Still More Fog and Rumors of Fog

I’m not going to post yet, gang.

I might come back later to post, or I might just wait until tomorrow.

So much fucking unbelievable stuff has been dropping since yesterday and right now I feel, well — circumspect.

Is it true or not true? Is it white hat or black hat?

When I can’t figure out if something’s true or not, I hesitate to post it.

For instance — is this true or not true? (My guess: Not true. But I don’t really know.)

JUST IN – Jean-Luc Brunel, the former model scout who’s been accused of trafficking underage girls to Jeffrey E p ste in, was “found dead” by hanging in his prison cell in France.”

And what about this– True or not true?

Apparently all those arrests made in Ottawa are not “real”. The people are being “arrested” in plain sight, then driven miles away and released.


We won’t even touch what’s allegedly coming out of U k r aine….

The worst news of all is what the energy weapons did to those protestors in Canberra, Australia.

If it’s true, it’s almost unspeakable. Yet, if it is true — why did it happen? There are a lot of key people being taken out in both Au str a lia and new Ze a land already — so what is really going on?

This, below, is likely true, but likely not in the way it’s being reported:


So I just need some time to see what else comes to light.

Meanwhile, if you missed Phil’s Q&A last night, here’s a replay (1 hr 52 mins):

Okay. So maybe I’ll see you later today, or maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting….

[I overslept by 1 hr this morning and missed the zoom meditation out of New Zealand…. however, here is my breakfast-listening music! Little Anthony and the Imperials, “Goin’ Out of My Head”, their smash hit from 1964. As always — it’s dedicated to the one I love — great big bunches!!! Okay see ya!]

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