Off the Charts Crazy!

Wow, is the news getting insane, gang.

First off, sorry I could not post here yesterday but it was for a great reason. A publishing house in Italy is interested in publishing my novel, Twilight of the Immortal, in Italian translation and I needed to be available for a Skype call with the acquisitions editor, who was on Italian time — 6 hours ahead of me.

Well, I’m very excited. They have made some really, really complimentary comments on the novel. It all hinges on the contract, of course, which arrived this morning. Once I read it, I’ll let you know if it’s going to happen or not. But I’m really, really excited. [UPDATE: It was not what I consider a standard or equitable contract, so I declined it… and on we go.]

All right.

The news is so effing WEIRD that I am just going to throw things out there, whether they seem to be in any sort of relevant order or not.

Okay, so this appeared on il donaldo tr **p o, and on Donald Tr **p Jr’s rumble channel, and on main stream media by way of TUCKER CARLSON!

This is how close we are getting to the big reveal of all of this, gang. The white hats clearly want the world to know that:

a.) m ic ha ael ja ckson is alive

b.) an actor — whether or not it’s M J — is playing the part of P e lo si (who as we all know, was arrested a long time ago)

From il donaldo:

From Donald Tr **p Jr, includes the footage of Tucker (3 mins):

This is a little old news now, because I was going to post it yesterday:

S * mon P*rkes:

“Prin ce An dre w To Face Trial…

“Now that Prin ce An dre w is to face a court case where he is accused of sex assault on a minor, insiders are saying he will be forced to pay 3 million in damages.

This is why he is thinking of selling his Swiss ski chalet as the British crown has so far refused to bail him out.”

[However, keep in mind, gang, that all the U K ro y als have allegedly already been taken out. This is most likely an actor playing it out for the public.]

And these are a little bit old from “Nancy Drew” because I was also going to post them yesterday.

She weighs in on all those National Guard deployments (30 US States):

“Preparations for civil unrest possibly? 🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🙏🙏🙏🙏”

And then she also posted this:

🧐🧐 Another death???? How many is this now???? Hmmmm…. We go from rarely hearing of any, then B💥💥M, they start dropping off like flies. Coincidence? How many coincidences before its mathematically impossible? This is getting VERY interesting.🤔

And as a side note…

Everyone is now talking about that concrete wall they’re building around the W H — which Nancy first alerted us to on Monday — and how the National Guard is posted on the inside of the wall around the U S Capitol (maybe also the W H wall by now)(?). Clearly this is meant to keep people inside the building, not to keep outsiders from getting in. More tri bu n als? More e xe c utions?


This update came by way of Pepe Lives Matter, but it originated with Patel P * triot:

Some interesting, if a bit snarky, tidbits from RT News today:

“❗️UK PM B * ris Johnson has canceled all of his Thursday engagements due to ‘family member testing positive for C* vid’

Or… the lowest excuse to avoid being ousted from 10 Downing Street? You decide.”

And also this:

Paris to ban INCEST for the first time since the French Revolution

The French will no longer be able to keep things en famille, it seems…

The French govt has announced its intention to ban incest for the first time in over 200 years. As it stands, relations with, well, relations, are currently legal if all parties are over 18, but the proposed new law will end this, criminalizing incest between adults, too.

The new law would bring France in line with most of Europe, which bans incest, although cousins will still be able to marry. Speaking to the media, Secretary of State for Children Adrien Taquet said, “Whatever the age, you don’t have sexual relations with your father, your son or your daughter. It is not a question of age; it is not a question of consenting adults.”


Okay, this next one really blew my mind. I’m not sure what to make of it, gang, since the whole Ne g 48 crowd could not be more fervent Tr **p supporters, or more fervent Christians if they tried.

That said, though, we can’t help but notice the almost complete disappearance of Neg 4 8 himself, along with Bryce, and Sa bri na gal — and then Mik ki Kla nn went off to plan P * triot Street fighter live events (initially coming up with outrageous ticket prices, which they ended up scaling back).


It allegedly comes from J F K Jr himself, but it is sort of “pieced together” and creates the look of circumstantial evidence. Make of it what you will:

“You’ll Thank Us Later When You Find Gematria Is Controlled Opposition Made To Enslave You To Made Up Religions.

It’s A Tool, Created By The System To Enslave You.

Look To The Gematria Stars
They Lack Intuition And Need An Online Calculator To Convey Numbers To You

Any Artificial Intelligent Bot Can Do That

Artificial Intelligence Is Limited By It’s Creator

Behind The Veil Was Always Reptilians And Greys”


From Whiplash347:

And also this:

“[D] day 🤔🤔 …Declass or D-Day? It’s interesting that D-day was code-named Operation Neptune ->Poseidon. This operation was the beginning of the end of WW2”


And this image is from Sh ar i R a ye’s update below:

Okay. The rest of the news today was really terrible stuff about the v a x es & the b o o sters, and really terrible explosions, floods, l*ckdowns, protests, wars and rumors of wars, and more and more and more rumors of wars…


On another, happier note….

On Monday, Nick Cave sent out another Red Hand File. It was quite wonderful, you can read it here!! (He has said that he receives something like 50 -60 letters a day, from all over the world. And I have only written a very reasonable 310 of those, or something like that…) (Anyway, I believe I have to stop — he gets more than enough letters. Perhaps I should focus more on the new novel or something like that!)

And that is it, gang. I have to finish the laundry and then take a look at the publishing contract from Italy. And then — I don’t know — maybe have a nice day, or something like that. We shall see.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys, see ya!

I leave you with my driving-to-town music from yesterday: A gorgeous Cat Stevens classic from 1971 that I have posted here before, “How Can I Tell You?”– off his hugely successful album, Teaser & the Firecat.


A few more of those really difficult-to-watch videos from Kappy’s Portal, but I think they are really important. Do not overlook them. They are each around 3 minutes:

Sha r i Ra ye news update (37 mins):

Restored Republic news update (20 mins):


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