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Crazeysburg! Land of the Future!!

Okay. So, yesterday morning, after spending an hour and a half chiseling my beloved Honda Civic out from under 3 inches of solid ice in 2 degrees-Fahrenheit weather, I got an alert on my phone that a woman and her children had frozen to death in Houston, T  X, where it’s not ever supposed to get that cold. And I absolutely cried.

I, personally, love snow, but weather war^ fare is a whole different story, gang. I am just so over this shit. I know we are getting closer to the end of all this stuff, but yesterday morning was rough for me.

After the “ice all over the car” debacle  — due to something that was absolutely not my fault, my wee bonny bank account alerted me that it was overdrawn! And that if I didn’t come up with $3.45, pronto,  my car insurance payment was going to bounce.

So I consulted my Olaf coin-bank on the top of the refrigerator, only to learn that he only had $1.14 to contribute. And then the dashboard in the car yielded only a meager 75¢ in quarters — still not enough to pay the balance left on my fucking car insurance for something that wasn’t my fucking fault.

Disney Frozen Olaf the Snowman 8" Ceramic Coin Bank Collectible | eBay
Not my Olaf, but mine looks just like him!

You know? Fuck. Honestly?? Really?? It’s 2 degrees outside and I have 1 dollar and 89 cents to my name?? And — really, really soon — no car insurance?? WTF, right? I am 60-fucking years old.  I have had the most unexpected writing career for the last 31 years. And this time last year, everything was going really, really great…

I try really hard not to personalize what is going on in the world right now and I try really hard to stay positive and look to the future, when all this will be behind all of us and a new dawn will be upon us


I, for one, am so seriously over this stupid fake year-long p an d e m ic and all its atrocities and all its secret war ^ fare already.

By the time I got to the health food store, I was really having trouble keeping it together. And a woman I barely know, asked me if something was wrong, and I blurted out, ” A woman and her children froze to death in Houston yesterday! And if I don’t come up with one dollar and fifty-six cents, I won’t be able to pay my car insurance!”

And even though that should have sounded insane to her, what she did instead was open up her wallet, take out $40 and then give it to me, saying, “I knew this money was going to come in handy today! I found it in my purse last night and I didn’t even know I had it. I want you to have it.  Please. You don’t have to pay me back.” Oh my god, right?

It’s those tiny miracles that just turn everything around in a heartbeat.

And then by evening, things really were so much better.

Well, listening to P * triot str ee t fighter during my dinner, caused me to look up a video from a few days ago — a chat between Mike  J   a k o and Gene D * code — that just really turned everything around for me.

Anytime I listen to a Gene D * code chat, I feel like my consciousness has grown in quantum leaps.  This time, the idea that the Med Beds (which I posted about yesterday) will be used to help reverse the devastating effects of the fake v a  c  c  i ne (which was supposed to be a world-wide geno cide) really began to help things make sense for me right now.

However, I still have trouble wrapping my mind around this idea that a secret s pa c e ^ f or ce has managed to build communities of humans on Mars and the Moon; that humans have actually already been born on Mars… You know, what is that? And now, all these D **p St * te people from all over the world, the ones who haven’t been hanged but who are guilty of atrocities that we couldn’t even imagine before — these monsters are now in some sort of prison on the Moon for the rest of their lives because the m * li tary didn’t want a bloodbath  down here in the streets (once the general population awakens to what these monsters are guilty of).

Okay. SO. That is just really hard for me to wrap my mind around.  They’ve all been transported to some sort of prison on the Moon?

Well. Everything is turning out to be a lie in every other area of life right now, why not on the Moon and Mars, too? Who’s to say at this point that everything isn’t in fact teeming with life up there?

You know, I’ve had to wrap my mind around our beloved monster h  i l l ar y, torturing and eating children. Getting past that makes it easier to accept that I’ve been told outright lies about Mars and the Moon, as well.


The good news, of course, is that people have been a r  r e s ted the world over, some of them have been ex  e c  u ted, and the rest, I guess, are on the Moon, far from us. Med Beds will help reverse this ho rr i fic fake v a c  c ine. And now it’s looking as if there will never be another p  o p e again…

Thinking about all this during Lent, as I study the possibilities of a different Jesus of Nazareth altogether (see yesterday’s post) — well, it falls together and makes good sense.

And through the generosity and kindness of a veritable stranger, I now have $38.44 to my name instead of -$1.56.  And car insurance. It’s those kinds of miracles that assist me in believing in everything.

Okay. So. Even the Bad Seeds are in need of some financial support! Nick Cave’s official website announced this morning that there is an upcoming auction to help support their stage crew, who are also suffering financially from this fake p an d em ic, since all tours have been canceled. You can read about it here. There are some very cool things up for auction, folks.


And over at Cave Things, there is a new Polaroid Photo up for sale. It looks like this!!


And here in Crazeysburg, where the snow is once again falling, and temperatures have once again plummeted because of that polar vortex-weather war ^^ fare, I have been able to turn my whole world around and feel really excited about the future of this planet, Earth.

I am going to be working on a new short story for the kind folks in Sweden today.  And I’m just gonna let it snow and pray for the world-wide transformation to come soon.  Meanwhile, I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, “Roy Rogers,” from Elton John’s monster album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973). Enjoy.  (And oddly enough, my biological grandmother was childhood sweethearts with the real Roy Rogers — Leonard Slye — back in the early 1900s. He was an Ohio native. Real small world, isn’t it???) Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

“Roy Rogers”

Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems
There’s nothing there at all
You just seem older than yesterday
And you’re waiting for tomorrow to call
You draw-to the curtains and one thing’s for certain
You’re cozy in your little room
The carpet’s all paid for, God bless the TV
Let’s go shoot a hole in the moon

Oh, and Roy Rogers is riding tonight
Returning to our silver screens
Comic book characters never grow old
Evergreen heroes whose stories were told
Oh, the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains
Of roundups and rustlers and home on the range
Turn on the TV, shut out the lights
Roy Rogers is riding tonight

[Verse 2]
Nine o’clock mornings, five o’clock evenings
I’d liven the pace if I could
Oh, I’d rather have a ham in my sandwich than cheese
But complaining wouldn’t do any good
Lay back in my armchair, close eyes and think clear
I can hear hoof-beats ahead
Roy and Trigger have just hit the hilltop
While the wife and the kids are in bed

Oh, and Roy Rogers is riding tonight
Returning to our silver screens
Comic book characters never grow old
Evergreen heroes whose stories were told
Oh, the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains
Of roundups and rustlers and home on the range
Turn on the TV, shut out the lights
Roy Rogers is riding tonight

© 1973 Bernie Taupin, Elton John


Below: Most awesome video you see all month, if you haven’t already seen it. From last Friday.  Mike Ja  ko talks with G* ne De  code. (1 hr 5 mins)

Below: P * t r iot S  t r ee t f i ghter2.17.21 #52.  (55 mins)

Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: News. (17 mins)

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News (29 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial: (14 mins)

Below: X * 2 R* port: (48 mins)


Where Do We Draw These Lines of Rage?

I don’t actually have an answer to that question, gang.

I really wish to believe that the intel from the P * tr * ot S t r **t fighter is accurate and that our beloved h  i l  l a  r y has finally left this realm. (See last night’s post.)

I have no proof of this, obviously.  It does seem that a lot of truly unsavory individuals, though, are reportedly being held there in green  land and/or being tried by m* l i t ary tr* bu nals and then either e x e cuted or given some weird plea bargain arrangement, wherein they get to participate, for a little while, in this indescribably insane charade going on all over the  world right now.

Until the body doubles take over, and then God only knows what happens to the originals.

I like to believe this is true. Even when I look at fancy-nan these days, she does not seem the same. She doesn’t look the same; she doesn’t speak in that same indescribably bizarre crazy way. She just seems different now; less off-the-charts, even while her mouth is moving and still spewing crazy shit.

Ditto, of course, the fake B * den in the fake W  H, with the quite inexplicable ears.

Or the sudden resignation and then seemingly utter disappearance of our other beloved fun-loving gal, who ran the most corrupt incarnation of the c  i  a, ever.  What really happened to her? Green land?

I cannot tell you if this stuff is true, gang. I can only tell you what I glean from many other alternative news sources, who seem to have truly uncanny intel most of the time.

But this kuru thing. Wow. (Last night’s P * tr * ot Stre ** t fighter video, below.) Allegedly, h  i  l l a r y died from kuru. And allegedly m *  r k l e also has it.

Kuru is extreme, folks. I mean, really. Come on.  Is this just to try to get us to understand the gravity of these charges of c a  n  n i ba l i sm among the e  l  i t e ? (Well, the s a t an – worshipping ones, anyway.)

