Is No News Good News?

I don’t know, gang. But there’s not much going on right now.

I’m not sure what exactly happened in Colorado yesterday. When Phil said to stay away from the Denver airport, I guessed it had something to do with those massive DUMBs underneath it. But I don’t know.

Later in the day, Ezra A Cohen posted this:

“What is happening in Colorado right now?

Who is doing it?

Why is it being done?”

And then last night, he posted this:

“Project Rulison”

“Project Rio Blanco”


I have no clue what any of it means, but I’m guessing it is all going on behind the scenes.

Nancy Drew” had some very good news from DC yesterday! And just in time for President Trump to “return” to DC for a public speech in about 8 days. His first since Biden’s’ “inauguration.” I think this is very telling, indeed!

“All of the 4ft silver fencing that went around the perimeter of The Crapitol has been removed!!!!🙌🙌💥💥💥 the only little part left is on the east side where it usually is used for blocking off foot traffic up to the bldg!!! Another small victory!!💯🙌💥 B💥💥M!!!”


Okay, UK is expecting a bad heat wave, beginning today. And there are a lot of trains and Tube trains that won’t be running, which is causing some chaos.

However from Mark Steele:


A “goodnight” message from Lin Wood last night:


From Chris Sky last night:

“These are the 11 DEAD PEOPLE in Italy within 24 hours. ‘Sudden Adult Deathshot Syndrome’. Funny no MSM is reporting this.”


Rick Green, from Patriot Academy, had another Front Porch Live (27 mins):


Free Speech Warrior: ‘GIVE ME THAT MAGA RACISM’ (37 seconds):




Thank You 🙏 30 Min Big News 🗞 Mon 6am AlexBelfield.Com (4 mins):


And that is it for today, gang. Not much going on — they’re trying to push a new variant here in the US, reviving the call to get vaxxed. I hope you are ignoring them.

Other than that, we are waiting for the public announcement of decertification of 2020!!


Last night, a new Zoom meditation launched for Connecting Consciousness members here in the US and it was just beautiful. So now I have a Zoom meditation out of New Zealand at 6 am on Saturday mornings, and then one out of the US on Sunday evenings. Sort of like bookends. Really nice.


Enjoy your Monday out there, wherever you are in the world. Please stay alert and stay safe, but get back to your beautiful lives, gang, okay??

Thanks for visiting!

I leave you with a song that is near & dear to my heart. How I hate what they’ve done to NYC — they’ve utterly destroyed it, gang. Even though this song was written about 100 years before I moved there, it still brings back so many happy memories I have of NYC, before practically everyone I knew there died, or moved away. I listened to this song last night, for the first time in years, and it broke my heart.

“The Sidewalks of New York.” Enjoy, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!

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