Could the News Be Better?!

All fences are DOWN at the W H in D C !!! (4 mins):


S* mon P * rk e s posted today that:

“White hats impact Channel 4 and independent TV stations in the U.K. over the weekend as part test and part warning to the British based c a b a l. The stations were not transmitting as normal with many technical issues.”

And he provided this link.

However, the news gets even better:

(Sadly, we must add the word “allegedly” to this one, gang!) Our bonny B i l l C l * nton died in his cell at gitmo on Saturday. He was found by guards face- down in his own vomit. (Better than being found face-down in someone else’s vomit, though — all things considered.) Autopsy today! Real Raw News (3 mins):

Oh, wait! The news gets even better! (I know — it’s hard to imagine that there is any news better than that! However….) “Allegedly,” as soon as the m * li tary finishes its investigation into the ele c tion fr a ud, Tr **p will swiftly return! (By “swift,” could he maybe mean “later today”?? We can only hope, gang.) (3 mins):


Other good news!! Restored Republic update (34 mins):

And some things to ponder — good and, well, not so good (click on image to enlarge):

I got this from c od e mon k e y z’s te le gram channel:

“This is the number to call, to speak directly to the people overseeing Julian A s sa ng e’s case for the DOJ.


If you, like countless others, are angry that the FBI

  1. Hired a pedophile (Si g gi the hacker),
  2. Covered up his abuse of children (one of whom then committed suicide);
  3. Used him to manufacture (now exposed) lies in order to arrest Julian A s sa n ge.


  1. And offered the pedophile immunity for everything.

Then I highly suggest you give them a ring and let them know (politely) EXACTLY how you feel.

Because at the heart of their deception, is a plot to steal your rights and freedoms.
A s sa n ge is being charged with publishing materials that embarrassed the US Gov and showed their war crimes (specifically their murder of women, children, and journalists). If the US Gov has its way here, they will “legally” be able to extract and imprison anyone who dares to speak out against them, even you.

Why not take a moment, share this, and then give them a ring and remind them, we are not blind to their plans here.

And publishing truth is not a crime.

Add your voice to the thousands crying out on behalf of Truth. Demand they drop the corrupt prosecution of Wikil e a ks founder Julian A s sa n ge.”

This article from Sunline Transit will help you learn the signs that someone is being trafficked and how you can get immediate help:

“Some human traffickers use the bus to transport their victims. You can play a critical role in fighting this crime, and you could be just the lifeline a human trafficking victim is hoping will recognize the situation they are in.” Sunline has posted on their website. “Be a disruptive force in human trafficking routes of those being coerced into labor or sex trafficking.”

[full article here]

And this was awesome!

Were you feeling a little strange yesterday? I know I was. Could it have been because those Schumann resonances were totally absolutely off the fucking charts??!! Check out those spikes, gang! (3 mins):

Here’s some MORE good news !! (This is from March 2021, and explains that d i a na is not dead, who is involved and why, etc. ) (7 mins):

Awaken with JP explains how the c d c creates mandates (6 mins):

And if all of this wasn’t good enough….

The Zulu warriors are now protesting the v a x!! (2 mins):

There were also protests in Bern and in Calgary (40 seconds; 15 seconds):

And this was “good news” in a round-about way: People jeered and shouted at H i l l ar y as she accepted a phony Honor, however, h i l l ar y is actually already dead!! Yay. (The Salty Cracker, 6 mins):

The fake b o r is joh ns on was dropping redpills about the fake b *den!! (16 mins):

And the X *2 special Sunday r * port explains the importance of a forensic a u dit , why it is not a “recount,” and what we learned from A Z (1 hr):


In weird news…

I somehow totally missed that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis played in Cardiff last night! It looks like it was another great show. As far as I know, they will be playing Liverpool tonight and you can buy tickets here.

Nick Cave in Cardiff last night.

Okay, that is it for today, gang. Rest assured there are still earthquakes, volcanos, floods, violence, fake va x es maiming and killing people all over the world…. but there’s also some really good news out there, too, as this movie inches ever onward to its final scene.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world! I love you guys. See ya!

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