(As an aside, I’m guessing you’ve all seen the news re: A r  mi e H a mm er… the renewed accusations, etc.)

None of this shit is coming to the forefront by accident, gang.  This onslaught of messages is definitely not a coincidence. It is timed, targeted, and planned.

You have to step back and look at it all in silence. Without anything to disturb the frequency your mind is tuning to — and you have to ask yourself: What am I looking at?

You know, being raised within a Jewish family (I was adopted as an infant by a family of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, who had escaped the pogroms, but who then had extended family members killed in the concentration c * mps),  it was hard enough to believe those familial-lineage rumors about m * r  k e l. Until I started to see photos of you-know-who’s face, super-imposed on hers; and then vice-versa. And I have to say, the resemblance was not only uncanny, it was also shocking.

And then, I couldn’t see anyone else’s face but his when I looked at her.

And now, she allegedly has kuru, too.

WTF, right? Am I being programmed to believe something, or is this really happening? When I look at all the other atrocious shit going on, or even the not atrocious stuff but the highly unexpected stuff (i.e. Space Force and what they’re up to and all that) — well, I have come to the decision that this shit is really happening.

Every day, the news gets more and more bizarre. For instance, the announcement yesterday that the (fake and incurably corrupt) C D C is indeed advising double m* sks now. A fabric one underneath the paper one.

I’m guessing this is the game-plan now: to give us all bacterial pneumonia. (The only thing that’s clear these days is that a whole heck of a lot of people want us dead and are willing to sleep right through the plot line if it gets them to the closing credits, without dying from pneumonia first themselves.)

I have to ask myself, is this really their push-back, or just more of the charade, to get the sound-asleep among us to just wake the fuck up already. It’s getting ridiculous, how soundly some people can sleep.

For me, a whole lot of it comes down to these m* sks. It’s almost as if it’s all they have left.  I can’t tell you the amount of rage I have over these m* sks and over how many people are believing it. Especially when I’m in town and see little kids wearing them — I want to shout at those mothers who are buying into this garbage and causing God-only-knows what kind of physical and psychological harm to all these children.

I cannot believe that so many people are spineless nowadays and simply tow the line, without using any common sense whatsoever.

This is one of the worst crimes that has happened in America, in my opinion. They removed our Spirit of ’76.  Systematically indoctrinated it right out of the younger generations.

It honestly fills me with nothing but rage — but then, that is what “they” want. To divide and conquer all of us. So where do you draw that line, so as not to give in to all-out hate of your fellow Am er ic ans?

Yesterday, after reading the news re: the new c  d  c m* sk guidelines, I had to spend about an hour reading and re-reading and re-re-reading Matthew, 5:39 (KJV): “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

It is very hard to know what the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were because they have become inculcated with the doctrines of Pauline Christianity for 2000 years. Jesus was dead before Paul began teaching. And even though I am willing to believe that Paul and Jesus were tuned to the same frequencies, dead or alive, usually I really just want to know what Jesus of Nazareth, himself, believed, because he is the one who called me to my ministry and into Divinity School, etc.

And I feel in my bones that the Beatitudes give us the closest things we have to the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

And yesterday, as I kept reading Matthew 5:39, and kept trying to find a way to sublimate my rage over not just the atrocities that keep coming to light, but all these endless sheep who are blindly dragging all of us to the slaughter…

Okay. I understand the Law of Attraction. I understand why Jesus would warn against resisting evil because it only attracts more evil right to you. Jesus knew that.

Okay. But Jesus was ex e c ut ed in the end.  If there is one thing we can know for sure about Jesus of Nazareth (and there really is only about one thing we can know for sure because theology has attempted to thoroughly wipe out the history of him and his family); the one thing we can feel certain about is that he was crucified by the Romans. (And yet we can’t be certain about why. Anyway, that’s yet another story…)

Anyway. There are so many parallels between now and the times of Jesus of Nazareth, or the Book of Esther, or the reign of the N a  z i’s, or the Romanovs and the Bolsheviks and the onslaught of C  o  m m unism,

The parallels are there, and they are real, and they are horrific, and so many people, in this country at least, are literally mind-controlled into not seeing it and into participating in it.  If you try to sublimate your rage over this by following the Prince of Peace, by trying to convince yourself “…I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also” — and then the one thing you know for sure about the guy who said that is that they killed him. I don’t know, gang.

All of this shit is just so hard to process.

I do not understand why we’re here. I am one of those people who believes we choose to come here and that we choose when we will leave. And that the entirety of the time we spend here is all about the energy of choices — learning to control the energy of the choices we are making so that we are ultimately choosing the energy frequencies we are at, and then controlling the experiences we are attracting.

But why we do this — I have absolutely no clue.

And I have no clue why people choose to be evil. I cannot get my mind around that and never could.  Even when people raped me repeatedly, and abused me in all manner of ingenious ways — I never once believed it came from an evil place. I never believed in evil. I believed in fearful, misguided people. Not in evil.

But now it seems like I am being asked to believe this, that some people choose to be absolutely evil. And when I begin to believe this, I begin to want them eradicated from the Earth; I want the “eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth” option instead. Which is everything Jesus did NOT teach.

It is so difficult. These dark days.

At this time in my life, at age 60, all I wanted to do was focus on my writing and all my many projects. The two plays getting ready for various stages of production, in NYC and in Canada.  The first script with Abstract Absurdity Productions getting ready to shoot in Los Angeles. A new novel coming out. A memoir in progress. A new collection of short stories in the works. An upcoming reading I was going to do, not to mention going to Switzerland to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in Zurich.

All of it came to a screeching halt and now all that is in my world, all that is on my plate, is fighting to keep this C o n st i t tution from being wiped from the face of the Earth. I get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, and then every waking moment is spent, in some way, on this enormous task. And it’s as if none of the other stuff matters any more.

If I die the moment we know for sure the C  o n st i t u tion is firmly secured, it’s like I don’t even care. If I die, I die. As long as I don’t go a moment before we know it is safe.

So I don’t understand — why do we come here? What the hell is this place? What is “here”? What do we really do while we’re here? I just don’t feel as if I have any kind of a clue anymore.


In other oddly-related news: Nick Cave has some new pencils available for purchase over at Cave Things: Madness and War. (Each collection is £15 plus shipping, and features appropriate lyrics by Nick Cave imprinted on each pencil.) Personally, I think these are rumblings of the upcoming Carnage album.  We’ll see!

Load image into Gallery viewer, MADNESS PENCILS

Load image into Gallery viewer, WAR PENCILS

And on that note, folks. I’m gonna scoot. I hope this finds you well, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my listening-music from last night, while it was snowing yet again! And seemingly so peaceful…  while I was trying to process by candlelight this idea that our beloved h  i ll  ar y might actually be really gone. “Babe You Turn Me On,” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. All righty. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: P * tr * ot S tre  ee t fighter:  Currently on Y** T * b* but it will be moved to r  u  m b l e d ot c om. You can find it here. 2.10.21 #47. (57 mins.)

Below: R * d  P * l l 7 8 News: “Today we take a look at the Shampeachment 2.0, expose the lies and hypocrisy behind it and delve into the mysterious death of Ca pit ol P *lice Officer Brian S * ck  n* ck.” (40 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * p * rt: “The im peach  ment trial is a trap for the [**]/MSM. If [**] won by millions of votes what are they worried about? Why are they im peach  ing someone who they cannot remove from office because he doesn’t hold an office? They are panicking. Everything they are talking about will boomerang back at them. The [**]/ c  o  r  r  u pt   p ol i ti cians opened the door to im peach anyone, and to el* ct * on fr*ud and in  su rre ^ c tion. Tr** p must prove his innocence, he must inject evidence legally.” (40 mins.)

Below: (From 2 days ago) Ch * r  l i * W * rd and Mel K News, Spain/US. (49 mins.)

Below: D * n B * n g * no: “In this episode, I discuss the shocking comments by a G*P S * nat or which perfectly encapsulate the attitude of the Swamp. I also discuss the tactics the D*m  ocr ats have used for decades to win messaging battles, and how we can adopt them to fight back.” (1 hr)

A Frozen Day in Crazeysburg!

There is no new snow here, gang, but the ton of snow we still have from the other day is now frozen solid.  It’s sunny here this morning, but incredibly cold. (18 degrees Fahrenheit.)

My own good news is that a flash memoir I wrote, Seminary Avenue, (960 words) and submitted a few months ago to a new small, no-profit press — Kintsugi Books — for possible inclusion in their upcoming collection, We Make Our Own Light, was accepted for publication yesterday by the publisher!

It’s a brand new market for me — they are an LGBTQ+ small press, located in the American Deep South. And I’m always really happy to sell a nonfiction, non-erotic piece of writing.  Yay!

