Any Chance We Could Get A Little LESS News??!!

Jeepers, gang!

I have been at this since 4am (and that’s not counting what I listened to for about 3 hours last night). And now it is already mid-morning here. And the news just doesn’t quit.

But I think it’s a good sign. A sign that all systems are “go” now, right?? So I’m just gonna start posting, willy-nilly. No real rhyme or reason.

First up…

“Nancy Drew” was off the charts in D C yesterday!! Something HUGE was going on at the U S Capitol yesterday but we do not know what!! She has a total of 3 hours of video on te le g ram. You can view it all HERE.

Okay. Here’s something we’ve been saying all along, but now it’s being posted on Whiplash347 — No way on Earth did Hunter leave that laptop in a pawn shop for NOTHING, gang. He was taking his father and the whole thing down. Whether he was doing it as a “white hat” — I’m not sure I believe that part. I think he was just done with it. Done with life. But we shall see.

Check out post from Whiplash347 here.

Okay. What is up with Bolsonaro? Do the people of Brazil like him or not? IT seems like they do, and yet he allegedly has a D **p S t * te background. however…

From RT Intl:

Bolsonaro guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY for pandemic handling, Senators find

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro should face nine criminal charges, including malfeasance, charlatanism and crimes against humanity, according to a six-month Senate probe.

“The lawmakers’ report delivered on Wednesday accuses the country’s leader of an “obvious disregard” for peoples’ lives, encouraging citizens to ignore restrictions, and purposefully delaying vaccine purchases.

“This indictment, for all the world, will say I’m a murderer,” Bolsonaro told supporters. 67 other people, including three of his sons, were also indicted in the report.

“Bolsonaro has responded by saying he is ‘guilty of nothing'”

(In my humble opinion, “encouraging citizens to ignore restrictions, and purposefully delaying vaccine purchases” is good thing…)

This was very exciting, indeed! It is from RT Intl, but I saw it on Whiplash347:

Methinks something else is really going on here. Ten days of darkness, anyone??

“❗️Moscow announces 10-day closure of non-essential services from October 28

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has introduced new protective measures in the capital to curb Covid-19 infection rates:

From October 28 to November 7:

▪️ Non-essential businesses will close, shops and restaurants to shut except for deliveries

▪️ Theaters and museums can remain open at 50% capacity with QR codes, but mass cultural, entertainment, sports, advertising, entertainment and other events banned

From November 8:

▪️ Free public transport suspended for unvaccinated and non-covid recovering over 60s

▪️ Mandatory QR codes and masks for cultural, entertainment, sports events with 500+ people”

Which reminds me. S*mon P*rkes had an update yesterday, wherein he mentioned soldiers going door-to-door in New Zealand, warning people that they would hear “explosions, gun fire, and children screaming” but that they must remain indoors. (Cleaning out tunnels, rescuing trafficked children…???)

S*mon P*rkes update (34 mins):

On the topic of “Down Under”…

Again from Whiplash347:

“Former New South Wales government minister Eddie Obeid, his son Moses and ex-minister, Ian Macdonald, have been jailed for corruption and misconduct over the granting of a coal mining license.”

From Gateway Pundit yesterday:

Newly Released Video Shows Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Saving a Female Trump Supporter Who Was Trampled by Capitol Police – MUST SEE UNTIL THE END!” [full article here]

US have an FAA call to action:

“”FAA Administrator Steve Dickson will be testifying before the Aviation Subcommittee tomorrow, Thursday, October 21, 2021. This is a great opportunity for all of us to get answers to very important safety questions. It is imperative that you contact the Subcommittee members and tell them that you want answers from the FAA as to why they are endorsing that flight crews receive a vaccine with numerous documented glaring safety issues. 

Ask the Subcommittee members to ask the FAA if they are aware of the increased stress crews are experiencing as a result of the vaccine mandate. Why isn’t the FAA demanding more studies regarding the long term effects of this vaccine? Why hasn’t the FAA sought the input of pilots and ATC in regarding to the implementation of the vaccine policies? Let your voice be heard and ask the FAA to err on the side of flight safety as it have done since its inception.

To contact the members, click here.”

Oh, and on a weird personal note that continues to confound and perplex… I received TWO royalty announcements from Amazon during the night; one alerting me that I have royalties coming from the UK, and another alerting me that I have royalties coming from the US.

I have no more books published with them so I couldn’t understand what I would be getting royalties from. I looked it up on my author’s page at Amazon and they show that I have .67 cents in US royalties remaining from September… so I have no idea what they could really be talking about. I guess we shall see.

(And to whomever bought the eBook for The Guitar Hero Goes Home back in September — thank you!)


