Tuesday Bloody Tuesday

Okay, gang. I’m just going to post some videos today and leave it at that.

The news, the podcasts, the world just gets more and more off the charts as the days go by. I leave it to you to try to make up your own minds about this stuff.

All of it is challenging, to say the least.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world, okay? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys.

(Breakfast-listening music. Still on Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol. 2 (1989). Johnny Cash on vocals. This song is killer, gang!! “Life’s Railway to Heaven.”) (This is the only thing that’s keeping me alive today, truly. Listen and make it a good one, gang.)


Below: UFO Man. Sighting outside Indonesia. 1 mins 38 secs.:

Below: Let’s look at June! Tarot by Janine:

Below: David N*n o R od r iuez: Keep theTr ***p rallies peaceful. Don’t get violent, even though An t * fa and b l m are waiting for you. (16 mins):

Below: Watch this only if you want to ruin your fucking day. It’s informative, though, and it’s gone viral. (25 mins):

Below: Watch this next, if your day is already tanking anyway! Nich o las Ven i a min and ge ne d e code discuss clones, the clone of Christ and the anti-Christ (it concerns Notre Dame, and basically the whole thing will make you sick…) (1 hr):

Below: This might make you feel better. Source Directives. More frequency downloads for healing. Manifestation enhancer; intention magnifier, healing (place water glass next video as it plays, then drink the water) (9 mins):

Below: This one will also probably make you feel better: Ch * r lie W *r d and Mel K update. According to them, things are really looking good. (33 mins):

Below: Memorial Day Update with Sasha S tone and Ro bert D a vid S t**le on A Right To Know: “Just be yourself!” (Good advice in light of all these dreadful clones.) (22 mins):

Below: More good news. X *2 R* port (42 mins):

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