Which reminds me, I really, really want to thank whoever you people are out there who are buying my non-erotic historical novel about old Hollywood, Twilight of the Immortal. I got a royalty statement from Amazon yesterday and saw that, for some inexplicable reason, that novel was suddenly selling again! Another great big “yay!” — since I really, really love that book. Thanks, guys/gals.

Okay. Today is the Super Bowl. [17] followers are supposed to keep our eyes on the half-time show. Something, I have no idea what, could make it look like a “puppy show.”

I don’t have television, so I guess I will rely on  w  e  t  h  e  m e d i a on t  e l e  gr am for any potential live updates on that front. But I must say, gang, that the news, in general, has gotten almost eerily quiet over the last couple of days.

Even my general email address, which is usually absolutely overloaded with emails from both the R* pu bl i can and de * crat camps has been strangely sparse.

Hmmm. Wonder what’s up with that? More arr * sts??  Possible Internet outages? Pol i t i ci ans giving up and going home? A combination of all three?

I guess we’re gonna find out.

Some news items that are of interest, however.

The A Z State S  * nate is going to have the el * ction officials of M a r  i co p a County ar  r * sted for obstruction of justice in the 2 0 2 0 e l* ct *ons. (I’m guessing it’s that death penalty-thingie for helping to r * g  el* c t *ons that’s got those M a r  i co p a County officials a little spooked and that’s likely why they’re hemming and hawing about coughing up the evidence the A  Z State S * nate keeps asking for. To be fair, I’d probably feel the same way if I’d r * g g ed a na tional e l * c t * on…)

And —

It’s looking like Tr **p’s team will be showing videos of D* m ocrats inciting violence as part of his im  p ea c h ment defense. The complete article is here (and I cannot imagine the balls of steel these D*ms have; curiously, they must still think Tr **p is the legal pr  e  s * dent, since no one on Earth can im  pe a ch a private citizen…)

Also!! Pay close attention to this one, gang!

The V* rology J ournal — the journal of D  r  F * u ci’s  National Institute of  H  * a  l th — published a peer-reviewed report back in 2005 (!!)  declaring that ch  ol o ro  quine and hydro  chl o  r o quine  are potent inhibitors of S  A  R  S  coro n  a virus infection and spread…. The full article is here, but here is the “Conclusion” determined by the 8 scientists who worked on  the article:


Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, amoebiosis and human immunodeficiency virus is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. The fact that the drug has significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic and therapeutic use.

Hmmm. That’s just so weird. I wonder why F * u ci forgot all about this research, done 15 years ago at his own institute?? And, in fact, stated the exact opposite instead. Perhaps he wanted to one day be arr  *  s t  ed and possibly ex e c u t e d for crimes against humanity and he saw this as the quickest route to achieving that lofty goal. We can only guess, gang.


More ar r * s ts of truly horrific p*dos, nationwide. We’re getting there, folks. But we’ve still got a really long way to go.

All righty. Today at 1 pm, EST, the P * t r  io t  S  t r  eet  f i ghter and cir st en w chat live on her new ch an nel on Y ** T *b*.

The link is here.

If you tried to join the chat last Sunday, you no doubt recall that it got so overrun with viewers that it kept crashing the link and more and more links had to be created. Luckily, she is back on Y **  T* b* for now, so all that should be taken care of.

Okay. Well, I am going to get to work here, gang. I’m writing a new short story for the kind folks in Sweden. Only about a month past my deadline… But, thankfully, they are patient there.

I hope you have a terrific Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: The n a  v  a  l ny plot thickens and the  u   k  is  really not anybody’s friend any more…. (From 2/1/21) (9 mins.):

Below: c  i r st en w  and g ene d * c ode from Friday, Feb. 5th. (38 mins.)



Below: anonymous p* trio t has a 4-minute segment from the new l*n de ll doc, where l* n d e ll is speaking with Terry T*r  chie, Former D* puty Assistant Director of the Counter  t*rr or  ism Division of the   f  b  i, about why the f  b  i  did nothing to stop the e l* c t* on fr * ud:

And in conclusion — Here are a couple of interesting diagrams, that show how things in life are often connected, folks (click on them and they get easier to read):



Speak Softly and Carry A Big Peace Treaty!!

I’m guessing you know by now that Tr ***p and some of his admin have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes because of their efforts to bring peace to the m   i  d   e a s t.

Ditto, of course, b  l  m.

No, they didn’t bring peace to the m  i d  e as t; but they did bring peace everywhere else they went!!

Black Lives Matter: Ferguson protests in Oakland, New York ...

That’s pretty cool, right? If you can’t look at a thing like this and know for sure that you’re either a.) sound asleep; or b.) thoroughly awake — then what can you look at?

So many of us are getting really really impatient with those Americans who are still refusing the red pill (since that seems to be what is keeping the m  * l i tary from coming out into the open and completing the ar  r * sts and begin a new and fair el  * c  t * on) .

Others, who have sort of taken the red pill but who still have a serious inability to have faith, and/or are still sort of caught up in the flow of p  r  o  j e c t  m o c k in g bird, are whining that “nothing is happening!”

(And, yes, I use that word “whining” to imply the most annoying meaning of that word possible. Because it is fucking required right now to have faith.  And the people who don’t have faith are like 2 people in the ocean when one starts drowning and clinging to the other’s legs… Down we all go, baby.)

Okay. Almost too much is happening, gang.  But you have to keep alert to it. The main stream  m * d ia is not simply going to tell you about it because that would only undo all the hard work that went into brainwashing you in the first place! Use common sense, for chrissakes…

Some things that are happening! (Curtesy of w  e  t  h e  p e o p l e on t e le  g r am):

234,409 Sealed Indictments (just waiting to be unsealed)

D  C  under fenced ARMED military lock down.

B* den has not been on AF1 on or after 20 January 2017.

B* den does NOT have the Football (and the P * ntag on won’t speak to him.)

Evidence of El* cti on fr* ud & Foreign Interference (C* up d’ét at / In  su  rr  ec  tion)

Evidence of Global Medical Fr*  ud and mass murder.

 Evidence of Stock Market insider trading.

>14,940 Human Tr  af  fic  king arrests

>12459 Human Tr af fic king rescues

GITMO capacity expanded. (By a lot!!)

H* n ter B* den Lap  top contents leaked. (Complete with full-color p * do photos.)

Ant hon y We  iner Lap top content.

M*x  well/Ep  ste* n court documents unsealed.

And some really interesting lists to ponder:

World wide resignations of  CEOs, for eign  m in ist ers, chairmen, sec r e t  a r  y of state — just in the last two days, gang. Including B * z o s! Come on, people. It’s not just some coincidence. (List is here.)

And notable deaths in the past year are kind of shocking.  (581 notable deaths, from  67 countries.) When you look at what these people were involved in, it just gets the little wheels in the brain turning, folks. (List is here.) (This is a different list than the one I posted the other day.)

You can’t say that nothing is happening.

Just the sheer fact that the W  H is still blacked out, day and night, a good indication that no one is living there; and our beloved  k  *  m *  l * still hasn’t moved into the v  p  residence yet–

Come on, people; when has this ever happened before, EVER??!!

So when you’re feeling like “nothing is happening,” step back, take a deep breath and just fucking look at this shit — okay???

On a more truly distressing note…

I didn’t bring this up here before because it made me sick and you could read about it everywhere else, so I didn’t need to post it, however…

This new indescribably invasive C * VID test going on in  c  h * n * — the anal swab.  Well, now it is being given to children there. Children. An alleged C* VID test, anally. Why?

And there are videos on the hubs showing that the children “walk like penguins” after the test has been administered.

Some are claiming the boys are getting circumcised, and not tested for C * VID. But I’m thinking a whole heck of a lot of tell-tale screaming would be going on if that were the case — and is it only boys getting tested? I don’t know.

But this truly horrific news article could maybe shed some light on all this. Again, I don’t know.

PCR test swabs may contain “star-shaped microdevices” that are secretly vaccinating the “vaccine hesitant”

“Back in November, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) published a study that suggests W* h*n c * r* na virus (C* VID-1 ^^9) testing swabs may be laced with “tiny, star-shaped microdevices” capable of delivering vaccines to people without their knowledge or consent.

Because more than half of America is “vaccine hesitant,” meaning most people want nothing to do with c  h * n * s* v irus  jabs, “science” apparently came up with a hidden injection technology to secretly vaccinate people through the nasal or anal P C  R test swabs that are jammed into their orifices. […]

[…]“David Gr*  cias, a professor in the Whiting School of Engineering, and gastroenterologist Florin M. Se la  ru, director of the Johns Hopkins Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, led a team of researchers and biomedical engineers that designed and tested shape-changing microdevices that mimic the way the parasitic hookworm affixes itself to an organism’s intestines,” Smith wrote.

