Boots to the Ground However We Can, Gang!

Okay. There is a ton of news from both yesterday and this morning, worldwide.

A lot of violence, gang. Explosions in Sweden, in Bagdad right now. People taking it to the streets and fighting back against the police, everywhere.

Na tio nal Gu ard being called in to replace healthcare workers in NYC who have been fired for not getting va x ed. (I’m guessing that this is a way to get the N G into NYC as the whole city finally goes down. We’ll see.)

The fake M a c ron getting egged in Lyon (22 seconds):

The harmless egg doesn’t look like it was nearly as terrifying s this, though:

Paris: protestors attack police (1 min):

There is simply a ton of chaotic stuff going on in the world today.

But what I have on my own plate here in the Hinterlands today is that everyone is dying. Everyone who got the v a x es, that is. It has become astounding, literally overnight.

Remember how I’ve been telling you for months now, that everyone is coming into the store, wanting help because they got the v a x and are starting to get really sick, or someone in their family is va x ed and got C * vid, or a friend, etc. Everyone who got v a xed was starting to get really sick. (And, in turn, the 4 of us who work at the store — a health food/supplement store — were getting so worn down, both physically and emotionally, that we all got sick in various other ways.)

Well, now, over just the past few days, now everyone is dying. Everyone. All ages, educational backgrounds, religions, etc. The only thing they have in common is that they got the v a x.

It is staggering, the numbers. (And also staggering that NO NEWS OUTLETS ARE REPORTING IT AT ALL. But I guess that is no surprise.)

It is taking its toll on me, spiritually.

A well-to-do white man, well known in the tiny town he lives in, was in the store yesterday, talking privately with the owner for at least half an hour. They’d put his wife on a ventilator and he was beside himself; he did not know what to do.

Once they get put on that ventilator, gang, we all know that person is as good as dead. It’s just a question of how long.

Yesterday, a young woman from out of town came into the store. We are only a few minutes’ drive from the hospital. She was near tears the whole time, she was desperate to get her dad some help. “Do you have any liquid Vitamin D3? The hospital won’t even give my dad Vitamin D. They won’t give him zinc. They basically forced him onto Remdesivir on Friday. Now he’s got bilateral pneumonia and he’s going down hill so fast. “

Which means, next is the ventilator and then he’s gone.

I did the best I could to help her but it was so awful. The only way her dad would have a hope of surviving is to get him out of the hospital, but at this point, it won’t happen.

I gave her the liquid Vitamin D3 and told her to be sure to hide it from the hospital staff because they would likely take it away from her. Vitamin D! Contraband, at this point.

I did not know what to do for her. I told her if she wanted some of our Hydroxychloroquine from our fridge in the back of the store , she could have it. If she wanted iv er me ct in from my house, I would bring it to her. Even some pine needles from our trees out back of the store. But we both knew that these things wouldn’t help her dad at this point.

It was so fucking sad. Disturbing. Nerve-shattering.

Other customers saying how most of the local pharmacies won’t fill legal prescriptions for i ver me ctin. They have to send their prescriptions to a place in c a n a d a to get them filled. Then it takes 2 weeks to get it. The person could easily be dead by then.

Even though this has been happening for a while already, all these sudden deaths now are so hard to process, gang. In such a tiny town. Yesterday, 11 more people had died, with many more going into the hospital, heading for Remdesivir and the ventilator.

I cannot believe I’m living through this nightmare, gang. I just can’t. The drugs that are proven to save people are practically against the law, and the protocols that are killing people are being forced onto them in hospitals. Everyone is saying the same thing: Stay out of the hospital, at all costs. They kill you in there.

Like Auschwitz.

It is taking so much out of me. I am truly exhausted.

So the Dalai Lama and his male lover are accused of helping to fund NXIVM, to the tune of $1 million. NXIVM was the Hollywood cult that branded, blackmailed, brainwashed and sex-tr a f f ick ed young women… and also took their newborns and sold them That makes sense in a world gone crazy, doesn’t it? Perfect sense.

And this time, Pr o je c t v er i tas exposed J & J v a x (9 mins):

Patriot Dave and Neg 48 make you feel better, or at least sane (4 hrs):

S * mon P * r kes and Ch * r lie W *rd warn that greed could delay the Q F S. Stop being greedy you fucking dicks! (15 mins):

Sh ar i R a y e update (1 hr):

Bluewater: Symbols will be their downfall (1 hr):

And I’m going to stop here for today, gang. I am so wiped out. I need to get myself together before I head out to work and start this all over again.

The good news is that my mailbox is still standing…

Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

R * d p * l l 78 news: important A Z au d it update (22 mins):

X *2 R * port. The Tr **p card (52 mins):

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