Weather and Rumors of Weather…

Ok, UK, look out for some serious weather.

There are conflicting reports about “whether” this weather is white hat or black hat weather.

And I wanted to mention here — because I kept forgetting to post about this — but that intense ice and snow we had for many, many days here in Ohio?

I posted, at the beginning of it, that I saw no less than 10 planes criss-crossing the sky with “chemtrails” that allegedly bring on “weather.” And then, boy, did we get weather. But the snow that fell was unlike any snow I had ever seen before. And it didn’t melt like any snow I had ever seen before. And except for living in the Russian River Valley area of Northern California for about 5 seconds when I was 19, I have lived the rest of my 61 and a 1/2 years in places that always had snow in the winter.

So I know snow. And this snow was creepy — especially the way it took forever to melt.

At one point, I even pulled my [Q]-following co-worker out of the store and into the parking lot and I said to her, “Look closely at this snow — is it like any snow you’ve ever seen?”

She studied it for a moment and said, “You’re right. It’s really strange looking.”

I think there’s a definite difference between God-made snow and the man-made variety.

Anyway. I digress.

The white hats are creating a lot of weather, worldwide, in order to keep people at home and to keep people from traveling, and in order to take out tunnels and make ar r e st s. But I don’t know if there are still black hats making weather, too. I just don’t know. But judging by all that is going on in the UK right now ( ar r est s, royals self-destructing, etc.), I’m thinking this is indeed white hat weather approaching.

From RT News:

UK issues rare red weather warning as Storm Eunice barrels in

Britain is bracing itself ahead of the storm which has already closed attractions and disrupted travel in some regions. (Evening Standard)

There is a risk of “flying debris resulting in danger to life” and “damage to buildings and homes, with roofs blown off and power lines brought down,” the Met Office warned.

Flooding and blizzards are also predicted ahead of the storm hitting in full force Friday morning.”


And here’s a bit of weather decode from Whiplash347:

UK: Millions told to stay at home as Storm Eunice hits.

Eunice: “Storm of the Century”….

The meaning of the name Eunice is:
Good victory, joyous victory.
Conquering well.
Famous bearer: In the bible Eunice was a woman noted for being without hypocrisy.

Biblical Reference:

We know from Scriptures that Eunice was Timothy’s mother and his grandmother was named Lois. Paul wrote to Timothy:

As I remember your tears, I long to see you, that I may be filled with joy. I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well” (2 Tim 1:4-5).

There is significance in Eunice’s name as it means “conquering well.” Eunice was a highly popular name and God aptly named her because she was able to overcome her fear of the Jewish leaders and Roman authorities to raise Timothy up in the faith; the very same faith that dwelt in his grandmother and mother.”

And if you haven’t heard this yet — it’s really good news:


However, I want to follow it with this. Because whether it’s white hat or black hat weather, people sometimes still perish, so stay safe.

“From M i cha el J a ckson:

10,000 DUMBS (tunnel systems) on Earth.
USA have 1,800.
It is not easy to solve this one.
Turn it off. Take control. A lot of variables.

People, children, weapons. WMDs.
Bio-plants, clone fabrications, evolved super-soldiers.
Emergency stop switches. Traps, etc.
Extraordinary belief.

7.7 billion people on Earth.
0.02% Super Elite = 1.54 million.
1% Elite = 77 million Elite.
10% = 770 million military / CIA on earth, 3-letter agencies.
In ALL countries.

Corrupt police. Intelligence agencies.
Managers, Militias organizations. Underground Blackwater soldiers.
Corrupt doctors, lawyers, scientists, officials.

Pharmaceutical companies, big tech companies.
In total 190 countries on earth.
Over 800 million forces and distributed military in many countries within the dark network of global elite control.

The White hats, military – they do everything they can to keep death rates as low as possible.”


From C o d e mon k ey z in Arizona:

“Day and night we have children coming through our border most of these kids are raped trafficked abused harvested recycled even killed!! These are children this should not be happening at our border walls!! got a few people running pretty exhausted from doing ops 24/7 so need more help down here .. need people out in the field .. need people out in the desert we need you survivalist training individuals to do day and night ops nights are cold if you’re capable of being out in the weather and these are some very important ops that will stop back door trafficking and drugs and other traffic coming through
call Butterfly: 509-263-4612


This was interesting.

From [Q] The Storm Rider by way of RT News:

“⚡️President Vladimir Putin to oversee planned strategic deterrence drills on Saturday February 19 – ballistic and cruise missiles are expected to be launched”

And so was this– Venezuela is saying no to N A TO, too.

From Whiplash347:

Venezuela’s Maduro backs ‘powerful military cooperation’ with Russia – La Prensa Latina Media

Caracas, Feb 16 (EFE).- Venezuela is on “the path of powerful military cooperation” with Russia and supports Moscow against threats from N A T O and the West, its president said on Wednesday.” [full article here]


Some good news…and this has nothing whatsoever to do with that trucker convoy in Jerusalem…

From RT News:

Israel’s vaccine “green pass” to be scrapped as Omicron variant “broken”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Thursday Israel’s vaccination “green pass” system will be scrapped as cases of Covid-19 continue to decline. (AP)

The current Omicron wave “has been broken” Bennett said adding additional reductions in Coronavirus rules were in the pipeline.