Oh. On Friday, October 22nd, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds release Vol.2 of B-Sides & Rarities. In honor of that, the following Wednesday, Oct. 27th, there will be two online conversations:

I have no clue what time 10am BST actually is in US East Coast time, I only know that I have to work…. (I know this because I always have to work; it doesn’t matter what time it is anywhere in the world.)


Whiplash347 alerts us to why we NO LONGER HAVE TREES!!

Durham unloads thousands of documents to Sussmann defense
Special counsel

“John Durham provided 81,000 pages of discovery to indicted Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann in his criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation, court filings show.”

This was re-posted by Whiplash347 from RT Intl:

Turkey BUSTS Mossad Spy Ring – after 1-year of surveillance (Report)

“15 suspects who allegedly sold information to Israel’s Mossad about Turkish and foreign students were arrested a fortnight ago after a year-long counterintelligence operation, according to pro-govt newspaper Sabah.

“The group – which Sabah claimed were all Arabs – were apparently split into five cells of three to monitor students likely to be recruited to defense industry positions, focusing on Palestinians based in Turkey – where Hamas has a command HQ.

“The espionage network was recruited to share information with the Mossad for “tens of thousands of dollars and euros” and is now expected to face charges.”

And I loved this. Again, from Whiplash437:

“⚠️ RUSSIA VS NATO UPDATE 🔄 – Moscow has warned NATO that any move towards Ukraine’s membership in the bloc will have consequences, the RIA news agency quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko as saying on Thursday.”


Oh, and I’m guessing that everyone knows by now about TruthSocial. (Odd that it comes right when FB announces that it is “changing its name”). But in case you missed this:

From The Salty Cracker: Trump Media & Technology Group (7 mins):

And a couple of quick news updates from Voice of Reason UK (1 min; 5 mins):

And cir sten w : the reset is imminent; stock market crash, Evergrande collapse (37 mins):


This was funny. From RT News:

REPENT MOTHERF****R!” Counter Protester Angers Netflix Staff Walkout over Dave Chapelle – they scream and shake percussion

“Trans activists accosted a pro-Chapelle demonstrator holding a “We Like Dave” sign outside what appears to be Netflix HQ in Hollywood.

“I’m just here to say, that jokes are funny, people,” the Chapelle fan said as a crazed activist rattled a tambourine (is it the worst instrument ever?), in his face and hissed “Repent motherf****r!”

It’s unclear if the man repented…”


This was all over te le g ram, but I grabbed this particular piece from Ni cho las Ven ia m in. I have to ask myself yet again: Do people really believe this shit??!! Who cares that none of them were wearing m*sks. As far as I know, nearly every single person alleged to have been in this room is already dead.

Bill Gates and other billionaires, cybersecurity experts and business leaders hosted by UK royal family

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Charles host business leaders, presidential emissaries and tech entrepreneurs including Bill Gates and John Kerry at Windsor Castle for a very lavish reception

Among the guests invited to the queen’s Berkshire home after the daylong conference in London was Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who was seen leaning forward to shake the monarch’s hand.

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry, Poppy Gustafsson, chief executive of cybersecurity firm Darktrace, and Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, executive director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, were among those who met with the high-profile royals.

The Queen, Charles and Prince William extended a warm welcome to the business leaders and members of the government, including Foreign Minister Liz Truss, and International Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

In a foreword for the official Global Investment Summit brochure, the Queen said she was “proud” of how the United Kingdom is moving toward a sustainable future, but “there is much more to do.”

The head of state also urged nations to rise to the challenge and avert the problems associated with climate change.

Her Majesty described how fighting the pandemic has led to scientific breakthroughs and how innovation in the United Kingdom often comes from “teamwork against all odds,” like the efforts of Alan Turing and his colleagues during World War II to crack the Nazi regime’s Enigma code.

She added, “Today’s challenge, however, is not to crack a code. It is to work together globally to avert the challenges of climate change. It is our collective responsibility, the responsibility of governments, business and civil society to rise to this challenge.

This summit is not just a showcase, but an opportunity to come together and forge new partnerships in a generous spirit of cooperation.”


From Forecast432Hz:

Southwest Caves, Ditches Plan To Put Unvaccinated Staff On Unpaid Leave In December.
Companies starting to realize mandates will demolish their businesses and further deteriorate labor shortages. NOW COMES THE PAIN, ARE YOU READY? Patriots in control of the economy now, with plenty of leverage and strength behind their numbers.”


I loved this one!!

From Whiplash347 (again). Don’t forget to click the link to the f b i vault below!

