Gone, Baby, Gone!

This is going to be a quick one, gang, because I am running late again here.

Mostly, I wanted you to watch the 7-minute video below, regarding Day One of the m i li t ary tr i * bunal for ja me s c* m ey, former director of f b i. The horrors of o b a ma’ s pre si de n cy were simply boundless.

Many months ago, I posted an article about some deliveries that were intercepted but that were supposed to have been made to an AFB here in the States. Somewhere in the southeastern area of the country – I think. I’m not real certain about where all the AFBs are located, gang. (I do know that there is a major one here in Ohio — Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.)

Anyway. The intercepted deliveries came from c h * na, and were allegedly SMART guillotines. To be used on A m er ic ans and developed during the o b a ma a d min stration.

They were “SMART” because they could allegedly recognize members of the d **p s t * te/ c a b a l and block any accidental use of a guillotine on one of them.

The guillotines were meant for the FEMA camps. The FEMA camps were meant for Americans who opposed o b a ma ‘s terror regime.

So, please watch that video above and make up your own minds about its potential veracity. It is only 7 minutes of your time.

(On my old blog, I used to post constantly about my loathing and outrage over o b am a and most of my readers thought I was a delusional, overreacting conspiracy theorist. I’m still not so sure…) (And just FYI: I don’t post half of the stuff I uncover on a daily basis around here because a lot of it is really just too disgusting and/or heartbreaking. I don’t want it living on my blog.)

On another yet sort of distressingly similar note: This morning, for the first time in well over a year, I saw the headlines from a national newspaper here in the States, USA Today.

I was absolutely astounded by it, gang. I never see mainstream news anymore, nor do I have TV service, so I don’t watch any M S M news, either.

What are the words for how appalling it is? Holy shit, right? The lies, the misdirections, the misinformation. They even still have a stupid Kardashian making headlines in the news!

Anyway. I gotta scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. Make it a good day out there, okay? Stay alert and protect the children. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Several from UFO Man. The anticipated government UFO Report will be 16-17 pages long and “underwhelms” (3 mins); a UFO sighting in Holland (1 min); UFO sightings in North Carolina (2 mins); UFOs are NOT from Earth (1 min):

Below: An expansive Ch * r lie W *r d update (43 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 A * dit updates (15 mins):

Below: More help protecting yourself from v ax shedders (19 mins):

Below: Short documentary on modern day slavery. (And here’s a helpful hint: Stay the fuck out of Tripoli…) (20 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * PORT: The hunt is on (46 mins):

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