Thursday Evening Update

I just wanted to do a quick update this evening.

Phil will be going live tonight with intel at 7pm EST. You do not want to miss it. Visit this link at 7pm EST to get the various links for the livestream.

From Phil today:

“Tonight’s Live, you will not want to miss.

No sales pitch, I promise 🤓

There has been an important intel drop that I am excited to convey to you all.

See you at 7PM Eastern 🔥”

Also by way of General McInerneyREPORT: The Chernobyl power plant has been captured by Russians.”

Also by way of E z r a A C ohen: “Billions of dollars spent on underground cities/bunker by the elites for what reason?”



“The media is lying. Do NOT listen to the news.

Just wait for my Live tonight 😎”

“Anons know 😏”

“Next up:




And from S*mon P*rkes earlier today:

Russian forces Taking Nuclear Reactor

To be clear the Russian special forces are taking the nuclear reactor to prevent the deep state starting anything with nuclear material.

MSM is as always giving total lies out.”


MSM Lies To Us

MSM not only lies to us, but because they are deep state they are no longer getting good intelligence as they are now on the receiving end.

Late last night I posted that Russia was attacking with three spearheads. Today my time 4pm the BBC tells the world “Russian forces attack from three sides” perhaps 18 hours after my post.

There were three major spearheads North, East and West.”


Russian Troops Defend Kyiv Airport… (1 min):


And in case you are new to the table and do not understand that we are all allies, fighting against the d e e p st a te and N A T O — this is what we are fighting for:

From Whiplash347:

“These 2 Points.
Ceases all aggressive, US Govt military actions WorldWide.
Establishes Peace Throughout The World

Now Mirror National for Global

Mirror US Military for ALL.

Modern Warfare
Cyber/Nuclear & also in the DUMBS/Tunnels

3 things
Cyber world is virtually removed.
Going Quantum (Unhackable Internet controlled in Space by Secret Space Programs)

Nuclear Reactors/Power Plants to be shut off & Removed(Rods Of God) No more Nuke threats.
We go to Tesla Free Energy.

Finally Tunnel Warfare.
Where most of the Trafficking takes place amongst some very horrible experiments by the private Intelligence Agencies.”


“RUSSIA bombed U.S Deep State funded Biolabs In Ukraine …. >>> Don’t believe what MSM is telling you….


There is only one person who could have Bombed the Biolabs and tunnel entrances ( creation of biological weapon, virus’s, Ukraine > Biden [ DS] Europes LARGEST producers of Adrenochrome … Along the 2nd largest tunnel system in the world that runs through UKRAINE..>>”


Burisma a front for Child Trafficking.
Ukraine is the Central European Child Trafficking Hub between Europe & Epstein Island.”


Okay, gang! Have a good evening, wherever you are in the world.

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