Joyful, Baby!


Apparently, Phil was told not to do his livestream last night, which was disappointing but usually a good indicator that things are too hot behind the scenes for Phil to have 8 or 9 million people listening to his intel…

Meanwhile, though, SGAnon did post intel last night. It said, in part, that Generals had been in DC for several days, preparing for the Emergency Alert System. Yay.

Based on all comms from President Trump’s rally n Saturday night, we are already well into Red October and this month should be off-the-charts:

US Military Commanders Planning National EAS | 45 Comms on Red October | Strap In (31 mins):

So get ready, gang. On the surface, it will look like all H is breaking loose– especially to the still-sound-asleepers. But what will really be unfolding is our victory at last over the worldwide DS.

Incredibly joyful stuff underway.


Meanwhile, still asking for prayers for my older brother and his family. I have not heard from him since Wednesday. He is in Florida and the area where he lives was hit hard by Hurricane Ian.


Off-the-charts Optics in Brazil? Election fraud well underway!

From JFK TV:

“BREAKING: Lula wins 1st round of Brazil’s presidential election, will face President Bolsonaro in October 30 run-off

Looks like they are attempting to steal the Brazilian Presidential Election from Bolsonaro. Looks like there could be a run off, so all hope isn’t gone yet.

God Bless Brazil 🇧🇷🙏”

And posted to Phil’s channel:

“Likely fraudulent areas in Brazil in red.”


And that’s it, gang. Hold on tight and get ready.

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The Good News First!

From General Patton17:

“All the ships are sailing in the same direction now…about to arrive at their common destination in the month of RED OCTOBER.

The Hunters Become The Hunted.”


Sadly, I was so exhausted yesterday (still trying to adapt to the new job, which is very physical), that I fell asleep during President Trump’s rally last night.

Even though I already knew that Obama had been executed for High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity, this Gematria post from Phil during Trump’s speech, had me leaping happily out of bed this morning.

“So, “The Old Post Office” was “shot”, Mr. President?


[Note that we also see Steven Spielberg, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Macron, and, sadly, Joaquin Phoenix in the “178” column — I knew about the first 3 but I didn’t know about Joaquin. Although I had heard that the entire Phoenix family was Cabal, hence the alleged blood sacrifice of the beautful but very troubled River many years ago. It’s just what I’ve heard, anyway.]


Phil’s channel is loaded with all of Trump’s Q comms in his speech in Michigan last night. Start HERE and scroll down.

Also, Phil will be LIVE tonight at 7PM, since he cancelled his livestream yesterday, due to Trump’s rally.

And if you missed (or fell asleep during) Trump’s rally, here is the replay. It was very upbeat, a really good indicator of where we are at now, gang.


From yesterday:


From Intel Slava Z — update on Burkina Faso:

“🇧🇫 The putschists, who came to power yesterday in Burkina Faso through a military coup, made a new report on national television.

According to them, the leader of the state who carried out the coup in January, Colonel Sandaogo Dambia Paul Henri, fled to the territory of a French military facility near the capital. French diplomats, in turn, deny this.

Interestingly, the putschists also said they were ready to cooperate with another partner on the issue of combating terrorism in the country. Against the background of the situation in neighboring Mali, this was probably a hint at Russia, in addition, an anti-French rally was held in Ouagadougou with Russian flags and chanting ‘Nous voulons la Russie’ – ‘We want Russia’.”



Watch out– Floridians own guns and it’s their Constitutional right to defend their lives and their property;



I am totally NOT a fan of soccer. I find it indescribably boring. (The only sport I actually like is ice hockey.)

This blew my mind. Please tell me all these people didn’t die because of soccer??

From GEORGE News:

“⚡️Chaos at Indonesian Football Match Leaves 129+ Dead

Brawls between rival soccer teams broke out in the stands in East Java’s Malang City following an Indonesian Premier League game, AP reports.

Police fired tear gas to stop the riots which reportedly caused a stampede to trample 129+ people to death.

Over 300 were rushed to nearby hospitals to treat injuries. The death toll is likely to increase as around 180 injured victims’ conditions are deteriorating.”



From DC Clothesline:

VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate

[…] Many of these calls are for younger people, just to be clear, and not just for the elderly. Young people who would otherwise be fit as a fiddle are now debilitated with a damaged heart, which in many cases results in heart attack or stroke.

