“And YouR Little Dog, Too!!”

Okay, so, if you’re an American of a certain age, you will no likely note that I am “mixing cultural metaphors” there. Our dear robot (above), warning Will Robinson of imminent danger, yet while quoting the Wicked Witch of the West, as she threatens Dorothy’s little dog, Toto.

I bring all this up because my whole life is a mixed metaphor right now. For personal reasons I can’t really go into today because I don’t have time. But it is sufficient to say that after 34 years of waiting for someone to say something specific to me, he finally did. Yesterday. And it was extremely hard for him to say it, but he actually did, and it breaks my heart because he’s vaxed now and I can’t let him get anywhere near me (or my cats).

The reality of the horror of all this — well, what can I say? It’s real. And the reality of so much of what I post here publicly everyday, reaches down into me to varying degrees, in my own private life, whether or not I even walk out the door.

The “and your little dog, too” part of the story actually relates to Nick Cave’s Red Hand File from early this morning, wherein he — a man known to be, well, evil — reveals that even their family dog is evil.

Nosferatu — even an evil name!

And while I am wont to consider famous [17]-directives, such as: “symbols will be their downfall.” I would rather have my attention drawn to (alleged quotes of) Jesus himself: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20, KJV

Because Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday morning, too, that was the furthest thing from evil that you can likely imagine. You can read that one at this link here.


So. Yesterday. My [17]-follower friend felt I was overreacting to all the clone stuff. And she focuses on the fact that “the good guys are stopping all this.”

For me, though, I am also seeing podcasts, interviews, documentation that so many, the world over — children, animals, adults — have suffered the unthinkable, and the good guys were not able to get there to save any of them. And this notion of a Christ clone, whether o r not it happened the way g e ne d e code said it did (see video from yesterday) — well. I can only see that there is very little left of life that is sacred. Everything that we would consider inviolable has, in fact, been violated by Evil — and, most notably, with the involvement of the Vatican, and the P o p e s, with their horrid little “ruby slippers”.


I did, at least, sleep last night. And I awoke feeling like I can handle mankind once again today. And that I will make it through this day, as I made it through yesterday. Even though it was one of my ex-husband’s birthdays yesterday. He is also fully vaxed and has been for months. He lives right there on the Kill Grid (aka: NYC). A situation which causes me a great deal of anguish. And I texted him a brief little “happy birthday” replete with happy cake & streamer emojis.

His reply to me, of course, made me feel that he is concealing something and that he is falling victim to the illnesses of the vax and won’t say it. And I really, really, really want to beg him to try sticking a magnet to himself. If it doesn’t stick then maybe he got a placebo…

However, he endures quite a lot of my insanity. And even I know when yet another deranged request from me would be a bridge too far…

So I kept it to myself. And let him just have a happy birthday. But I can’t tell you the anguish I feel. How much it breaks my heart. But what can I do? People have to make their own choices and live their own lives. Or not.

Outside my window right now, a little sparrow is building her nest in the neighbor’s gutter. And that is hope. And that is life. And the promise that new life is imminent. And it makes me really happy to watch her doing that.

The good guys did save us from our dearly departed hi ll ar y’s nuclear world war.

So, you know. You have to choose where you are going to put your focus. Every single fucking minute of the day now.

All right. So.

I leave you with the videos that I thought were of the most interest yesterday. Notably, that the repugnant excuse for a revolting human being — j. p o d e st a –was allegedly put to death by firing squad yesterday on G i t mo.

Also, a disturbing look at the “scientists” and the technology they have developed to utterly fuck with human minds and destroy people. Voice to Skull, Project Blue B e am, etc.. It is a short video, so you should probably watch it. And also keep in mind that a lot of the very little children who were born into the families of the S a t a n i c Cu lt, suffered these same atrocious experiments of mind control. (i.e., bury them alive for a few days, achieve terror and complete sensory deprivation in order to implant horrific directives into their minds that will cause them to be more easily raped and tortured for the rest of their childhoods. Or until they are murdered for sport, whichever comes first.)

I’ve got a couple of more upbeat videos, as well, though. All is not lost. And I don’t think it will be lost, at this point. I honestly believe we have already won. But that things have to play out publicly, in a certain way, in order to keep an all -out war from erupting here in the mostly still brainwashed A m er i ca.

I leave you with beauty and a feeling of hope — times a trillion. Play it loud, clap and sing along!! (It starts slow, but it reaches a joyful crescendo.) Okay. Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Bye-bye p * d e st a (3 mins):

Below: What the scientists have been up to. (16 mins):

Below: A great chat with Ch * r lie W *rd and Alexander Quinn (53 mins):

Below: Always uplifting insights from Tarot by Janine (21 mins):

Below: UFO Man roundtable on the deadline for UFO Reveal (1 hr 52 mins):

Below: Digital Warriors. Pray for Melbourne, gang. It’s utterly out of control there. (33 mins):

Below: X *2 r* port (38 mins):

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