Wow! Hunker Down & Prepare!

I know. My 4th post of the day. When do I ever do that?

But Phil’s livestream was amazing. And he corroborated what Simon Parkes announced earlier today:

All of the main “truthers” will be going silent for at least the next 3 days.

Which, I’m guessing means that there won’t be much for me to report on, gang. A holiday, of sorts?

Maybe “holiday” will be the wrong word for it.

Anyway. Phil said to “hunker down & prepare.” Ominous, indeed.

And the final act — within the next 30-45 days: Trump will be back in the “White House,” which will likely be a different White House. Not DC.

Phil also warned us to expect some type of major confusion to start happening here very soon, and that could last a week or two. So if we start to see some seriously strange events causing confusion in the mainstream news — I think it will be best for us to ignore it all. And just let it play out. Because clarity will come, followed by major panic among the elites.

You can listen to Phil’s replay on rumble — most likely before morning. And the replay is probably already on DLive, which is where I watched it, live.

Phil also recommended re-watching “V” for Vendetta, and the movie Snowden — for obvious reasons.

Okay! Sleep tight, gang! I might be on here only sporadically for the next 3 days.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

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