A Little Birthday Break!!

Tomorrow is my birthday (yay!!), and since today is the only day I have off this week, a girlfriend is taking me to lunch today over in Granville, at the old train station that is now a (really popular!!) little restaurant:

I’m trying to get the laundry done, and some other chores, before I leave.

Tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be posting at all, unless something big comes up.

I don’t have much to post today — just a few items that caught my eye.

But before I forget, I want to mention that we had another really terrible storm here last night. Thank goodness, there were no high winds around here. Other places in the state had tornadoes again, but not here.

What we did have was another one of those insane storms like I have never seen in my life prior to this summer.

For a little over two hours, we had non-stop lightning. And I mean, like a strobe light. Flash! flash! flash!, with no pause in the lightning whatsoever for over two hours! And no rain for the first hour and a half. And no thunder until the final 20 minutes (around midnight). But when the thunder finally came, it was so loud, it was absolutely terrifying. The cats all ran for cover under the bed.

And then, once it stopped, it completely stopped and I opened the house back up and everything was back to normal for the rest of the night.


I guess this is happening today, or maybe already happened.

From Phil:

JUST IN – Italy’s PM Draghi is expected to resign tomorrow (today).”


From “Judy Mikovitz“:

“‘Assasinated’ Japanese P.M. didn’t follow WEF orders.
Didn’t mandate vaccines, sent 1.6 million doses back and gave citizens ivermectin.



A very interesting comm from Dan Scavino, by way of Phil’s channel — (maybe she is still alive? maybe she really was poisoned and they pretended she died to throw the [DS] off the track? I don’t know):

“Scavino with the comms”


And from “Nancy Drew“:

“Why are all the men dressed exactly the same at the funeral? The women I understand, more so in black, but even down to the ties the men are the all the same. Blue suit blue ties🤔🧐”

“US Marshalls wear tan pants….😉”


And this is incredible — if you listened to Phil’s live the other night. (Try to enlarge and read both sides!)


And that is sort of it for the news. I’ve gotta scoot!!!

From Cave Things, however — a new Polaroid!

Before Dark

Limited edition Polaroid based on digital Polaroid by Nick Cave
Signed and altered by Nick Cave
Edition of 250

Size: 9 x 11 cm
Material: Original Polaroid
Every Polaroid is unique and will differ from the product image

I have a thing about Polaroids. I love that they are square. I love how they frame the image. I love that they contain secret coded messages — each with their own riddle trapped within.’
– Nick Cave

Purchase Here!


Have a great day, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with this, just because it’ll get stuck in your head all day!! (Plus — you can recite every Emily Dickinson poem ever written to the melody of this song!!) Enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “A Little Birthday Break!!”

  1. Have a wonderful birthday.
    I wish you happiness, good health and i hope all your birthday wishes come true!
    Margarete (Vienna-Austria-Europe)

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