Known as “theragrippers,” these microdevice chips made of metal and “thin, shape-changing film” are coated in heat-sensitive paraffin wax that is sent into the body unnoticed. Each of these chips is no larger than a speck of dust […]

[…] Once inside the body, the star-shaped devices respond to heat by closing up and affixing themselves onto the intestinal wall with little prongs. The centers of these now-closed stars are then able to deliver whatever drug was implanted inside of them, in this case microscopic W* h*n  c o r * n* virus (C* VID-1 ^^9) v a  c  c  i  ne  chemicals.

“The claim is that the dust-sized ‘theragrippers’ can be implanted in the tips of P  C   R  test swabs and be delivered to the innocent ‘victim,’” writes John O’Sullivan for Principia Scientific International. “It may be utterly immoral – and likely illegal – but it is certainly feasible …”

“Thousands of these sinister miniature theragrippers can be deployed in the GI tract via a simple, innocent swab given as part of the C*  VID-1^^9 test already taken by millions worldwide.” […]

[full article is here including photos and diagrams] [Article © Ethan Huff, 2/1/21]

Okay, so, like — add to this idea, the constantly repeated claim that the “va  c  c i ne ” is a “device” that makes people “trackable” by 5 G…

Add to that, these defenseless children now “walking like penguins” after the invasive anal swab…

Okay, this is conjecture on my part, gang. This is just my mind working, working working; trying to piece together the things that make no sense at all until you add in that variable of “needing to control” people. Well, fuck. Then things begin to make a little more sense.

Occam’s razor, and all that. [ Definition: The problem-solving principle that the simplest explanation is usually the right one.]

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But when you consider that doctor’s believe this fake ” v a c  c i ne” renders young people infertile — the crimes against humanity are adding up quick, folks. Seriously. We’ve got to stop this shit. Children are defenseless and what is happening to them, worldwide, is evil.  (On a Ch * r l*e W * rd podcast yesterday, he said that, according to F * r  be  s, I nc., 150 children go missing in the u  k every day. WTF, people??!!)

All right. I’ve gotta scoot.  Sorry to end so abruptly!!  I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Accordin’ to Jordan; J * d an S * ther news update: ATJ #24: More on My *n mar, Mitch Mansplains Marjorie & The Stonks Dip [2.2.21] (17 mins.)

Below: R  * d P * l l 7 8 news: “f  b  i  takes a hit in the fight to release all docs related to S* th and A * ron R  i  c ^ h, it looks like someone is forging J* e B * den ‘s  signature, Tr **p has officially responded to C* ng  re  ss’s attempts to im  peach him after the fact, B*  den taps a former colleague of H* n  ter’s defense lawyer, the B* rma C**P has thrown the B* den W  H into chaos and the new S  t a t e Dept. Spot has zero clues.” (33 mins.)

Below: M * n k* y W *rx m * l * tary flight patterns from 2/2/21.  (22 mins.)

Below: P  * t r * ot S tree f *ghter:  More a  r  * s ts in D  C?? Looks like it. Also, more on the e c on * mic and m * r ket collapse. (1 hr.)

Below: X * 2 R * por t:  “The [**]/MSM are using everything they have to get Tr*** p. Tr*** p responded to the im  peach  ment charges and will use the c o n   s t i t u ti on to counter the entire tr*al. Messages are being sent and they are received. The p* triots are moving forward with the plan. B*r  ma was not by accident, P* m p* o mentioned it right after the U S el*  ct *  ons. The [**] has been warned.” (30 mins.)

Get Out there and Effing FIGHT

Okay, gang.

On t e l e g ram yesterday, theTrueGreatAwakening dumped literally a thousand de-classified pdf docs. Including, but in no way limited to, a pdf on the p o p  e and his affiliations with the roc k e fellers, the r o ths ch i lds,  the f or d foundation, and others for a program that would not be very good for no less than the entire world.

I am beginning to think that the recent rumors of the p  o p e’s  arr * st and the gold retrieved from deep beneath the v a t i can are NOT  greatly exaggerated, folks. We’ll have to wait and see. But it distresses me. I really thought that p o p e f r an cis was one of the rare few who was an honest  p o p  e…. Starting to look like it couldn’t be further from the truth.

All righty. Much came to light yesterday re: m y * n m * r, the r * gged e l* ct*on, her connections to not only our beloved h i  l l  ary and O b * m*, but also to S * r o s, to genocide and to  fucking gh*  sla  ine max we l ‘s family! Jesus fucking Christ. Is there no end to human s* x tr * f  f  i ck ing????!!

They’re now pretending that c h * n* is preparing to invade m y * n m* r and release her, but I’m guessing that is only optics and really more about the Formosa Plan — you know, how t  a * w * n and the U  S, with the help of the now-white-h* t  X  i, will move in on an increasingly unprotected ma i n land and well — etc., etc. Problem solved. Worldwide. Watch the K O video below for a diagram showing where our N* val fleets are right now and then ask yourself what is really up over there.

(HINT: It’s all good, gang. It’s all good.)

Unfortunately, what is NOT all good, is the ever-growing catastrophe re: the fake “v a c c i ne.” The video directly below is from about 2 weeks ago, but it will further blow open your mind about the audacity of these criminals.

Then peruse the videos at that r u m b l e  channel, if you have time: FactSeekers202-2021. You will learn everything you need to know to be completely enraged by this scam-demic and those who are getting rich off of it, while helpless people the world over are becoming disabled and/or dying.

Okay. Below: The “vaccine” is actually an Experimental Gene Therapy Technology, similar to chemotherapy. It is hiding behind the liability shield of “vaccine” in order to protect it from legal ramifications.

Personally, I took some time out this morning to write to my State Senator and you should take some time, too, gang. We are never going to move past these fucking stupid useless m * sks, and get the world to stop taking the incredibly dangerous fake “v a c c in  e” if we don’t personally get in the fight and demand CHANGE and accountability at our local levels.

It is easy to contact any and all of your elected reps through email addresses that you can find on the Internet.

Okay, I gotta scoot, folks. Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with the best song about snow, ever!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,, “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow.” (We have a ton of snow here!!!) All right I love you guys, see ya.


Below: J*dan S * ther news update : “ATJ #23: The MY* N M*R El* cti on C o  up – L*n coln Project – Fraud Fa ** ci – More Vax Effects [2.1.21] – (18 mins.):

Below: K O update: The My* nm*r situation is MUCH Bigger than it appears. (23 mins)

Below: X *2 R* port: “The patriots are now ready and prepared to go after the [**]/MSM. In My*n m*r the m* litary decided to take over because of el* c t* on fr* ud. Is this projection on el * ct *on fr* ud here in the U S?  Tr*** p and the p* triots are ready to inject el * c t * on fr^ ud, tr e a s o n , and crimes against humanity facts into the upcoming im peach   ment trial. Panic in D  C, they don’t know the plan of the p* triots.”  (29 mins)

Below: Da n n y K * r ma (Netherlands) and Ch a  r  li e W*rd (Spain) discuss the current events worldwide that are affected by Tr **p and the p* triots. (The world is indeed watching, gang.). (28 mins)

It Looks Real, Feels Real, But…??!!

Okay, gang. The best I can say is that it is ALL still in play. Try to remain calm, pull back, get the big picture.

If things are not making sense, pay attention to that feeling of doubt, give it credence, and don’t jump through hoops, trying to convince yourself that what you’re seeing is “real.” It’s mostly optics, even though job loss, money loss, arr * sts of the innocent, v *ol ations of rights are still going on. The movie will be over soon.

A very interesting legal doc has resurfaced at this link (through K O — see video below). This is re: the many upstanding American politicians who were involved in orchestrating nine one one. You can download it as a pdf.  It is a 13-page legal document and it details the involvement of, among pothers,  our beloved h  i  l  l a r y and even our  worst p r  e s i d ent ever, O  b * m*.

One nice thing — A  sh  c r of t, while apparently still alive as of right now but facing charges of high t  r  e  a s   o n, was also involved in nine one one and it was under his admin as U S a  t t y gen e r a l that I found myself in federal court, with many other high-profile “pornographers”, looking at prison time and hefty fines for my online publishing company, The Erotic Authors Association Signature Series. (I am grateful to the U S C o n s t i t u tion and the A  C  L  U  every single day, folks.)

Anyway. That document will make you sick, however, I suggest your read it.

