A Tiny Sunday UPdate

There was not a whole lot of news this morning, so I’ve sort of been hanging around, waiting for podcasters and broadcasters to release some stuff….

The main news in the U S, anyway, was Tr ***p’s speech last night in N C.

It was something like 2 hours long.

I didn’t feel like he said much that he hasn’t said before, but I did get the feeling he was gearing up (with that speech specifically) to sort of hit the campaign trail. Meaning the upcoming rallies this summer.

He was certainly well received by the crowd. However, the crowd did not include the ten people who voted for (the fake) B * den, which could have perhaps made a difference.

(Just kidding.)

For me, the most interesting news is not really news, but it concerns our beloved Pastor Bob Joyce, at the Household of Faith Ministry.

Is he or isn’t he, gang??

In my opinion, he doesn’t look like Elvis. Although I haven’t actually seen Elvis in something like 44 years. And Pastor Bob is completely silver-haired, including silver beard and mustache, so it’s hard to tell. And of course, there is the option of surgery to consider…

Elvis Presley Alive, his allergy betrayed him, and ...


If you listen to the short stream on the website, or any other of the recorded hymns, it sounds totally like Elvis. Unbelievably like Elvis. But of course the media says that he is just an “Elvis impersonator.” Why an Elvis impersonator who looks nothing like Elvis would be a pastor in the Deep South who sings exactly like Elvis, is sort of. Well. I don’t know.

The thing that makes me very curious indeed is that my [17]-following friend from work texted me last evening. She worked yesterday, and I did not. She said that a woman came into the store who has been to that Household of Faith church, and she has seen and heard Pastor Bob in person, and she claims it is Elvis. Without a doubt.

And she also claims that Pastor Bob will be singing at Tr ***p’s upcoming inauguration. (??)

Like everything else on Earth (and beyond) these days, I guess we will eventually find out!

But at the breakfast table this morning, I was sort of connecting the dots. M * ch ael J * ckson is also allegedly not dead. And M * cha el was married to Elvis’ daughter.

And M J and Tr***p were good friends.

Elvis was apparently more than just “acquainted” with Nixon; they were friends — or closely associated somehow.

From Pearl Harbor to Elvis: Images That Endure | National ...

And Nixon and Tr **p were also closely associated and that Tr **p knew that Nixon had a Tesla free energy machine thingy that we were given by non-terrestrials — and there is, naturally, a whole other narrative about Nixon that we were never told about. And that what happened at the Watergate was nothing close to what we were told.

Then media allegedly led us to believe Nixon was a crook and basically nuts. (Was he?)

The media did a similar thing to MJ (MJ was allegedly a p*do. Was he?) after MJ told the world that T. M a tt ol a was the Devil (and then ended his speech with the phrase: “The best is yet to come.”)(26 seconds):

Remember that I s a a c K * ppy said he believed MJ was murdered by a S pe il b*rg connection?

Anyway. I have no idea who would want to murder Elvis or why, but that murder “intent’ is what all the other famously-dead-and-now-maybe-not-so-dead people have in common. (Even J*m M * rr * son has the possible murder “intent” connection through his high-ranking m* litary father who was involved in a serious false flag that “started’ the Vietnam War….)

We could go on and on with this, right?

And in other weird fake news….

Apparently Prince H * rry and the fake Meghan had another fake royal baby. This one, a girl, named Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Nazi-Windsor.

Wait, I don’t think that word “Nazi” was actually in the birth announcement…

And I do think that the maybe-not-dead-Diana is more real than her quasi-namesake is…

And didn’t Tarot by Janine say recently that in some way, on June 6th (6/6 — just shy of the c a ba l’s favorite number: 666) we should watch for some sort of announcement about another fake royal baby???? (The baby was allegedly born on June 4th, but announced today: 06/06/21?)


We’ll add all that stuff to the “we’ll see” department, as well.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a couple videos. Enjoy what is left of your Sunday, okay, gang? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: U K Doctor quits after too many deadly lies about C * vid and fake va x (8 mins):

Below: Guess who is still the Pres? (1 min):

Below: Montreal rally shouts “USA” and “C*vid Fake” (43 seconds):

Below: Oops! New cellphones don’t have 5G chips. So why all the 5G cell towers in Canada??? (HINT: it’s for chipped (aka: vaxed) people) (58 seconds):

Below: Tarot by Janine. Hmmm. So maybe juan o s a vin really is j fk jr… (17 mins):

Below: Last night’s live stream with UFO Man. I really enjoy listening to their live streams on an otherwise quiet Saturday night. (1 hr. 22 mins):

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