Strange Birthday

Okay, I over slept and barely had time to get in on the Zoom meditation out of New Zealand this morning. I’m not really posting any news yet because I have to get ready for work. I’ll try to get back here later today and post if there is anything of interest.

I’m not sure what the heck is really going on now with the Jan 6th stuff– Steve Bannon being found guilty, and other Jan 6-ers facing a possible 20 years in prison, etc. I think that has to play out a little more before I can get a feel what is really going on there.

The fake Biden getting the fake COVID after allegedly getting two fake vaxes and a fake booster….

I’m hearing this is the beginnning of finally taking that guy out of the public eye, but I don’t know how accurate that is. We’ve heard that “intel” before and it didn’t pan out, so we have to just wait and see. Regardless, it all seems just completely fake.

From “Nancy Drew“:

I will at least post this from Phil’s channel yesterday, just a reminder that it’s almost impossible to know what the fuck is going on anywhere at this point:


I had such a bittersweet birthday yesterday. I went to work, which was a good thing, because it took my mind off of things. But since my last birthday, 5 people who were very dear to me in various ways and in various eras of my life, died.

Either they died during this past year, or I found out during this past year that they had died.

I am at that stage in my life now where more people who matter to me are gone from my life than are actually still in it.

It seems like I got to that crossroads rather suddenly.

And I also have to make a new Will, because the one I have is really outdated. And what’s disconcerting is that the few people left in my life are either my age or a little older, and so the people I am leaving my Estate to — well, it will be sort of a miracle if they outlive me. I’m in really great health and most of them are not. But I could die from a freak accident, right? So I still need to have these things in place. And it does feel good that people want to be in charge of my things when I’m gone….

But that is a sad feeling, too. That I will likely outlive them.

Well, anyway.

In my quest to understand why I am so involved in this Q stuff, the White Hats, this war — when most people are not involved, haven’t lost nearly everything, and are simply going on with their lives even while nothing around them makes any sense…

I have been spending a lot of time reviewing the various written histories of my ancestors. I discovered that Cynthiana, Kentucky, where my great-great-grandfather died in one of the Battles of Cynthiana during the Civil War, now has a foundation that you can join and get involved with.

I have always wanted to go to Cynthiana to visit my grandfather’s grave, but I wasn’t sure how I would find it, etc. But now I see that it is really easy, and it’s only a 4-hour drive from my house.

My family, on my biological father’s side, has a long history here in the States, including fighting in the Revolutionary War. And by fighting in that war is how they got their land in Kentucky (which used to be part of Virginia).

For some reason, I “suddenly” remembered that my great-great-great-great-great grandfather had worked for a while in Thomas Jefferson’s law office in Virginia. Talk about a sudden light bulb going off–

I finally realized it wasn’t just that my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, they were “part” of all of it and knew the founding fathers.

I actually found this online at the Government Archives of the founding fathers:

“To Thomas Jefferson from John May, 20 October 1805

Hagerstown Oct. 20th. 1805.

Honor’d Sir,

I take the liberty and send you Five of your first inaugural address—Should you be pleased with its execution you may, if convenient, enclose me a $5 Note, as the goddess of fortune has not been over liberal in bestowing her gifts upon me.—

I remain Sir, your devoted,

Jno: J. May.”


That guy, John, is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather. (I think it’s amusing that his claim to eternal fame now involves asking Thomas Jefferson for money, especially since I am so broke right now and being sued by so many people, etc…)


So it made me get out my old local history books about Kentucky and refresh my memory, because I hadn’t read any of that stuff in about 30 years.

I have two great-great uncles who fought on the side of the Union during that Civil War, but aside from that, my entire HUGE family were Conferdates and rebels. They were also State Senators and involved in various levels of politics, but they were on the side of the South. They hated Lincoln — perhaps they suffered from Lincoln Derangement Syndrome, much like how people hate Trump nowadays.

I think this is all so interesting. because nowadays, being a rebel means you are part of the White Hats, and the Q movement; part of the Alternative news, or way of decoding what is really happening.

Well, there is too much family history to post to the blog, but it certainly made me see why it is that I do what I do. It’s just totally in my bones and in my blood.

And I thought this was really interesting, too. This is a photo of my great-great-great-great uncle Sam’s house in Kentucky. He was John’s son, the one who knew Thomas Jefferson:

This house is bigger than my house is, but my house is in the same style. And 121 years ago, when my house was built, this area of Ohio was even more rural than it is today.

I only bought this house 4 years ago, but once I finally moved in, for the first time in my life, I felt like I was home. After all those decades thinking New York City was my home.

So isn’t that weird? Well, it gives me a lot of cool stuff to ponder, gang. So that I can avoid dwelling on my birthday and all the many beautfiul people who are gone from my life now.

If you are interested in seeing photos and reading about Cynthiana, Kentucky, here is the link to the foundation’s website. The link takes you to the page that shows the cemetery where my great-great-grandfather, David, is buried.

And I gotta scoot, gang. I will try to come back later and post some actual news.

Have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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