The Morning is Going Awry!

Sorry, gang. I can’t post today.

I had to make 2 phone calls before I go off to work— one of which I have to make right now. Apparently my mortgage company, even though they just finished the reamortization and gave me a great rate, they want me to apply to refinance the home loan, for an even better rate(!?!). We shall see! Perhaps I can get the cost of fixing the roof added into the refinance!!

We shall see.

The other call — I already made. Harrowing, indeed. They denied my re-application to get food assistance because I had been ”uncooperative” — among other things.

Amazing. I survive on the food assistance. Literally. How strange that I would be uncooperative in the reapplication process. But I am, at last, so frazzled by everything that is going haywire right now (see yesterday’s post) that when the customer service lady answered the phone, I actually started to cry.

However. When she looked deeper into the situation, it was all an error and I had actually been approved and a new letter had been sent out that I haven’t received yet.

So on we go. But there is no time to post the news updates, so I will be back tomorrow, gang.

Have a good day out there. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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