Some good news:

Here in Ohio, SB 175 was signed into law yesterday, making Ohio one of the growing number of States that is a Stand Your Ground State. (Which means you have the right to stand and defend yourself if you are being attacked, including the use of legal firearms. In most States, you are required to run away, otherwise, if you hurt or kill your attacker, you are liable for criminal prosecution, fines, and jail time. There are still areas of Ohio infiltrated by L *  ftist thinking, but most of Ohio, especially the wide expanses of rural areas, is definitely gun country and not for “pussies”.)

Cats Are Making Australia's Bushfire Tragedy Even Worse | WIRED

Important: Okay. If you have children and notice anything similar to this written on your car, mailbox, etc: G1 B 3–  and it matches the sex (girl/boy) and number of children you have, you are being stalked for possible kidnapping of your children. Stay alert.

In the United States alone, between 400,000 to 800,000 children go missing every year.  This does not include the children born underground without a birth certificate. And, very, very sadly– we know what has been happening to all of them.

Which brings me to P   a  t  r  i  ot  S t reet  f ighter’s video from last night: An interview with ci  r  st en w and  g ene  d e code regarding the [D] e  e p [U] ner g r oun d [M] i lit  ar y [B] a s es that are now being destroyed worldwide.

If you recall, about 3 weeks ago, I posted that video about all the many earthquakes going on that were not being covered in the news and how these were likely the destruction of DUMBs.  (The video interview below goes into the details of all of that; and the stuff about all the children who are being rescued is good news but still really, really sad.)

Of note: Visit this link to see the jaw-dropping list of notable people who have already died this month. World wide. Lots of political /military figures peppered throughout. (This doesn’t count the many people who have likely been liquidated by m* l * tary tr i b* nals and we don’t know about it yet. But it is happening, folks, so sit tight. The m * l i t  ar  y is in control. The fake B * den is fake. The fake W  H  is fake. Don’t panic. Resist the urge to convince yourself that any of  this is going to go on for much longer.)

More good news!!

Nick Cave’s CaveThings.com announces a new cashmere sweater designed by Bella Freud with the famous saying from his mum! It’s only £450 (plus shipping) so, you know, hurry and get yourself one!

Okay. That’s it for now, gang. I gotta scoot. The videos below should be watchable on your phones again. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys.


Link to Cr. Ch* r l*e W * rd and Nich o l a s  V e  n  i a min video update. Another suicide weekend upon us? (In English, from Spain)

Below: K O update 1-29-21: “Everything is crazy and it’s difficult to tell what’s true. I’m trying to vet information as best I can but realistically I’m hearing conflicting reports about most things so it’s pretty hard.” Plus Q &A. (43 mins)

Below: P 8 t r * ot  street fighter: 1.29.21 PSF Sc * tt Mc Kay & G* ne De C*de Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases… With Cirs ten W – (when this is deleted from Y** t * b*, I will post the r  u  m  b  le  link here.)

Below: Ep. 2391b – Marker [KC] 11.3, The Elite’s System Is In The Process Of Being Exposed – “[**] had his sentencing today, no ja  il time for changing an email to get a F * S  A warrant, instead he received probation, market 11.3. Is this just the beginning. The people are waking up to system that the [**] created, it is being exposed for all to see.” (20 mins)

“Traitor! Jackal! Judas!” Liquidation Sale! Going Fast!

Wow, gang.  Talk about news.

Sorry I’m getting here late this morning, but I was awake from 1am – 3am, catching up on   w  e  t  h  e  m  e  d  i  a posts on t  e  l  e  g  r  a  m, and then went back to sleep for two more hours, then caught up on podcasts during breakfast, and so now I am here.

Right before I went back to sleep, around 3, I began to feel in my bones that indeed, some of the t r  a  i  t  o  r  s  [ or: d  s  ] have already been arr * sted and some have been l  i  q  u  i  d a  t  e  d by m*l * tary tr i b u na l s. Here and in the  e  u  .

This is just my gut feeling, gang. Nothing I can prove. But s u i c i d e Saturday was intense yesterday.  And I use the word “s u  i ci d e” to mean a number of things: heart attacks, leaps from rooftops, the ever-popular sudden “C* VID” death, “self-inflicted” gun shot wounds in those hard-to-reach bodily places least of all when you’re trying to aim a loaded gun…

And also all the unusual  federal arrests and/or convictions over the past couple of days — a surprising number of them for p * d  *  p h * l ia.

And a side-street to that: the L  *  n c  *  l n P r o  j e  c t  co-founder admitted (in a resignation letter?) that he was indeed gay and that he had s  e x  t ed  those young men, gr  oo m ing them for s * x.

Two federal  docs also became readily available during the night so I also wanted to peruse those before posting here:  the S * n * te committee findings that O b * m  * admin pushed through approval of funds to a sanct* on ed m  i  d  e  a  s  t organization that funded t e r  r  o r * st  a  l  q  * e  d  a with U  S  tax  p a y  er  $$. And the S * n * te  f  i  n  a  n  c  e  re p *rt re: B  * den family and u  k  r  a  i  n  e  c* rrup tion. (84 pages — that one will take awhile, but I was able to get the gist of it.)

The saddest thing I read last night was about  l  i  l i l  u  o  in h  * n g k * ng who “leapt to her death” while clutching her infant daughter. She was naked when she ” jumped”. Both died. l  i  l  i  had a previous connection to our beloved h  i  l  l  a  r  y .

There are at least 4 very high-profile folks who died suddenly in the past 2 days,  A combo of alleged ” s  u  i  c  i  d  e  s” and medical causes. And these four people are in various countries, not just here. And they have no obvious connections. Not to the naked eye, anyway.

The other very strange thing that came to light: In the space of one week  9 bishops have died from C* VID.  Strange that they were all bishops, who are much more powerful than just the average priest. (C* VID’s handiness just keeps getting better and better.  In fact, para tro ** p ers jumped from a US military transport yesterday in  i t  a l  y. It had something to do with C * VID — and nothing whatsoever to do with i  t  a  l  y ‘s g o v  having a hand in our r  i g g  e d e l * c t * ons.)

C * VID also claimed the lives of many nuns in Dem states. In N  Y,  9 nuns died in a single convent.

In M I, 13 nuns have died, but that seems to be a collective total, and not in one week.

Also, 5 more nuns died in a single convent in s a f r i c *.

As we have since learned, it is not that easy to die simply from C * VID. Most healthy people have an extremely high survival rate — 99.99+ %. It is either the co- morbidities that get them OR the falsified death certificates…

For instance, people with lethal gun shot wounds have a very high chance of dying from C * VID.

On another topic — other r* ports are  stating that Fancy-Nan was ind eed ar  r e s t e d  over last weekend but is not in custody any more, merely being accompanied by something like 5 female guards now wherever she goes.  Passing them off as ” s  e  c  r  e  t  s  e  r  v  i  c  e “. It seems we may have removed our party hats prematurely.

Also, I’m not sure if J S actually was released from ja il.  No follow up seen yet. But he was def  involved in the r * ot WITH c  n  n  “jou r n a l ist”.  His video proves it.

LOTS and I mean LOTS of  U  S  military action going on, here and overseas — e  u and s o  c  h  *  n a seas.

Allegedly, d  e  l  t  a  f  o  r  c  e r ai d ed the B* den com  pound in u  k  r  a  i  ne  and seized  l*p tops, 300 m  i  l l i on $$$  gold bu l  l  i  on, 5 duff l e bags of bl a ck tar    h e r  o  in, thousands of rounds of a  m m u n i t ion, crates of c  h  *  n *  s  * a ssault r  i  f  l e s, and miles and miles of underground tunnels with ankle and wrist sh a c k l e s bolted to walls some with flecks of dead human flesh attached. (I have so far only seen this reported once in the last hour.)

There was quite an awesome ex plo sion in  sterling V A last night.  Watch for more and more and more ex pl o s ions  & burning c a  r s to catch people’s attention now that C * VID panic mode no longer works as a distraction.

Disturbing Hollywood connections coming out now, too. Involving rings worn by extremely high-profile famous people. If it is all true, it is sickening.

And yet what I also could not help but notice — on that now legendary date,  Jan 6 th , the current issue of the h ol l y w o o d r * p o rter arrived in my mail and the hatchet job they did on j o h n n y d * p p was unbelievable. Just off-the-charts.

Talk about dead man walking. Talk about target on your back…

Considering D  * s ^n e * y’s connection to the C * P, and how D * s ^n e * y is doing all it can to not only kill that guy’s career but douse it in gasoline and torch it beyond recognition, and also the r * m * r s that J  D  might be a con ser v a t ive — hmmm. All I know is that he’s not wearing one of those rings.

And here is something else I was thinking about last night, in regards to how the U  S  c a  p  i t  o l bldg is clearly being turned into some sort a high s e c u r i t y prison. Everything about it looks like it is being fortressed to keep people IN and not OUT.  What fear of r * ots??? Right?  All we have there is an endless, endless, ENDLESS arrival of s o l d * ers.

