And Furtherly Off-the-Charts insane…

Yes, I’m back. But only because t e el g ram has been insane. And I didn’t want to keep the brain-shifting insanity all to myself — I wanted to share!! (You’re welcome. I’m happy to do it.)

First, in case you didn’t see it yet, the US Supreme Court just struck down the fake b*den’s v a x mand a te for large businesses — setting a precedent now.

il donaldo tr **po had this to say:

This followed really, really closely with a post by Phil G:

“Deltas matter”

(if you don’t understand [Q] drops, and deltas, I can’t explain it right now, but this feels electrified, indeed.)

Phil also said:

“You may not know it yet, but today was the end of all future vaccine mandates, due to Supreme Court precedence.”

We don’t really know who Phil is — as Jason [Q] pointed out recently — even though we can watch him live on his livestreams. We don’t really know where he comes from. We only know that he usually has a ton of intel.

However, he also had this to say:

“They thought you would follow the stars…” and “Symbolism will be their downfall…” in connection to someone who posted something Phil considered to be fear-mongering regarding the SCOTUS ruling. then he re-posted this from L * n W o o d:

And then a [Q] drop:

And then he said:

The enemy always reveals themselves.


[they] copied Flynn. Flynn had the stars first.

[they] tried to align themselves with Flynn because Lin Wood called [them] out (Sather, specifically), and Lin recently had a “spat” with Flynn.

Flynn has nothing to do with [them], and [they] have nothing to do with Flynn.

[They] are trying to distract you. Don’t let [them] do it.


Wow, so the only 3-star person on that list that I sometimes still follow is IET 17 — and he does, indeed, have those 3-stars next to his “name”.

Well. Phil and Jason [Q] will not be doing their live together tonight, but Phil himself is doing a live tonight:

“Tonight’s LIVE will be a good ole’ fashion intel/current events report, followed by a brief Q&A (for all – not just subscribers).”

It starts at 7 EST. On D-Live and Twitch (Phil God lew ski)


And as a sort of follow-up to something I posted this morning that really stumped me regarding gematria and Ne g 48 — the JFK Jr channel insinuated more:

“What Ever Happened To MQAB?
What Ever Happened To Yuge?
What Ever Happened To Negative48?”

He also posted this:

“They All Buy Their ‘Followers’
Think Logically”

Then he had this posted, although it was forwarded from someone else:

“X22Report is a hopium slangin’ carrot dangler who leads those who refuse to do their own research down a path of mania. Time and date predictions delay you from achieving internal truth by exploiting your conditioned “savior” Mockingbird mentality. Controlled opposition. Disinformation.”

He also said this, which creeped me out only because of the current novel I’m writing (I’m “Thug’s” creator, and he’s A I…)

“Artificial Intelligence Is Limited By It’s Creator”

But then I saw that this was posted yesterday — remember how Whiplash347 posted recently that “J F K Jr” was his boss??):

“WhipLash347 Was A Pedophile
AKA John Reese On Twitter
AKA Little Xavier

THEY Have All Capitulated Via Executive Order 13818
THEY Can’t Help But Expose Themselves. THEY Try To Frame The Narrative.
The Truth Is A Force Of Nature.”


Holy moly — right , gang??

He also posted this, but I don’t remember if it was yesterday or not, I lost track:

“Take A Look At All The Construction Going On Near You.
Look For The Cone Markers and Color Markers. All This Construction During A Pandemic? Where Did The Money Come From? NESARA / GESARA 43 Quintrillion Dollars Back To We The People!



Okay, well. Much food for thought. I just wanted to share.

Have a good night, everybody.

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