A Quiet Monday, A Little Rain

Not much to report yet here, gang. There was some cool ge ne de code stuff but it was on r u m b l e and I can no longer embed those videos here.

As far as we know, bre nn an was to be ex e cu t ed today. We shall eventually find out for sure.

And France is apparently fining g**g le $268 million for abuse of big tech ad power.

And Mel K reported that both Tom H. an ks and Ellen D e gen er is are   in fact R o cke fellers. Explains a lot doesn’t it?

Otherwise, it’s sort of the same:  more worldwide UFO sightings. The visible economy is tanking but QFS is allegedly running in the background. The fake vax is making more people much sicker than the scam dem ic ever did. Tr * bu n als are ongoing. And basically everyone in the M S M is fake….

Have a happy Monday!!!

(I’ll  check in later if there is any startling news.) Meanwhile, thanks for visiting ! I love you guys. See ya!


Photo: RichardCitizan Journal telegram

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