[Gang, I am guessing that once you set foot in that place now, you will not be able to get out; I mean, just fucking look at it now, and upwards of 30,000 armed tr ** ps are now there, with checkpoints everywhere  to stop people from easily leaving  D  C  now, too.]

Anyway.  I was reminded of the s  a  u  d  i  p  r  i  n  c  e  who had all t hose other wealthy pr * n c es and business men arr * sted in the middle of the night for high  t r e a s o n and corruption and an at temp t ed c o u p, but kept them  confined in a conference room in  the Ritz Carlton hotel.  An extremely luxurious hotel. The irony of that never ceases to fuck with my head.   [ They were hung by their feet  daily and h * m il i a ted and  t * r t * red, allegedly by the U  S  m e r c en ar y company owned by the brother of our beloved head of the  U  S  Dept of  Edu ca tion, V o s. She has since resigned, btw. Just this past Friday, I think. ]

(Now we can finally kiss that M * r x * st c o m m o n c or e goodbye and get children in the U S public school system an actual education. Imagine what it will be like when a whole nation of people are no longer indescribably undereducated… Feels almost like a D  *  s n ^ ey movie…)

And last but not least…. BIG HAPPY NEWS!! k  *  m  *  l  * at long last intends to re s i gn from her s * n  a t  e seat  on Monday — a national holiday, oddly enough. I’m guessing she will dedicate her decision to  m  l  k… Rumor has it that s h e expects B * d e  n to be either ar r* st * d OR exe c u t ed immediately after his f * ke  in a  u g   u  r a  tion, and so plans to be sworn in as our new  f * k e p  r  e s  i  de   n  t in  W I or M N, and so she will not be setting a delicate foot in the c  a  p  i t  ol high security prison compound on Jan  20  th… (Just a rumor, folks. Not actual news.)

All righty! I hope you are having an amazing Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.  I leave you with Nick Cave,  Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace ( 2020).I love you guys.  Stay safe. See ya!

Below: R * d P* l l 7  8 from last night. This was absolutely jaw-dropping, gang.  If you are pressed for time, you must listen to at least the first hour, before the  Q &A. ( 2 hrs.)  Also, please download t he f o x ho  l e d ot app today.

Below: K O (short) pt. 2:

Below: K O (short) D  C   l* ck d * wn goes to next level:

Here We Go, Gang!

I’m going to try to be brief here today because I’m getting kind of a late start.

As predicted, yesterday was quite an intense news day, from start to finish. (And by “finish” I mean that, when I awoke at 3am, I had no less than 200 new news posts on my phone from W e t h e M e dia over on T e l e g r am.


So, I’m guessing we all know that the  f   b   i  has now arrested about 100 people who participated in the c  a  p  i  t  o  l riot, and the main two in the news are a  n  t  *  f  a / b   l   m  guys.  The paltry charges against j  s  yesterday make it seem like they will offer him a plea deal to sing about who was funding it.

We shall see.

Then the top m  s –  1  3 leaders were also arrested and charged with t*rror*sm.

An MIT professor was charged with working with the c  h   * n * s  e. Ditto,  a  top guy at NASA.

Tr** p pardoned more people yesterday, too. A ton of them.

It was announced that either today or Monday, he will declassify O b * m* gate and unleash that hideous truth on the world.

He signed a new E  O  re: anyone with assets in c  h   * n * s  e companies that benefit the c  *  p military, cannot sell any of it. This means that the B*  den crime family and likely Fancy-Nan and many other upstanding pillars of p*triot ism in our c*  n gr * ss, are seriously stuck, financially — to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, gang.

Another un der c over video yesterday from the kind folks at P  r  o  je c  t  V  er  *  tas exposes j* ack at tw * tt er.

Merkel stepping down.

Italy falling apart.

Belgium up in flames.

And yet  r  u  s  s  i  a announces it is following suit with the U S  exit from the open skies t  r  e  a  t  y, and establishing a program of unarmed surveillance flights over participating territory. (Sort of a follow-up to that very interesting stuff g  o  r  b  a  chev said in that short news video I posted the other day.)

The Mayor of c h  i c  a  g  o has also decided that l* ck d*wns should probably be done away with immediately.  Bars ands restaurants must open.  Are you keeping track of how fast this is turning? (Did you feel that rush of wind? That was the fake p* n d* m*c rushing past you and right out the door…)

Now, if only someone could tell the  u   k   & f  r  a  n  c  e that the plans have changed…

There might be a pardon of j  u  l  i   a n a  s  s  a n   g e this weekend. We shall see.

R   *  ger St * ne’s wife was horribly beaten up yesterday by lef t i st s while walking her dog in her own neighborhood. She’s in the hospital.

More armed t r ** ps arrive in D   C   and they’ve put miles of barbed wire atop that wall they’ve built around the c  a  p  i t  o l for that “virtual” in  a u gur a tion…

Are you keeping track of that one, too? A curfew; almost everyone in D  C   sent home from work now; 21,000 armed tr** ps so far, with more arriving; a wall (fence) around the c  a  p  i  t  o  l now and now barbed wire on top of that. All for a virtual in  a  u  g  u r  a  t  i  on for a p  r  e  s  * dent – el * ct who supposedly got more v* tes than JFK and O b * m * combined. The most popular guy, ever.  Why all this?

People seem to think 2 things: a.) B * den and everyone else who allegedly committed high  t  r  e  a  s  on will be ar r est ed on that day, at the c a  p  i t  o l, and all these tr** p s and walls and barbed wire are to keep them from getting away; or b.) Tr ** p will be in  a u gu r at ed that day  as the legal winner of the e l * c t *on and the tr ** ps , etc, are to keep paid ri o t ers from killing him… (Because, he actually is the most popular pr  e  s * d ent, ever.)

It is so weird to be an American right now, gang. The entire world now knows the e l * c t * on here was rigged, and that places like g e r  m a  n y, i  t  aly, s  p  a  in, i  r  * n, c  h  *  na , r   u  s  * a, had some sort of participation in watching the v* tes get switched. And yet, there is still this swath of Americans, some of whom I consider friends although I don’t think they think of me as a friend anymore, they are still under that p  r  o  j  e  c  t  m o  ck ing  b i  r d mind control of main strea m m* dia.

They are buying it, hook, line and sinker, as the saying goes. Which is where riots, outrage, anger are likely to come from (in addition to paid r *  o ters, that is).

Everyone quotes this nowadays, but I think it’s true:

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Mark Twain [1280x1024] : QuotesPorn

And…. v p – el * ct, k * m* l* h  a   r   r   i   s, still has yet to resign her s e na  t e seat. Weird, right? The deadline to do that was the 14th, although some have gone as long as the 16th to do it so I guess we shall see.  Still, for someone who has allegedly been the v p – el * ct  for well over 2 months now… hmmmm.

All right, well, God only knows what kind of news will spring up today. It just doesn’t quit now, folks. It is all coming fast and furious.

Now this is not news, just something I find curious and have been thinking about.  (Again, I stress this is not actual news; I saw it discussed on a web site yesterday, though.) How strange it was that B* den had that ankle boot recently, because of a hairline fracture in his foot (that he supposedly got while playing with his dog), and yet within a few days, he was walking just fine.

The ankle boot was on his right foot. And then the website showed  that, strangely, our beloved h  i  l ll a  r  y  had one of those, too, not all that long ago. Same ankle. And her beloved daughter had the very same thing… same ankle.

The website claimed these ankle boots are to hide those electronic ankle bracelets that keep track of criminals, and that once the ankle boots disappear, it means that the criminal has opted to get chipped instead of wearing the highly visible ankle bracelet indefinitely.

Just very odd, isn’t it?

We still have something like 222,000 sealed indictments waiting to be unsealed — and after o b * m* ga te gets declassified either today or Monday, all the shit will hit the fan over h  i  l  l  a  r  y ‘s em ail s and t  r  e  a  s  o  n  , and how the whole “get tr ** p” ball got rolling from there and simply never ever stopped. To this day. (She is now calling for all of us to be put in prison and deleted from the world, basically.) (Have you seen any of those videos she’s put out? She looks like a deranged little old lady now.)

New topic…

The great news is that Marianne Faithfull and Warren Ellis have announced a new album coming in April!! She Walks in Beauty. I can’t wait!! I really, really loved their last collaboration, Negative Capability.

Okay, I gotta scoot. I’m running late. Thanks of visiting, gang. For some reason, I can not imbed any of Keyboard Operators videos from last night — he had three. You can find him here on r u m b l e dot com. I love you guys. See ya!

