Quick Saturday Update

Weird stuff seems to be happening so I thought I’d post it here so that you can keep an eye on it, too.

From ASBMilitary:

“Someone wrote in Wikipedia (Russia) that Pelosi passed away on „31st July 2022“

The Ghost of Taiwan


“Flightradar24 restricts access to tracking data of Pelosi’s airplane as over 100k people were tracking it”

And also from Aquila:

“🇺🇸⚡️Nancy Pelosi’s Aircraft goes Dark.

It is now Unable to track on Civilian radar.”

(Maybe they don’t want us to “see it disappear”??? We’ll find out….)


And Phil re-posted intel from QTSR:


The removal of the UK prime minister ( BORIS J) has led to
Long expected plans of Military control of the country. This long awaited EVENT took over 16 years to bring into play. As the fake UK majesty dynasty ( German bloodlines loyal to the communist VATICAN regime ) has fallen. Over the past 4 years Buckingham palace was closed, their gold was seized under military operations in the end of 2017. The majesty royal crest embed with real gold was removed through the country. >Operations through the UK underground bunkers and airports that housed bioweapons, BIOLABS and human trafficking/experiments
has comes to a near end as the country has now been seized by Military FULL control <

The current UK government under military guidance has now reached a deal with RUSSIA/U.S. Military Whites HATS to bring the Ukraine War down (as is in earlier statements Russian WILL have Eastern Ukraine and West Ukraine will be reconnected to Poland and central Ukraine will remain).
_The new UK government under military control has now started to comply with bringing down the UN. And NATO by FULLY restructuring the regimes.
_All assets deployed to other countries including the return of their GOLD in 2021 ( direct flights from Cheyenne mountains U.S military base delivery) that helps run the northern EU currency is now coming into FULL Whites HATS control as the Euro falls and EU continues to FALL under the regimes of the 4rth Reich.

( I have been telling you this information from Q the Storm Rider official page and Twitter since early 2021 these events would happen ,.. And are now currently taking place)

Xi, China white HATS are watching the development of the new UK system being put into place. The old Central Banking system help created by the VATICAN/ROTHSCHILDS/ Chinese clans has come to an end and the Chinese Dragon families who help create allot of the chaos in the world through deciet given to them are now making sure EU . U S DEEP STATE falls apart.
_ the old Dragon families of China had been lied to several times through the VATICAN and U.S. handlers to hello create a better equal world and had given trillions in Gold back in early 1900s to develop the world into unity but the lies of the CABAL led to World Wars and the creation of deep state world banking system… Now the Chinese Elders, clans and dragon families are helping correct their mistakes and also dismantling the CCP communist regimen in their own country.”


Okay, back to Saturday!!!!

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