Intense Activity Everywhere!

All right, gang. More and more truthers saying the police presence in DC the last couple of days was off the charts.

From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:

“It is absolute chaos over this part of the city. Police and security surrounding the whole area. This is what it looks like over by the hotel. There isnt any parking to be found in order to do a live video. I’ll be getting out of here for the day.”

Restored Republic news update (18 mins):


Although not Q-related, Dan Bongino has been doing some great videos this week on the Twitter/ Elon development. Here’s the one from yesterday —

Tucker Drops A Bombshell About The Deep State (Ep. 1914) – The Dan Bongino Show (54 mins):


President Trump is going to make some kind of announcement today. I will withhold any expectations in any direction, after what happened recently. (Meaning that you had to be an expert decoder to figure out what Trump actually said.)

From Donald Trump yesterday:

“AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!”


From Derek Johnson:

“December 15 Major Announcement… no coincidence.

The Bill of Rights Dec 15, 1791, plus this.

December 15, 2021, the original date the JFK Files were to be released 😎☠️🇺🇸”


From Aquila yesterday:

“🚨BREAKING – Peru declares nationwide state of emergency for 30 days amid the protests.”


From the Brazilian Report yesterday:

“People at the doors of the house of the Army Commander.

Brasília, Brazil’s capital

Dec. 14th, 2022 — 6:53 PM

General Freire Gomes holds the highest rank in our Army.

So the Patriots in Brasilia decided to ask him directly for help.

This peaceful demonstration of love and respect for our constitution is unseen anywhere in the world.

And, folks, most Brazilians don’t even know what is written in our constitution.

But they are guided by the same spirit of those that do



And We know — 12.14.22: Sodom & Gomorrah! J@B investigation in FL, AZ law suit, Consipiracy no more. PRAY! (55 mins):


This was from a few days ago —

You Only Live Twice – KGB Double Agent & Lee Dawson on the detox show (31 mins):


Posted on Phil’s channel yesterday:

“Another person close to Ellen Degeneres or formerly in her circle has died of suicide…
Remember when Anne Heche (former lover of Ellen) mysteriously drove her car into a house and was subsequently ruled to not be on any drugs?
Nothing to see here.”


From a couple days ago–

Awaken with JP — Getting Dumber by the Day (9 mins):


And last but not least —

Phil’s live last night. The first half was a tribute to his friend, Milo, who recently passed away. The last half was intel — however, it was curious intel indeed, since it somewhat contradicted things we were already told had happened. But we also have to keep in mind that, often, Phil’s intel requires some decoding.

But it’s still good to listen to it, since one way or another, mass arrests are happening and these members of Congress are gone, baby, gone.

REPLAY — In Memory – Milo Holznagel (1 hr 13 mins):


Similarly, from Real Raw News:

Military Arrests Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military on Monday arrested the criminal Biden regime’s former Covid-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients for treason and murder related to pushing experimental and potentially lethal vaccines on the American public, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

Jeff Zients, a businessman whose resume lacks any medical credentials, succeeded the late Dr. Deborah Birx and served as Chief Coronavirus Response Coordinator from January 2021 to April 2022. He had previously been Hussein Obama’s Deputy Director for Management of the Office of Management and Budget.

The military claims with evidence that Zients was an architect of mandatory vaccination mandates, despite knowing the clot shots were sickening and killing tens of thousands of citizens, primarily senior citizens and the immunocompromised. Zients had mountains of hard evidence showing causality between vaccines and excess deaths, our source said. Nonetheless, Zients argued in favor of getting every American, the sick and the healthy, vaccinated, double vaccinated and boosted. […]”

[full article here]


Okay. On a personal note —

My hearing in court yesterday was a whole lot of driving there & back for a 10-minute hearing that, ostensibly, went in my favor but a lot hinges on tomorrow. So I will keep you posted.

And then — some awesome news happened yeterday, gang. Really just awesome.

Sandra got the feedback from the theater in Toronto regarding our revisions on the play and they loved it and are not only moving forward, but they are including me as part of the production team. This is phenomenal, since usually you must be Canadian to be part of the production team.

I am not one to be at a loss for words, but when Sandra called me yesterday and told me this news, I was flabbergasted. Speechless. Really. I was dumbfounded.

I have loved theater, ever since I was a very little girl. Loved theater. Then I was in all the plays in high school — had several lead parts. Majored in theater in college, but dropped out when I realized I wanted to write the words and not act a part…

But then I moved to NYC, lived in the theater disctict for several years. Saw more plays than you can possibly imagine — but never really thought I would work professionally in the theater. I thought of myself more as a singer/songwriter, and then a fiction writer. About 10 years ago, because of Sandra, I started writing plays.

And now this. It is like a dream come true that I didn’t even realize I had.

As we move forward, I can be more open about the theater itself, but it is arguably the most prestigious theater in Toronto.

Okay. That’s it.

We will await the announcemnet from President Trump sometime today and see what it yields. Some sort of chaos, I’m sure, but hopefully it will be “good” chaos…

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See you!


Nick Cave — On Ghosteen – Faith, Hope and Carnage (6 mins):

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