“De-Nazify, Not Occupy!”

Now that is a quote that’s worth remembering, for sure, gang.

And who said it? Our beloved P u t in. What was he talking about? Well, he was talking about things like some really nasty bioweapon labs (do you even remember Wuhan at this point?) that were put in Ukraine by Americans, under O b am a/ B*den/ HRC (all of whom, sadly, are now rather violently deceased).


As I posted last night, Russia took out many bioweapons labs in Ukraine yesterday.

They are not invading, they are de-militarizing and de-Nazifying. Getting the de e p stat e out — most of whom always seem to be Americans. And Zelensky is still managing to not get himself assassinated by us, which I think is an amazing feat, in and of itself. Prayers there, gang.



Wasn’t Phil’s livestream last night amazing??!! If you missed it, here is the replay (1 hr 41 mins):

We learned that Chernobyl is not and never has been radioactive — and that the reason Russia went after it post-haste (and got it) was because it is a major child-trafficking hot spot. (Yes, we have been lied to about everything.)

We also learned that Taiwan is next in line for an alleged “invasion” by Xi that will finally remove de e p st ate there, as well.

These are exciting times, gang; they truly are. Those of us who follow [Q] and the many awesome decoders are seeing a whole other scenario than the one that appears to be frightening a lot of TV-watchers out of their wits right now. It is so strange to experience this. Parallel worlds indeed.

Another thing from Phil:

A return of [Q] seems imminent, by way of Truth Social.

From Kash Patel by way of Phil (my own truth social account is still in the queue…):

“Told you to watch Kash closely 😎”

And then:

“@Q account has now posted again, this time tagging Kash Patel. 👀”

And then Mr P o o l unleashed a lot of comms, but I cannot decode him to save my life. Whiplash347 posted all the comms. I can’t post them all, because I’ll run out of room, but here are a few:



From Pe pe Lives Matter last night, by way of Praying Medic:

“Kash was just at Mar-A-Lago yesterday and now he’s having a beer with @q.
Guess who knows Q is legitimate? Guess who’s name Q told us to remember?



IET17 warned of fake footage being used by MSM:

Video Game Footage Viral As Visuals Of Russian Air Strike On Ukraine

BOOM found that the video shows footage from the game War Thunder


Old Photo Of Air Strikes In Gaza Shared As Russia Attacking Ukraine.


Doctored Video Peddled As Russian Jets Entering Ukraine.


India media Shares Clip From Video Game ARMA 3 As Russia-Ukraine Conflict.



From [Q] The Storm Rider yesterday:




😉> > UKRAINE Will be explained and BIDEN/ OBAMA/ connected corruption and world money laundering schemes connected to IRAN and there BLACKMAIL of OBAMA ( they set him up with a FAKE Osama bin laden decoy and they know Obama lied to the American people that he had Bin laden killed…. IRAN set the whole trap into place and was paid BILLIONS in cash… Which they launderied in UKRAINE….////




Next phase in White HATS plan
Return to the ELECTION FRAUD
This story is going to EXPLODE
with WHITE HATS behind the scenes… Making sure MSM runs stories<<<<“

And then:

“💥💥💥Holy Chiiit! Tucker Carlson Reveals that Justin Trudeau is the biological Son of Fidel Castro. Welcome to The Real Great Awakening, Patriots! Popcorn ready?🍿🍿🍿”


From Mi cha el Jack son:

“Iran = Obama sends $150 billion in cash to Iran before leaving office in 2016.
John Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian national.

Ukraine = Hunter Biden/Joe Biden dealings & corruption, stealing millions from American tax payers to funnel money to Ukraine.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul sits on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.
Romney’s son does too.
John Kerry’s son.
Biden’s son.

Now you know why we’re “helping” Ukraine & why Pelosi is running again.

Having fun yet?

The tentacles of Ukraine corruption capture Cofer Black of Bush’s 9/11 cabinet, Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Pelosi, Bolton, John Kerry, Romney, & the Clintons.

Great video to revisit by Glenn Beck, given President Trump gave him an interview yesterday.”


Lin Wo od supports Putin:

Putin made his position clear in 2015.

On the issue of one world government, Putin agrees with President Trump.

“Russian president says his country will never accept a world order which is headed by one single government.
Vladimir Putin on Saturday said Moscow will oppose a unipolar world order where an undisputed leader imposes his own will on the world.”


Bolsonaro allegedly supports Putin:

BREAKING 🚨 Brazil President Bolsonaro disauthorizes his vice president who condemned Russian invasion of Ukraine – Reuters”


From Whiplash347:

How’s Russia?
Almost time.
Nothing is a coincidence.
We are at war.
SA cut the strings.
They are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary out of their remaining power/control.
Get the popcorn, Friday & Saturday will deliver on the MAGA promise.

Read slowly and carefully.
Will become critically important in coming weeks.
Continue to track those who are resigning across all platforms.
Where there was once darkness, there will now be LIGHT.”

From [Q] The Storm Rider, first– by way of RT News:

Zelensky: Ukraine ready for neutrality talks

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has intimated he is ready to negotiate neutral status for his country with Russia after claiming NATO and its partners are “afraid” to help them.

“We were left by ourselves. Who is ready to go to war for us? Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees of NATO membership? Honestly, everybody is afraid.”

