Not Even Jesus Would Win A Rigged Election!

Here is the replay of Phil’s livestream last night, in case you missed it (1 hr 25 mins):


From SGAnon on Truth Social at a little after midnight (expect another audio file sometime today):


A nice time to go poking around in the dark recesses of the slavery-conduit known as “The Internet”

Imagine an iceberg, floating in the ocean like the cork that it is.
Approximately 75% of that iceberg will be beneath the waves, out of your view.
You can see the top 25%, but without a submersible, or thermal dive gear, you cannot see what is by far the largest part of the berg.

Welcome to the ‘net.
Except the gen_public accessible “top”, is 9%.
The other 91% lies beneath the waves”


Derek Johnson chats with Hannah Menshouse–

We Are Watching Optics • Military Movement & Trump’s Role – Connecting The Dots with Derek Johnson (1 15 mins):


From il donaldo trumpo –(really listen to this, gang; it’s how they gradually undo Trump Derangement Syndrome in the normies. Is comedy the antidote to Operation Mockingbird?):

“I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!” (2 mins):


Michael Malice & James O’Keefe Talk The State Of The Media, FBI, and Project Veritas’ Latest Stories (10mins):


Another new one from James Tabor–

The Search for the Lost Shapira Scroll– Was it Genuine or a Forgery? (44 mins):


And that’s it, gang.

There is not a whole lot that I can focus on right now until they announce something/anything re: the PEAD and the military, the truth about 2020, etc.

While we’re waiting…

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


From one of the TV projects I’m revisualizing for the theater. The late, great Trini Lopez singing, “If I Had A Hammer.” Awesomely addicting!! Enjoy!!

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