Getting Older by the Minute, Gang!

I know, I said I was going to come back here and get caught up on my post yesterday after work.


I had to buy a new mailbox because I promised the letter carrier I’d have a new one by Saturday (yesterday). And so I did. But then it involved me having to use tools and such to put it together. Then I had to watch a video to learn how to use my brand new post-hole digging tool. (Then, of course, I realized that I already had a post hole, from the previous mailbox, so why on earth did I buy the tool??? All I needed was the shovel that I already had…. but anyway.)

As I did all this, so many guys in their pickup trucks drove past me in the sunny afternoon. I’m guessing that, as usual, they were all thinking how amazing it is that this silver-haired, aging hippy-chick manages to take care of everything all by herself; never dreaming, of course, that I would much prefer someone/anyone consider me to be a damsel in distress and fucking help me… However.

It took what was left of my afternoon. And now I am praying that the gosh darn thing doesn’t blow over.

Then I needed to try to process ALL the intensely weird shit going on in my life these days — and it is intense, gang. I might detail here on the blog, but I might not. There is too much other stuff I want to post. (And by “process,” I of course mean: “call Val in Brooklyn and scream and carry on because I can’t understand any of this shit!!” — new audacity from Amazon being right there at the top of the list, followed closely by a whole lot of other inexplicable shit — some of it actually good.)


So. I know we all knew that the M S M would try to make it seem that the fake b*den won A Z. And we knew it likely would not trigger the E B S. Which makes me wonder: Why do the white hats want the sleepy Americans to still believe b*den is still pre s i d ent? Is it because something really really terrible is set to happen really soon and they want people to think b*den is responsible??

I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile. Tr **p killed it at his rally last night. You can see it here:

I watched the beginning of it on his channel, but then switched and watched the rest of it on R*d P *l l 7 8’s channel. (And even though I still had time after it was over, to switch over to the UFO Man Saturday Night livestream, I found I couldn’t suddenly focus on non-terrestrials, so I’ll replay that one tonight.)

Okay. So. I have too much to post, so I’m just going to post willy-nilly now and hope you can make sense of it all.

First and foremost, expect that economic crash on October 1st — being called “Red October” by many. Keep cash on hand, extra food, water, gas in car. Just to be safe, gang.

Norway! It seems that Norway has chosen to come to its senses. Yay!! Hopefully, we can all follow the Norwegians!!

Norway Official: C* VID ^^ 1 9 Can Now Be Compared to the Flu as Country Removes Pandemic Restrictions

[full article here]

Here’s a link to that truly creepy m c a fee E B S from the other night, in case you didn’t see it. (Down below, Jason [17] explains it to Ch ar lie W *r d.)

Here’s a copy of S e n a tor W e nd y R og er s’ Letter, in case you didn’t see that, either (2 pages, sorry it takes up a lot of blog space):

Here’s a link to Neg 4 8 wearing a “Tr **p & K enn e dy” tee shirt! I sure hope that means what I think it means!!

Here’s a link to a video of Pastor Bob Jo y ce singing in a bar, and if you still think this isn’t E l v is, than I guess I have nothing more to say!

Except, of course, for this stuff! (From sacred blue tent, which is truth-bomb Central.) Back in the 70s, I had heard that E l v is worked nar co tic s for the F B I, but I really had no idea what to make of any of that.

It’s all a lot clearer (click on these and they should open up):

More truth-bombs from sacred blue tent:

I like this one! A little U F O looking out for A ir F O r ce One !!

Hey! Looks like he was a foreigner after all!

This is awesome. A patent for a time machine! I knew they had one!!

This is or g an ha r v e st ing, simplified, in case it is new to you:

Most of you know that I love the sacred burial mounds that are all over this area where I live. And I get plenty of blank stares when I tell people that giants were buried in them a couple thousand years ago (along with stone tablets — in one of them — that had the Ten Commandments carved into them in ancient Hebrew).

Well, I’ve posted photos from this dig before, but these photos look in no way “doctored”. (Keep in mind, that the Smithsonian accidentally made so many giant skeletons like this “disappear”):

From the Gateway Pundit:

“IT WAS A SETUP! F B I Admits Jan. 6 Was Deep State Operation – They Were Running At Least One Operative in the Crowd at the US Capitol “

[full article is here]

From a Neg 48 post on the sacred blue tent channel:

“The Rothschild banking family bought Reuters around 1895 and in 1988 Reuters bought 44% of Associated Press.”

Trust the press, anyone? Worth thinking about.

S* mon P * rkes, Ch * r lie W *rd, et al; Ne s ar a G e sa r a explained:

A video about starlink quantum internet; parts 1 & 2 (12 mins; 6 mins):

An article (and video) about cremation diamonds, and how they could be connected to satanic ritual child abuse and trafficking.

[full article here; video is in article]

A convenient list (and links) to many of the lost books of the original Bible. There are over 500 of them. (I would say that these books were considered Holy until they were made illegal. They were not necessarily all in an overarching “Bible” that everyone believed in.)

G e ne de code talks about rep tilians, dracos, Ne ph ilim (1 hr 47 mins):

Sh ar i R aye has 4 mins of why A Z au di t proves Tr **p won A Z :

Cha rl ie W * rd and Jason [17} (1 hr):

X * 2 R * port: Spotlight on Dr. Z e l e n ko:

Okay, gang!! Don’t forget to follow the Sacred Blue Tent on t e le g ram, for more truth-bombs than you can even process.

Also, keep in mind that October 1st starts Red October and markets are expected to crash. Be alert. Be safe!!

Nick & Warren return with their tour of Carnage on Sept. 27th in Liverpool! Buy tickets here.

Nick Cave in Sheffield the other night!

Okay!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. Have a great Sunday. See ya!!

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