Get this book.
The Secret Life Of Howard Hughes.
Howard faked his death.
He had a 2nd life, this book is all about it.
He invented the Time Machine with Nikola Tesla in the Nevada Desert.( I challenge everyone to look that up @ 88MPH)
Howard Hughes was Elvis Presley’s best friend. He helped Elvis Stage his death.
72 Second Long “WOW”Signal

Then download the Tesla Files on FBI Vault that were released in full end of 2019 and learn how John G Trump established Inter Planetary Communications with Venus.
Learn how Nikola was brought to Earth as baby from Venus. Learn they both made at least 1 trip together to Venus. Quite possible the WOW signal is linked.
80 yrs worth of Nikola’s documents
All of his belongings were/are kept at the Alien Property Custodial Office. See it for 3 on the 1st file is my favourite.


From Ni ch o lsa Ven ia min:


A Combination of drugs called Remdesivir, Dexamethasone & Vancomycin being used in hospitals to treat the fake virus is causing massive kidney failure and the subsequent filling of the lungs with liquid. (Dr Bryan Ardis)

This is how you drive death figures up in the name of covid.

Stay away from the hospitals if you can help it. Your life depends on it.

⚠️For more truth, raw knowledge, guidance and wisdom follow our telegram messenger group.⚠️


And I loved this one, too!

From [17] The Storm Rider:

Wake up//

50 years ago.. NASA had technology in Shuttle crafts to travel 230,000 miles away to the moon….. This Shuttle needed only one tank of gas and could easily (supposedly) travel through the Van Allen radiation belt with no problems//// today [they] ,[NASA] can and has ONLY travel 1/Thousandth of the distance since 50 years ago.. back then [they] had technology that was only 1/millionth as strong and capable of today’s Smart phone…
///Today all EVIDENCE of APOLLO 11 Shuttle craft/ blue prints and original videos have been destroyed….(nothing has been saved from this historic journey and records)… All that remains are edited videos of a moon landing that shows three different shadows from the different lighting sources in some clips…. No stars in the back ground..(later added)///
Only one photo of EARTH 🌍 was made public for 50 years…
The astronauts were WARNED not to give interviews <<<and seldom do….
////By FACT.. If NASA did go to moon 50 years ago… They would would have technology and videos to this day of life traveling to MARS & beyond now… But NASA can’t even duplicate their APOLLO 11 journey , even with the most sophisticated computers and technology to this day that is 1 million times stronger than in 1969/////…

All APOLLO 11 equipment DESTROYED
DESTROYED all original video Tapes
Original Blue prints
//( No one would ever do this destruction of a historical land mark and journey in U.S. /World history…>>>Unless they were destroying evidence<<)

Today you can’t get good phone service in the forest or far from the city in high terrains or canyons or the oceans….//// But evidently back in 1969 you had perfect technology to speak with astronauts 150,000 miles away????/////

))) There is footage coming out by NASA whistleblowers who have LEAKED the fake videos of APOLLO 11. Astronauts pretending to be traveling half way to the moon<<<

The Radiation Field between the Earth is moon i25,000 miles think… And to this day they don’t have the technology to travel through the radition belt >> >>NASA Astronauts Col. Terry Virts, Dr. Kathleen Rubins, and Dr. Kelly Smith (NASA Engineer)
say in official NASA videos that no one has gone beyond low Earth orbit yet, through the Van Allen Belts
of dangerous radiation. This means no one has landed on the Moon yet. //// (Now all three NASA employees are banned from talking to the public)….

+Think>> how can a small Space Shuttle LEAVE the Earth. Which is spinning 1000 miles on it’s axis and flying the through the universe at 4× times the speed of a bullet>>>> how does a NASA shuttle leave Earth to travel a half million miles round trip on a tank of gas>> make through 25,000 miles of radition belt, have perfect radio communication in 1969 when NASA only had less than 1/millionth of computing power of today’s Smart phone…. Why was all EVIDENCE of APOLLO 11 destroyed????




Okay, gang. Other than that…. more videos are below. (And there are some new Ch * r lie W *rd videos on Bitchute that I’m not posting here because it’s all about the gruesome reality of organ harvesting. But if you aren’t yet aware of that nightmare, check out Ch* rlie’s Bitchute channel.)

Have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Mel K with Big Ph ar m a insider Michael L: “MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX BREAKDOWN & EXPOSURE ” (59 mins):

Sh ar i R a ye update: Space Force is real! (41mins):

N* no and ju an o sa vin discuss the Red Sea, Moses, and the Book of Esther (frustrating!! I wish ju an wouldn’t always talk in Biblical metaphors…. regardless: biblical stuff happening between right now and March 2022) (1 hr):

In case you don’t already know this:

Bluewater: J F k Jr hiding in plain sight (1 min):


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