Very Interesting, Indeed!

Simon Parkes had this very curious update this afternoon:

Taking A Few Days Off…

I am taking a few days off while a few things play out on the world stage 🙂

The Dinar Chronicles will also be on vacation for a few days.

Some of your favourite intel providers have quite by chance also booked their vacation same time as me.

I look forward to re – connecting in a few days.”

Wonder what’s up, gang? Hmmmm.

Also, Phil is going live at 7pm tonight, Eastern Time. Watch him on Rumble or DLive.

From his channel today:

“NSA in full control.

If there were no White House administration right now, it wouldn’t matter.

The NSA and FEMA have been running our country since January of 2021.

More to come on this topic in tonight’s Live

You better buckle up.”

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