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It’s All About the Money!!

Wow, the re-writes on the opening scenes of the play are coming fast & furious here this morning, so I’m getting to this blog post with a bit of a crazy brain.

However, our play goes into pre-production meetings at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto, beginning at 11 AM this morning!!!

So, yay!!

Okay, gang. As far as the Q stuff goes, and the war — it all seems to be about the money now. The RV, precious metals. And a little bit of drips and drops about tribunals and executions.

On that particular note —

From Real Raw News this morning, as promised — gone, baby, gone:

Lori Lightfoot Executed at GITMO

[…] “Let’s get this over with,” Adm. Crandall said. “Carry out the execution.”

“You can suck my d***,” Lightfoot barked.

The soldier standing beside Lightfoot pushed a button, and the pivoting door beneath Lightfoot’s feet swung open, causing him to drop.

Lightfoot’s neck snapped, his mouth agape. A Navy physician marked the time of death: 10:45 a.m., Friday, April 14, 2023.”

[full article here]

[ALSO, from yesterday, here are all the details, including an insanity of pronouns: JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death!]


Phil will be going live tomorrow night but he hasn’t said, yet, what time.

Meanwhile, he is basically all about money now, too. Precious metals. The markets and banks crashing, and COMEX.

He just posted this short video. Watch it here.

“3 most important words of your lifetime”

[COMEX is the primary futures and options market for trading metals such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. COMEX is an abbreviation of the exchange’s full name: The Commodity Exchange Inc. COMEX merged with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in 1994 and became the platform responsible for its metals trading.]

Also From Phil:


What happens if the prices COMEX reports (for precious metals) are based on known, fraudulent information?

COMEX knows the prices aren’t real, because the reporting is not real.

What happens when that gets exposed?”

[HINT: Silver’s value goes to the moon!]


All this stuff can be stressful, gang, if you — like me — can only invest in very small ways in the silver market. But I think it’s also imperative to keep cash at home, in the event your bank completely fails. Because the actual “old dollars” we tangibly have will be switched out for the new US Treasury Note. That’s why it’s imperative to be holding the actual money, even if you cannot invest in much silver.

And look at this!! (Try it yourself, it’s absolutely TRUE! It’s coming, gang. The new US Treasury Notes, and Google is letting you see it.)

From XRP NESARA-GESARA QFS 3.0 yesterday:

“Punch in ” The New US dollar ” on Google, This is exactly what comes up.”


Okay, a couple of interesting posts from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Did you know?”



I loved this–





And in other news…

Nick Cave announces a series of readings in Europe this summer to promote the paperback release of his book, Faith, Hope & Carnage.

He also sent out a new Red Hand File this morning, wherein he talks about the meaning and the emotional value of the Red Hand Files. You can read it here.


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world!! (And “Happy Birthday” Jesus of Nazareth!! — Oh, btw — the other day, I posted his birthday as April 17th 6AD, but it should have said 6BCE. Yes, that is correct: Jesus was born 6 years before Jesus was born…)


Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I keep meaning to post this photo and now the photo above from Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files has at last reminded me!

Tom Petty posted this to fans on his Facebook page, at the close of one of his last tours. I just love this:

Alack & Alas!

I’m here to post today but there is not much to report on.

Phil did not go live last night, but he is supposed to go live tonight at 8PM Eastern time. Check his channel later to confirm!

Everyone can feel that there is just way too much going on. The pressure just feels off the charts.


I have no idea if this is true. If it is, it is terrible.

From Real Raw News:

General Berger MIA

USMC General David H. Berger, who relinquished command of the White Hat partition of the U.S. military on 1 January, has gone missing and hasn’t been seen since January 6, sources in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. […]”

[full article here]


This was posted on Mark Steele‘s channel, UK — I hope you can read what it says at the bottom of the screen:


From Ilm Foundation — “An honest discussion with doctor Adil of the World Doctors Alliance about the after effects of the so-called vaccine which was introduced to stop the spread of the pandemic and labelled as ‘safe and effective’. We discuss the reality which reveals not only that it was nothing of the kind but has in fact caused a great deal of harm to those who took it. This is a sincere message to those in the community that have yet to realise the truth about the vaccine.”









And that is really kind of it, gang. There is a heck of a lot of really troubling news out there, and also a whole lot of OPTICS, just to keep everything confusing. But you can easily find that everywhere, so I don’t need to post it here.

In other news…

Sadly, Jeff Beck has died. I was truly just stunned by this news, gang. He was 78 and the cause of death was listed as bacterial meningitis. He died Tuesday, but they announced it yesterday.

I realize he had a long and illustrious life, and the tour he recently did with Johnny Depp seems like it was a really good time for them both, and I love their album “18”. So he went out on a really high note, but just, you know, out of left field. Like everything else these days.

And here is this — not sad & totally free:

KINGDOM IN THE SKY: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Live at Hanging Rock | Full Documentary | Art Works (42 mins):

On Becoming An Actual Person – Faith, Hope and Carnage | Nick Cave & Seán O’Hagan (3 mins):


And that’s it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

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Between Two Worlds!

