Fog of War Will be Lifting Soon?!

I don’t have anything new to really share here today.

But apparently, those buses in front of the White House yesterday were indeed more of those prisoner transports, as tribunals continue.

And tons of military planes went to Florida yesterday.

From DerekJohnson:

“There’s a storm coming ☠️🇺🇸

All P-8 Poseidons at once heading to Florida 😎”

President Trump’s announcement on November 15th is supposed to be something substantial, or significant. We shall see, gang.

That said, SGAnon had a great audio file last night —

#25 General Orders to US Mil Commanders | Infiltration Highlighted in all Areas | Trust the Plan (47 mins):


This was really chilling. It was posted on Phil’s channel by way of ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter. It’s one of those things where you have to use the LINK to watch the short video, because I cannot embed it here. But it is worth watching. It is so fucking scary, the shit that went on in Hollywood:

Wow listen to Kanye drop truth bombs on how elites are controlled.

“My momma was sacrificed….Bill Cosby his son, you’re out in Hollywood…a lot of people come up missing.
They want to monetize and traumatize.
They can control Shaq, Charles Barkley, Jay Z and Beyoncé but they can’t control me…I’ve never killed anyone so I can say whatever I want & not go to jail”


A horrific update from Yellow Vest Ireland:


From Charlie Ward:



Tony Lin — 2181% Increase In Hypertension In 2021 From Military Database – Debunking PolitiFact (14 mins):


Another incredible one from James Tabor — a Herodian priestly mansion from the Mt. Zion dig, dating to the time of Jesus.

Jewish Hellenistic Art & Architecture in the Time of Jesus (1 hr 12 mins):


I’ve posted this meditation before, but it is a really good one for coping with what is happening right now. I’ve been doing this one first thing every morning for the last couple of months, gang. It really helps.

david j — Allowing Your Right Action to Unfold (20 mins):


That’s it for now.

On the personal front — it’s looking like Sandra and I will be forming a production company, to oversee 5 theatre projects (combined between us) and one or two independent films. I’ll keep you posted!! But this means a TON of writing for me, so one of these 2 part-time jobs I’m currently working will probably have to go. I can’t even think straight anymore…

Meanwhile, I’m leaving here SOON to go get my brand new Honda Civic Sport Hatchback!

Have a great Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with my current favorite from B-Sides & Rarities Part 2, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: “Fleeting Love.” Enjoy!!

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