Although infections remain high, the Israeli health ministry reported a steady decline in serious Coronavirus cases amid high vaccination rates.”

More good news:

Dark cloud of Covid curbs slowly easing in Europe

A number of countries in Europe have announced this week they will soon end Covid protocols, here’s what’s happening where:

▪️France lifted a ban on nightclubs as well as limits on sporting events Wednesday

▪️The Netherlands announced it will lift all virus restrictions by next week

▪️Austria and Switzerland said they’ll be dropping nearly all anti-Covid measures in March

▪️Germany will phase out its strictest Covid laws on “Freedom Day,” March 20

After extremely harsh coronavirus restrictions, much of Europe will soon be joining the likes of England, Denmark, Sweden and Norway – who have abandoned nearly all virus-related rules.”


Some Ottawa updates. Things are getting really dicey in C an a da, gang. However, more and more people there are indeed waking up.

From RT News:

Ottawa police “secure” downtown with action against protesters “imminent”

The police have set up a secure area with approximately 100 checkpoints around downtown Ottawa, with only residents and workers allowed in the designated area.(CTV)

Interim Police Chief, Steve Bell said Thursday action against protesters is “imminent,” adding, “If you want to leave under your own terms, now is the time to do it.”

Large numbers of officers from several agencies have been moving into the city’s downtown area in an attempt to end the demonstrations.”


If you aren’t yet aware, not only are the banks freezing the accounts of the truckers, but also the bank accounts of Cana di an citizens who made donations to support the truckers.

This is exactly what happened here in the US on Jan 6th 2021 — anyone who was in DC on Jan 6th to support Tr **p, found their assets frozen and some people even lost their jobs. Many had threatening visits from the F B I, and of course, others wound up in jail and are still there, being held in appalling conditions. (They were tracked through their cell phones.)



From il don aldo tr **po on rumble:

(Canadians singing “We Are the World.”) “ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! WE ARE ONE!!! AND WE WILL WIN!!!” (29 seconds):


Lots more progress being made in the US with Surety Bonds:

From Bonds For The Win:

“2 Counties in North Carolina have made masks optional and Virginia just passed a bill saying masks are illegal and should never be used ever again.

We the people are winning !!!!

Millions of children have been liberated ❤️❤️❤️

Also there were 145 districts that came together to sue the state Board of Education in Illinois claiming that they were coercing them with funding to push an agenda – an agenda which forced them to break due process for parents.

Turns out they won!

The judge called for a stand down claiming that masks are not only unenforceable by any legal standing but that these districts are actually breaking laws by enforcing the mandates.”


“The North Carolina General Assembly just passed “Free the Smiles Act” on a bipartisan, VETO-PROOF vote!

Mask mandates are REMOVED and parents/students will be able to make their own decision on masking!


Great job Katie, Deborah and Angela and all the people working so hard in North Carolina to end this madness! You ladies are super heroes!!!

Approx. 1,431,000 Children LIBERATED!!”


This was really creepy.

From Whiplash347 by way of Suzi Traj in Australia:

“Australia was central to the CIA’s MK ultra mind control research. Cia biowarfare research was also hidden under the label of MK ultra which occurred at universities all over the world through from the 50’s. Children that were trafficked from state care, institutions and cult families were often the subjects. Aus intelligence ASIO is listed on the redress scheme for compensation of survivors after the Woods Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, 2015

The weaponisation of kuru, a parasitic disease took place predominantly in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Aussie satanic ritual abuse survivor Rachel Vaughan remembers her cult member father talking about kuru being developed for use in these very times. In his words, the times of the ‘zombie apocalypse.’ She was experimented on with kuru throughout her childhood in the 70s and 80’s.

The cults and cia, which are virtually indistinguishable, have been planning what we are currently living through for many decades. Despite their plans, the multifaceted poisoning and relentless propaganda of lies, all over the world people are awakening to the truth

The human spirit will never be contained 💫”

More from Whiplash347, by way of Ttironianae on GTTR:

Be a damned shame if these memories of liddle traitor pedo [kenyan] went viral.


And this :

REAPANDSOE on GETTR : Mandela and Rockefeller. FOUR666FOUR It’s in our hands They flaunt this. Right in front of our faces…


And some [Q] drop Deltas (meaning “match the dates”):


[First Placeholders] OIG report, DECLAS, other released facts re:





And Phil will be going live tonight at 7PM EST. GO here at 7pm, New York-time, to get links to the livestream channels.


And in other news!!

Cave Things announced a new happy tea set!! Yay!!

“Tea set with flower painting by Nick Cave
White glazed ceramic with yellow and black print
Available individually or in sets for one and two people

Size of tea pot: 1,1 litre (4 cups)
Size of cup with saucer: 300ml / 10oz
Size of plate: 21 cm in diameter

`Feeling down, despondent, miserable and depressed? Have a cup of tea!
Spokesperson for Nick Cave

Pre-order it here. (It is absolutely affordable if you have plenty of money to spend!!)

Okay, gang. That’s it for now. I’m outta here.

Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (30 mins):



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