea of biofeedback — and I even felt some of the benefits of what she briefly did for Ni ch olas with biofeedback in the video — I can personally confirm that the alfalfa bath worked for me. It fully restored my hearing in about 10 minutes, among other things. (I was also doing the ionic detox footbaths, too, which I believe also helped, based solely on how it made me feel, before, during and after.)

She is offering 14 free days of biofeedback through an app you download to your phone or tablet. However, I don’t know if you have to then purchase a full program, which I think starts at about $2000. I honestly don’t know if it’s simply free for 2 weeks, or if there is a catch. I checked the web site on my phone and I could not proceed without giving out personal info, so I didn’t proceed. (However, I did notice that on my laptop, the site is blocked. Only a chat bot comes up.)

Whatever. What I really wanted to say was that I found her viewpoint on people who are vaxed to be utterly horrifying. She believes that all vaxed people are already basically zombies (the true walking dead and that their actual souls have literally been switched off) and that they should be put into the FEMA camps and have their heads cut off. (To get the nano bots to stop spreading.) That nothing is going to stop the vaxed from spreading the c a b a l’s depopulation agenda in to us and so the vaxed have to be, in essence, shipped off to concentration camps and exterminated (my words).

You can only guess how I feel about that idea.

You have to come to your own decisions, gang. But I’ll remind you of this: Jesus not only walked among the lepers, but everything Jesus really believed in, taught, or did has been censored from us for 2 thousand years and counting. So I’m guessing he was more powerful, more influential than we can even imagine. So I’m not going to fear walking among the vaxed, nor will I ever get behind any attempt to exterminate anyone for anything.

Put on the full armor of God, people, and you will receive the guidance you need. Maybe it’s biofeedback, maybe it’s pine needle tea, or alfalfa baths, or Med Beds, or something incredibly mind-blowing that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

As frightening as life on Earth (and beyond) can sometimes be, “exterminating people” is never the answer. Ever. I honestly believe that God has opened doors for us all over the place, and it is up to us to tune in to where those open doors are and fucking walk through them.

[Well, oddly enough, I can no longer find Nicholas’s interview with the woman re: biofeedback, so it is not posted below… – Ed.]

Okay, so!

The Republic of Canada is clearly on track to something or other, but whatever it is, it’s interesting as fuck.

The U K is seriously overrun with white hats now. I think that’s kind of obvious. (M S M, B B C, Ma t t Han cock, Princ e H a r r y or whoever that really is, and the return of Di an a on the horizon.)

And here in the U S, the M S M seems to be highly infiltrated by those white-hatted rascals, too; with the idea of “arrests” and “crimes against humanity” being sort of force-fed, by way of f a u c i’s clone, into the remaining few who still can’t seem to wake the fuck up…

UFOs all over the place, too.

Oh — and here’s something to ponder. C i rst en W said yesterday in a round table video, that j u an o s av in is a complete fraud. She says he is some rich guy named Wayne or something like that, who lives in a houseboat in W A State.

I don’t believe she has ever met him. I think maybe she has spoken to him on the phone once? I think that’s what she said. So it’s curious that others who have met him in person — Da v id N *no Ro driguez, Mich ael J*co, P * triot Str eet fighter — think he’s the real deal.

I’m not crazy about what he’s been saying this past month, but I found it curious that she went so far as to say he was a fraud… (she does tend to badmouth other podcasters, so I’m not a huge fan of hers. I guess, like everything else, though, we will see.)

Okay, gang!! I just looked out my window and that much-promised rain has arrived! I hope you’re having a nice Friday wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

(Oops!!Breakfast-listening music below!! Enjoy!! Even though the song is about nighttime!!)


Roundtable: Street fighter, Jaco, Nino, O’Brien:

Below: This was awesome! Multi-dimensional time travel:

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Below: Ni ch o las and Alan F ount ain:

Below: X *2 R * port:

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