Excess deaths are also skyrocketing as injection spike proteins accumulate inside people’s bodies and form clots that, in many cases, end up resulting in death.[…]


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has known about the heart-damaging effects of the shots for quite some time. It published a study back in January highlighting the fact that people who get injected for the Fauci Flu are 133 times more likely than the non-jabbed to develop myocarditis.

“This means Covid vaccination increases the risk of suffering myocarditis by a shocking 13,200%,” reported Global Research.[…]

[full article here]


I’m only re-posting this because I support “Nancy Drew” 100%. And I think Trump probably loves to be called Daddy T, and I don’t give a fuck what kind of fucking language Nancy uses. She’s a true boots-to-the-ground Patriot and an unwavering fighter for this country:

“After seeing this, this morning, I have decided its probably best, I stay home today, and avoid being live. I realize, that I am not for everyone, and thats ok. You dont have to like me, and certainly dont have to watch any of my videos. Im not interested in being liked, Im more interested in being 100% real wether anyone likes me or not. It is not my mission on earth to seek anyones approval. I have to answer to God, alone. No one else. I may have a foul mouth, at times, but I have a beautiful heart, and Ill take that any day. Words are merely words, not actions, like this. I cannot even believe, whats been stirred up, and Ive had more than enough, and plan to stand up for myself every single time. I hope everyone has a great day.”


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich — this still just blows my mind, gang. This man is a true hero:

Reiner Fuellmich: Encouraging update after false allegations
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich gives an encouraging update, after being attacked by his former colleague Vivian Fisher, with false allegations.”

[link to video interview]


It is amazing how deep the Deep State is; how they can always find someone who will turn into a traitor (i.e. Vivian (?)). They get in everywhere.

Very early on in this war, the DS attempted to bribe, threaten, blackmail me, as well. It was a full-on assault and it was terrifying. But I have always known what is at stake in this war — and I have always, always, ALWAYS loved this country. Even though I have no children or grandchildren of my own, I am in this fight for all future Americans (and people of the world).

When they couldn’t bribe, threaten, blackmail me — or get to me by destroying some of my property, and aerosol me with no leass than 5 mostly unpronouncable bacterial infections at once, spying on me through all my communications (phone, texts, laptop) and actually in front of my house — they instead went after my publishing career and almost 100% sabotaged it.

But I’m still here.


This guy is also still here-

From Ireland, Alan Sweeney updated — (images at link):

“In one picture I stand at the start of a journey in Galway scared, uncertain and worried but knew that there was no turning back until I reached the EU Commission which was over 1000km away. I knew then that failure was always possible as I headed into unknown territory having never been in Wales, England, France and Belgium before.

In the next picture, I stand worn but proud having achieved the journey to the EU Commission after going through the most difficult journey of my life where I faced various challenges along the way from finding a place to sleep every night in unknown areas to surviving dangerous weather and walking conditions.

The start of every journey seems easy until you really leave your comfort zone and confront the unknown. Overcoming the unknown and embracing it’s challenges is never easy but you appreciate everything that got you there. Don’t give up on tough challenges or dreams because you will get there if you keep trying regardless if it’s not perfect.”


Tony Lin: Why Athletes Collapsed After 2021 – Explained By World Renowned Cardiologist – Dr. Aseem Malhotra (12 mins):


From Chris Sky — his wife is the shorter woman:

“Ive never seen my wife happier than ive seen her with her GF and I in Amsterdam, 2022. I cherish the bond you have. Love and family come in many forms. I love you, baby. You re the reason I fight. You re the reason ill never stop…”


And that is it for now.

I have a TON of work to do on Sandra’s play today. We have to turn in Act One bright & early tomorrow morning!!

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

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5 years ago today, Tom Petty passed over to the other side.

Even though this song is now 28 years old, when I moved here to the blessed Hinterlands in 2018, this song was (and remains) my anthem. I literally live out among thousands of wildflowers now, even after having been happy in NYC for decades. And this house I found here is my true home, finally It took a lifetime to find it…

Anyway, I miss you Tom Petty!


You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free

Run away, find you a lover
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other
Who compares with you

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm
You belong somewhere you feel free

Run away, go find a lover
Run away, let your heart be your guide
You deserve the deepest of cover
You belong in that home by and by

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free
You belong somewhere you feel free

c-1994 Tom Petty