Below: R * d P *l l 7 8 news update (30 mins):

Below: This interview will completely break your heart. “…we are seeing forced televised confessions, a mass surveillance state, the killing of F*  l * n G *  ng practitioners for their organs, and what many are calling a g e  n  o  c  i  d  e  of the u y g  h  u  r people. 83 global brands, including major U  S  companies, are tied to  u y g  h  u  r forced labor in  c  h  *  n *.  Over in  h  * n  g  k *  n  g, 53 pro-d *  moc rac  y ac tiv  ists, lawmakers, and lawyers were arr *  sted on Jan 6 under the draconian national security law. Despite all this, the  e  u   recently announced a major trade deal with  c  h  *  n *. “

Below:  ” […] The bribes, blackmail, treason and sedition are about to come out. The clock is now ticking down and Tr ** p will strike when the time is right. What happens at the end of a sting operation, arrest. During a sting op, those involved believe they are getting away with the crime, until the very end when they find out that is all over. ” (40 mins.)

Below:  Financial (short)

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire???

Okay. It’s just too much.

If you are not following l  l  i  n  w  o  o  d, on p a r l e r you must. He’s dropping all kinds of stuff now. You can’t even keep up with it.

    • v p P * nc *’s private email exchanges
    • A whole series of videos about blackmail and how and why it’s done and the history of it and how technology can now create absolutely fake people, etc.

You have to invest time in it, though. The video I recommend is over an hour long. The one about “Victoria’s Secret” and was Queen Victoria a lewd selfie-taker and did she get blackmailed over pornography? It leads to stuff about W * x n * r and Ep st * in’s island.

When you read all the posts together, one after another after another, a pattern emerges. And then he just dropped this one:

The shooting in the capitol was fake. The woman is alive and well. A false flag shooting

That link takes you to a video, where they deconstruct the actual video of her shooting and they explain why they believe it was all staged. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Actually, it is a little odd that no one was scrambling, screaming, panicking when the woman was shot and fell to the ground… they were basically all just filming it.

Actually, it is also even odder that her husband, child, parents, siblings, BFF’s, co-workers, former Air Force pals aren’t all over the news outlets everywhere demanding justice…

I’ve only seen one homemade flier taped to a telephone pole in DC saying the cops killed her…

Oh, and hey — how come the whole city isn’t up in arms, rioting, and demanding justice and smashing windows and torching stuff since “a cop” shot her, as they similarly did back in 2020 in a Midwestern state…

And it’s super odd that now b  l   m wants to publicly take credit for the riot. What’s that gonna do to the D *** P St * te ‘s narrative to pin all the chaos on Tr ***p?

And now, the police chief resigns!! (Funny, he didn’t resign when the whole city was burning last summer… to be fair, though: maybe he was on a lunch break, having sandwiches with the rest of the pd as the city went up in flames so he wasn’t aware of what was happening. He probably would’ve gotten right on it had he only known…)

(But to be serious — a police officer seems to have died from wounds he sustained in the riot. I’m unclear on the details, though. Maybe it was wounds he sustained when he wanted to say something that he knew about the riot. I have absolutely no idea.)

But too many Tr***p supporters immediately posted videos of how easy it was to get through those police “barricades” on the capital grounds… (I personally have already seen the videos too many times to count.)

The ease with which they gained access to what should have been the most tightest lockdowned-est building in the world on Wednesday,  made it look like the police actually wanted the Tr**p supporters  there… that’s odd.

Videos of police chatting out on the lawn with a n t * f * before the “riot”… not too odd, all things considered.

Jesus, gang.

I told you things were going to get off-the-charts insane the closer we get to Jan 2 0 th. And indeed, it is.

    • Out of control virus in c h * n* again.
    • Simultaneous l*ckd*wns and vaccine roll-outs, the world over. (Have you ever seen anything like that in history?  “Here, this will save you! Now, don’t leave your house and don’t talk to anyone!”)
    • And  perhaps more deaths looming now from the vaccine itself than we ever actually had from the virus since all sorts of other co-morbidities (including gun shot wounds and poisoning) came along with those virus deaths.

I really wonder if, some day, when the e u ‘s c e n t r a l b an k i n g system actually does completely implode and the world goes off onto some other god awful system — will we then find out just how many people actually did die from just the virus itself, with no co-morbidities?

Just curious — although, by then it won’t matter. But I digress.

So now the mainstream me*dia wars are just fucking insane here in the U S. About the riot, I mean. And their need to froth at the mouth about Tr ***p, when, all summer long, they mainly wanted to convince the entire population that those riots weren’t even happening. (And don’t go after those folks you see on video actually destroying stuff, because we need to make some real estate investments as soon as we can get those fires put out…)

You know, of course, that the weirdest thing of all is that, allegedly, Tr**p will step down in about 12 days… So why on Earth are the Dems scrambling, and I mean scrambling, to impeach him before then?

(They’re also demanding that Tr **p and all his supporters be shot. No joke. They want to shoot all of us. That’s something like 85 million rounds of ammunition, assuming we all sit still…)

Okay. I digress again!!

Why are they in such a panic to impeach him, if he’s stepping down in 12 days? They got their little c o u p d ‘ e t a t. They completed their crime — they held a f a k e e l* ct *on and got a f a k e Pr * s* dent  El * ct instated, what more could they need to be able to sleep better at night, and not need impeachments and mass shootings of something like 85 million people?

They are acting like they are fucking scared. Of something.

Like, something that could drop in the unceasing posts from L * n W ** d…

OR — perhaps the DNI report came out????? (See Keyboard Operator videos below!! Don’t miss them. Please. )

You know, gang. Last night, as I was lying in my unbelievably comfortable bed, little tea lights and my new incredibly awesome pink Himalayan salt lamp casting a soothing glow all over my room, and while I was listening to podcasts from Christian Patriot News and X *2 R* port, and Keyboard Operator, I was wondering about two things. 1.) How long am I gonna be in an empty bed while the man I love is sort of permanently unavailable; and 2.) just why did Tr **p tell everyone to come to D C on Wednesday?  (The day after another rigged el * ct * on, btw.)

Over and over, he insisted we come, that it was gonna be ‘wild,’ that things would be shown to us. (I didn’t go.)

Millions of supporters showed up, knowing full well that something violent would likely happen involving ant * f * and b   l   m, and everyone was told to document everything with their phones, their cameras, etc. (and they did).

He even releases an E O the day before, specifically about an t* f*  and terrorists not being allowed into the country. (I’m paraphrasing.)

But millions of supporters showed up and Tr **p spoke for a little over an hour, behind bullet proof glass. Then he told them to go with him to the capitol. (He didn’t go — he was evacuated out on a plane — but millions faithfully marched to the capitol, singing and praying together and in really great spirits.  Only to be the pawns in some rigged riot, where three actual people died from medical issues caused by the commotion, and one woman was either shot or faked herself getting shot.) And chaos took over.

And I mean, chaos. Absolute chaos.  This is within, like, one hour of Tr **p’s speech.  Then he issues a video speech, that is blocked by all mainstream social m * dia, telling everyone to remain peaceful and to just go home. All the millions of them. Go home now. We love you.

Honestly. I lay in my bed, in the peace of my glowing room, and I wondered what the hell was all that? Millions of people showed up to hear him speak for an hour and then he sends them into a rigged riot while he’s evacuated out and he tells them all to be peaceful and go back home.

(I know q theory — the declaration  to tell the insurgents to disperse, or however that actually goes.)

It seems clear that all these things combined are indeed the very things causing absolute panic on capitol hill…

Methinks that everything imaginable is all part of the trap.

Okay, gang. Thanks for visiting!! Have a terrific Friday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with this, just because I love it so much!! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Do You Love Me?” Yes, I do!! And I love you guys too. See ya!

Holy shit. It’s on.

It’s happening.

Impeach him now, otherwise we have to endure 12 more hellish days… (or 288 hours, whichever makes you feel more panicked)

Always inspiring and awesome!!

How’s That Utopia Working Out?

Holy McMoly, gang.

I knew it was gonna happen — that the closer we got to Jan 6 th, the more intense the news (and the world) was going to get. But expecting it doesn’t make it any easier to process all this unbelievable insanity.

For instance,  not that it’s usually any of our business if grown people choose to adopt children. However, that said… Why are we just now finding out, through L*n W**d’s t w ** ts, that O b * m* ‘s children were “secretly” adopted?

(And then he shows a photo of O b * m * with J*dge R * b* rts, who is being hailed far and wide now as a p * d * ph* le who is said to have illegally adopted children through the now apparently fully alive E p st * * n.)

WTF, right? What is up with that? It only makes it sound unbelievably sinister to find out about it in that way. (I, personally, was adopted. I was also raped by an adult male quasi-member of my adopted family.  If  L*n W**d  were to suddenly t w **t a photo of me, even fully grown, smiling with J * dge R * b * rts, and announcing to the world that I’d been “adopted,” it would suddenly seem really sinister. It’s all optics, right?)

