An Evening update

Hi again, gang!

This morning, I forgot to post the video chat from yesterday between Ni ch olas Ve ni amin and Jason [17]. It is of interest for many reasons, the primary one being (to me, anyway), that they go over exactly what the c* vid c or o n a v i r us is made of and how it was made.

This is taken from one of those f a u c i emails from March 20 20 that has now become public.

It is filled with extremely impossible to pronounce words, but it does indeed show that it was manmade. I thought you might like to see it, in the event you hadn’t already.

Also, another news item came up that I liked — from Weimar, Germany:

A Weimar District Court in Germany has ruled that enforcing m* sk mandates, social distancing requirements and rapid Wu han coron avi rus (C* vid) testing on students is harmful, and thus illegal.

Distance learning must also stop, the court decided, because it, along with the other measures, is causing physical, psychological and pedagogical harm to children, as well as infringing the rights of children and their parents.

The decision, made by judge Christian Dettmar, only applies to schools in the Weimar District, though it could eventually extend to other parts of the country with enough outcry from other parents.

According to Dettmar, forcing children to wear a m * sk and stay away from each other is a direct violation of Articles 2 and 6 of the German Constitution, which guarantee the rights to freedom of individual development, education and parental assistance.

Further, such measures were not proportional to the threat posed, which is really no threat at all considering that children are basically immune to the c h * n e s e Vir us.

[full article is here]

And a quick update on the pdf I mentioned this morning, about the Yellow Book/History of Aliens on Earth. It is fascinating, sad, a little upsetting, okay — sometimes a lot upsetting. But ultimately a very interesting read.

So if you can’t find the pdf (I found it on te l e g ram last evening), you can buy the eBook at the link I posted this morning.

Which reminds me — thanks again, people, for buying my extremely old erotic eBooks!! I got another royalty statement last night. I really appreciate it.

I really am trying to get new books out there, but most of my free time these days is usually spent trying not to lose my fucking mind. No easy feat any more…

(Oh, and pretty much everyone is saying that j f k jr is still alive, along with his wife and sister-in-law… just a matter of time, gang.)

Okay!! Have a wonderful night, wherever you are in the world.

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