Kremlin spox Dmitry Peskov insisted Thursday that “neutral status and rejection of hosting [offensive] weapons systems” are President Putin’s red lines.

“Ukraine has always left and leaves space for negotiations. Including now – when Russia went on a full-scale invasion. This war must be stopped. These hostilities must be stopped,” added Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to Zelensky’s chief of staff.”


“Like I said before UKRAINE CRISES began…. >UN . NATO . BIDEN OBAMA HRC don’t want UKRAINE….. They just wanted a WAR there… To destroy servers, data and tie up lose ends!!!.. COVER UP OBAMA ERA > HRC > BIDEN> DAVOS GROUP> UN WORLD MONEY LAUNDERING RING AND EUROPES LARGEST HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING <

You think it’s coincidence…. That MSM Deep state and all of UN. NATO ALLIANCE knew and Had several weeks to respond ( 2 months) to their so called INVASION….. They premoted the invasion everywhere and every MSM chanel pushed the NARRATION… In the next 48 hours.. Or tomorrow the invasion begins and pushed HARD to >> GAS LIGHT the WAR
all had the time to respond to the UKRAINE Event months ago, weeks ago, 100 hours ago…..

But they did nothing,!….. But fly helicopter/ aerial reconnaissance flights/ few military carriers around and pretend to move equipment and set just few thousand soldiers near by……

If UN NATO BIDEN was really concerned they would have engaged long long long ago!

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has intimated he is ready to negotiate neutral status for his country with Russia after claiming NATO and its partners are “afraid” to help them.

“We were left by ourselves. Who is ready to go to war for us? Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees of NATO membership? Honestly, everybody is afraid.”

The NEXT steps in the DEEP ESTATE PLANS is another FALSE flag EVENT and gas lighting>>
for the _EVENT

this EVENT will ensure the Demise of the Falling crashing Stock EVENT.. FULL supply chain disruption.. WAR will connect to more CLIMATE CHANGE excuseFULL INFLATION,>> PANIC CHAOS <. ( cover up of PLANdemic being exposed, U S. Elections being exposed, DURHAM REPORT, VACCINES DEATHS EXPOSURE WORLD WIDE.. ECT ECT ECT,)//..)
[ THEY] DAVOS, Klaus Schwab plan to bring the next steps of world green digital passports that control your money and is connected the Fake CLIMATE CHANGE agenda to tax everyone on how much they travel.. Drive.. ( even use oxygen)/)).. the world credit scoring system and Complete control is hidden inside the WEF, davos GROUP, GATES plan to install the new digital banking system in the green pass…..

In the End of this NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT ….. The Tables WILL be turned<<

The LAST ♟️ CHESS♟️ move of Q.. White HATS MILITARY ALLIANCE will be played..

but for now the world must see the darkness.. The sheep must continue to wake up slowly to the tyrannical system…..

It had to be this way Q

We send prayers blessings and much love to the Soldiers Mother’s Sons Daughters Fathers who have lost their lives in the WAR”


“Many>Heavy battles across Ukraine taking place in many areas across the country ..
… No UN or NATO in sight…
But I hear Biden has a pen and is writing down another sanction…
_________BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s president praised another shipment of arms from Russia despite fears in the Balkans that the country’s recent military buildup could lead to more tensions in the war-scarred European region.

President Aleksandar Vucic attended a training exercise at a military base near Belgrade that included recently purchased anti-tank Kornet guided missiles.

🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
It’s all going to heat up…”

And now this:

“Russian troops are mobilizing towards the Polish Border in Brest Belarus.

👀🇺🇸 US forces are currently stationed on the Polish border and multiple evacuation of various countries are taking place there..”


I guess we’ll see where the UN and NATO are…

And from RT News:

Russian and Chinese leaders discuss Ukraine situation

Presidents Putin and Xi held a phone conversation Friday to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Beijing released a statement after the event stating that it supports a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

According to Chinese media, Vladimir Putin confirmed to his counterpart he was ready to negotiate with Ukraine’s leadership. (CTAC)”

And to prove it, I guess — there is also a photo of Putin on the phone:


There were also a number of “Bat signals” yesterday, revolving around Tr **p. Here is but one:

From il don aldo tr**po:


And here in the US, Bonds for the Win announced this happy news:


And I’m going to close for today, with a new Red Hand File just sent out by Nick Cave, about some interesting thoughts he has on Mark Lanegan, as a man and as a singer. You can read it here. (RIP, Mark.)


Okay. Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Stay alert, stay safe, and turn off the TV!!!!!

Phil will be live again tonight, but I’m not sure yet what time. You can find out here at some point today. (He had nearly 4 million people viewing last night. It is getting insane, gang!)

I leave you with my awesome listening-music from this morning, Johnny Cash singing his legendary hit from 1963, “Ring of Fire”!! Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


X*2 R* port was awesome last night. be sure to listen!! PLANNED LONG AGO,[DS] STRONGHOLD & BIO WEAPONS DESTROYED,TRUMP NEVER TELEGRAPHS HIS MOVES (43 mins):

Ch*rlie W * rd chats with Chas Carter: REMOVAL OF BIDEN IN OFFICE, THE FALL OF LONDON BRIDGE (42 mins):

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