And if you are reading this in some other country, L*n W**d is a very successful defamation lawyer here, at a national level. He would not publicly make claims about people without knowing full well that he could get his ass sued off if he were lying…

Which is why all of his off-the-wall unexpected t w ** ts these last few days have been so alarming. And which is why, when the accused keep a really low profile and keep their mouths shut, it gets doubly or even triply alarming. (i.e., R * b* rts and O b * m * apparently go way back — all the way to a few days before a certain U S S * pr * m* C* urt  J * dge died mysteriously in a hotel room and then suddenly R * b * rts had the now-dead guy’s job a couple days later…) (all of this is from L*n W**d’s t w ** ts.)

Okay. So.

That was perhaps only confounding news, not earth-shattering. (The part about O b * m*’s children, I mean, because ALL the J * d ge R * b* rts stuff is kind of earth-shattering, folks.  He’s a Ch * e f J * st * c* on the S * pr * m* C* u rt. And he’s been — coincidentally, I guess — blocking important lawsuits.) (It’s all part of that theory that when you’re being indescribably intensely blackmailed, it gets harder to think straight and just do your job…)

But if you saw my quick post from last evening — that was very upsetting. On so many levels. If you haven’t already, go back and watch both videos. They are short.  Or if you only have time for one of them, watch the 2nd one for now. It’s only 13 minutes long. (This is, of course, assuming that you want to be intensely disturbed for the rest of the day.)

More news that should make your head explode — this little ditty from the absolutely SUPREME Land of L* ck d * ns!! (All of this for a virus that most people have a 99.99% chance of surviving, even without drugs!!)

Los Angeles COVID Super Spreader Task Force Conducts 5 New Year’s Eve Raids, Arrests 90 People

[…] “I have made it clear that we will seek out and take law enforcement action against all super spreader events occurring anywhere within Los Angeles County,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said. “The goal of these enforcement actions is to reduce the spread of C* VID  and the risk to our vulnerable populations.” […]

[full article here]

And then this unbelievable piece of unconstitutional horrifying awfulness:

NY Assemblyman Defends Bill Permitting Detainment of Carriers of ‘Contagious Disease’

[full article is here] This “Bill” (A416) is horrifying in its scope. Here’s just part of it. You can read the whole thing at the link.

Upon determining by clear and convincing evidence that the health  of others is or may be endangered by a case, contact or carrier, or suspected case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease that, in the opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner, may  pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity or high mortality, the governor or his or her delegee, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of local health departments, may order the removal and/or detention of such a person or of a group of such persons by issuing a single order, identifying such persons either by name or by a reasonably specific description of the individuals or group being detained. Such person or group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor or his or her delegee and complying with subdivision five of this section. A person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegee pursuant to subdivision two of this section shall be detained for such period and in such manner as the department may direct in accordance with this section. […]

A person who is detained pursuant to subdivision two of this section shall, as is appropriate to the circumstances: (a) have his or her medical condition and needs assessed and addressed on a regular basis, and  (b) be detained in a manner that is consistent with recognized isolation and infection control principles in order to minimize the likelihood of transmission of infection to such person and to others. […]

(i) the purpose of the detention and the legal authority under which  the order is issued, including the particular sections of this article  or other law or regulation;  (ii) a description of the circumstances and/or behavior of the  detained person or group constituting the basis for the issuance of the order;  (iii) the less restrictive alternatives that were attempted and were  unsuccessful and/or the less restrictive alternatives that were considered and rejected, and the reasons such alternatives were rejected; […]

to require an individual who  has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease and follow infection control provisions for the disease; […]

Yes. Enforced vaccination.  You read it right…

There is language contained in the Bill that sounds almost “rational,” and as if the person or group being detained has all sorts of legal action available to them to get themselves free. However, the State also gets to hold them almost indefinitely (checking back every 60-90 days) if it thinks the person or group is contagious and harmful to the population.

This Bill does not specifically refer to C * VID. However.

When you consider that C* VID was a fake p* n d* m*c, created by those who need to tank the worldwide economy in order to reset it with a fiat currency and a negative interest rate, and thus financially enslave almost all of us; and when you consider that the  C * VID p c r tests are useless and were created specifically to create a worldwide panic; and when you consider that they say that one minute you test positive, then negative, then positive — oops. They’ve got you!! They can decide that you’re indeed contagious and they can detain you “in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor” and then, without your permission, they can require you to “complete an appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease”.

That language is so wide-open and unconstitutional that it would make even bad science fiction seem thoughtful and original.

Plus, think of all the problems NYC recently had with the Chasidic Jews during this fake p* n d* m*c, who refused to wear m* sks on religious grounds. And that exploded into horrific antisemitism. Wow, think of all those pesky Jews you can shove under the rug, legally, with a bill like this. (Or other pesky groups,…)

I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I’m sort of recalling now some other country that had some other sort of get-rid-of-the-Jews- and-other-vermin related legal mumbo-jumbo almost a hundred years ago… I can’t remember exactly…

The Swastika: A Symbol of Great Good and Ultimate Evil - Owlcation -  Education

Seriously, people. That bill is truly bad news. In light of this new “variant” of the fake p* n d * m*c that they are trying to shove down our throats because Jan 6 th is getting closer and closer and a whole lot of people out there committed what appears to be absolute high treason…

Which, if convicted, could bring the death penalty?

Consider that this wasn’t so long ago: Saddam Hussein was hanged on television. I think CNN was in the front row.

Saddam Hussein is prepared for execution - ABC News (Australian  Broadcasting Corporation)

All this stuff is no lie. No joke.

And all of it is about money. Greed. Control.

Please don’t kid yourselves, for even one minute. We all have to stay on top of stuff like this, in all of our various countries. Not just here in the US.

The only new scary variant of the virus is the people behind it, forcing this new idea on to you in order to scare you and control you, because you don’t believe them anymore.


If you’re going to D C on Jan 6 th, they ask you to wear body cams if possible, and to keep your phones, video recorders, cameras turned on, document anything from as many angles as you can. And stay with the crowd.

All righty. On a very much lighter note….

The Happy New Year’s Message today from Cave Things!! This comes in tee shirts, coffee mugs, tiny alpaca-wool dog sweaters, and stickers.

Okey-dokey. Will do!! (FYI, here is a famous photo of Nick Cave wearing a tee shirt that says that on it, and it’s also a famous line from his version of the song “Stagger Lee.”)

Polly Borland and Nick Cave | look.think.talk

Okay! That made my day.

I’m gonna scoot now. I’m guessing it’s going to be an intense day. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

“O Children”

Pass me that lovely little gun
My dear, my darling one
The cleaners are coming, one by one
You don’t even want to let them start

They are knocking now upon your door
They measure the room, they know the score
They’re mopping up the butcher’s floor
Of your broken little hearts

O children

Forgive us now for what we’ve done
It started out as a bit of fun
Here, take these before we run away
The keys to the gulag

O children
Lift up your voice, lift up your voice
Rejoice, rejoice

Here comes Frank and poor old Jim
They’re gathering round with all my friends
We’re older now, the light is dim
And you are only just beginning

O children

We have the answer to all your fears
It’s short, it’s simple, it’s crystal clear
It’s round about and it’s somewhere here
Lost amongst our winnings

O children
Lift up your voice, lift up your voice
Rejoice, rejoice

The cleaners have done their job on you
They’re hip to it, man, they’re in the groove
They’ve hosed you down, you’re good as new
They’re lining up to inspect you

O children

Poor old Jim’s white as a ghost
He’s found the answer that we lost
We’re all weeping now, weeping because
There ain’t nothing we can do to protect you

O children
Lift up your voice, lift up your voice
Rejoice, rejoice

Hey little train! We are all jumping on
The train that goes to the Kingdom
We’re happy, Ma, we’re having fun
And the train ain’t even left the station

Hey, little train! Wait for me!
I once was blind but now I see
Have you left a seat for me?
Is that such a stretch of the imagination?

Hey little train! Wait for me!
I was held in chains but now I’m free
I’m hanging in there, don’t you see
In this process of elimination

Hey little train! We are all jumping on
The train that goes to the Kingdom
We’re happy, Ma, we’re having fun
It’s beyond my wildest expectation

Hey little train! We are all jumping on
The train that goes to the Kingdom
We’re happy, Ma, we’re having fun
And the train ain’t even left the station

© 2004 Nick Cave

This goes over incredibly important stuff, including the A416 Bill above. Please watch it and stay informed. It’s 34 minutes.

Another New Year’s update from Keyboard Operator: