Ay, Caramba!! Another Legend Falls!!!

I traded in the beloved red Honda Civic Sedan, for a brand new black Honda Civic Sport Hatchback yesterday.

I was planning to lease it, but it wound up being cheaper to purchase it. So I am now it’s proud owner.

However, gang. That is one fast little car! Unbelievable.

I don’t mind going fast in Muskingum County, because the Sheriff is almost never out & about. The next county over is a different story, though. I try not to speed in the next county over. Cops everywhere.

I didn’t realize that I was speeding in the next county over last night, until I suddenly saw the police car and looked down at my speedometer…

Holy Fucking-McMoly. I got my first fucking speeding ticket. Ever. In my life. Only hours after purchasing my very first, very fast brand new car…

Val from Brooklyn texted me her sentiments last night:


All righty.

Phil will be live tonight at 9PM Eastern time. You can watch him on Rumble, DLive, or Locals.

I’m very eager to hear what he has to say. His last couple of livestreams — not counting those short videos he does in his car — have been strangely curious indeed.

However, he started early this morning, with this interesting post:

“One day in the next coming week, you will wake up to a completely new world.”

[I am of course hoping he means a good one….]


From General Flynn:

“Our election system in America is corrupted, completely broken, and every single American should be totally embarrassed for our country right now, I don’t care which political party affiliation you are. Anyone who tells you any different is being dishonest. There should be a 100 percent hand recount of every single election that just occurred this past Tuesday to restore confidence. Otherwise, we stand to lose the USofA as we know it.”


Posted (in part) to SGAnon’s Truth Social page:

“[…] Why did the USAR transfer ALL command communications authority to the US Space Force?
Why has Cho Byedan never uttered the words “Space Force”, even once?
What was Space Force really for?
Who oversees Space Force operations?

“We have it all”

These people are doomed”


President Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, got married in Mar-A-Lago yesterday:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“☀️Finally we are proud to announce that:☀️

The website belonging to the newly established ICIC (International Crimes Investigative Committee) is now online.


Here you will find all the broadcasts, news, scientific information and documents we collect as part of our investigative work.

These are available to anyone who wants to inform themselves and their fellow human beings and who would like to network with like-minded people in the future.”


From Stew Peters — (I used to love to watch this TV show!):


The Brazilian Report had some incredible footage yesterday of the peaceful protests still ongoing in Brazil. Most of them are videos that I can’t embed here, so go to the link and scroll. Here is but one image:


And that’s it for today, gang.

Even though I only post a handful of items these days, I am constantly on the channels and I find this whole Midterm thing stressful and curious, indeed. I know that “we won.” It is clear that “we won” because of the enormity of the calculated chaos being pummeled upon us by all sides right now. But how this resolves and what is coming up next is anyone’s guess.

President Trump is allegedly going to be speaking on Tuesday, November 15th at 9PM Eastern time. That may be very revealing, but maybe not. We have to just wait and see.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


Meanwhile, enjoy a little more “Fun, Fun, Fun”!

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