Yes, the fake one that about 80% of the world’s population is still adhering to, and then the one that’s actually going on. (The world that I live in, where nobody believes you…)

It does get tiring, gang. However, just in the nick of time–

From CIC Trump on Truth Social yesterday:

“Very good things are happening behind the scenes for the Republican Party. Intense but Smart negotiations between GREAT and PATRIOTIC people are ongoing. They all love our Country, and want something to go forward, ASAP. This “event” will end up making the Republican Party STRONGER and more UNITED than ever before. OUR NATION IS AT STAKE. Stay tuned and, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

In case you were curious about the above comms…

Decode from SGAnon:

“POTUS Multi_layer comms. Speaking directly to anons and Q Patriots.

The “Event”?
“Behind the scenes”
“Our Nation is at Stake”
Stronger – United —> Axial phrasing.
Russia – China – NK – SA – Brazil … … … .. .. .. ..

Iron Eagle.
Godfather III.
Red October.
Alliance to save the world.
Trust the Plan.

“What Storm Mr. President?” – the press
“You’ll see” – CIC DJT”


This is from The Babylon Bee, a satire online newspaper. But it sums up how I feel about the crazy fake shit going on in DC right now with our “Congress”:

In Overnight Vote, Buffalo Guy Elected Speaker Of The House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a shocking overnight vote held by the House of Representatives, the QAnon Shaman, aka “The Buffalo Guy” has received the majority of votes required to become Speaker of the House.

“I mean, at this point, why not?” said Representative Chip Roy. “Maybe we need a guy like this to shake things up.”

After being informed in prison of his surprise election, Buffalo Guy released a statement, saying: “Aw yeah! F—in’ A, man! Let’s do this thing! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” […]”

[full (satire) article here]


This was also posted to SGAnon’s Truth Social account yesterday. I’m guessing this is a continued pushback against normies who still don’t want to admit that the vax is a bio weapon. But it really fucks up my plans to fly to Toronto to work on the play. (The Emergency Amendment means that if I fly to Toronto, I can’t fly back to the USA without being fully vaxed.) (I can, of course, drive to Toronto, although it’s a long way.)

From the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) yesterday-

NUMBER EA 1546-21-02B
SUBJECT Requirements for Proof of Being Fully Vaccinated Against
EFFECTIVE DATE Flights departing at or after 00:01 EST (05:01 GMT) on
January 9, 2023
EXPIRATION DATE April 10, 2023
APPLICABILITY Foreign air carriers regulated under 49 CFR 1546.101
AUTHORITY 49 CFR 1546.105(d)
LOCATION(S) All Last Points of Departure to the United States

[PDF here]


From General Flynn:

General Flynn | The Great Reset Agenda Exposed | “Shockingly, There Are People That Have a Religious Objection to Taking the Mark of the Beast – Thomas Renz” + X22 Host Dave + Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller (2 hrs):


Posted to Phil’s channel yesterday:

“Current and former NFL players are privately waking up to the dangers of the vaccine.

Who will be the first NFL player to speak up publicly and ask what we ALL are thinking – did the vaccine cause Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest?

Aaron Rodgers – I’m looking at you 👀”


From Derek Johnson:

“True Patriots right here 💯 Support these guys at Brainstorm.

There’s a few good ones out there trying to show people what’s going on via LAWS and ORDERS. 🇺🇸

Will definitely be back on their show.” (2 hrs):


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich –( such good stuff here!):


In this episode of ☀️ICIC entitled “No Fear!”, Holger Reißner, European Industrial Engineer for Research and Development, and Wilfried von Aswegen, geologist, environmental engineer and holistic health practitioner, talk about the marvel and perfect functionality of the human body and how the nature-given mechanisms work to restore balance after an “illness”.

They explain different approaches and mechanisms on how to maintain health and wellness until old age (as was common in the past), as well as the interconnections and successes of a holistic approach to medicine that pays attention to and treats body, mind and spirit as a whole.

Alternative methods such as homeopathy, meditation, the knowledge of epigenetics, the use of natural substances, the dangers of anxiety, stress, hyperacidity and an excess of artificial substances are highlighted.

There is also hope in the discussion of possible elimination processes of chemical substances injected into human bodies. A positive attitude and the ability to let go of negative and destructive emotions such as hatred, anger and fear, knowing that every criminal will get his just punishment, can help to recover physically and mentally and, despite stressful adversities, lead a healthy, content life.” (English subtitles) (1 hr 17 mins):


I can’t figure out if Dan Bongino is a White Hat gently redpilling Conservative normies, or if he’s a normie, waking up as he goes along…. but regardless, I really love him.

The “Dying Suddenly” Tragedy Explained? (Ep. 1921) – The Dan Bongino Show (54 mins):


On Beauty – Faith, Hope and Carnage | Nick Cave & Seán O’Hagan (3 mins):


And that is it for today!

A beautiful, sunny day here, although it’s getting cold again. At least the rain has finally stopped and all the buckets are put away! (10 leaks and counting in my roof, but I am hoping to hear about my loan status for the new roof SOON…)

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

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I love you guys. See ya!

Intense Activity Everywhere!

All right, gang. More and more truthers saying the police presence in DC the last couple of days was off the charts.

From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:

“It is absolute chaos over this part of the city. Police and security surrounding the whole area. This is what it looks like over by the hotel. There isnt any parking to be found in order to do a live video. I’ll be getting out of here for the day.”

Restored Republic news update (18 mins):


Although not Q-related, Dan Bongino has been doing some great videos this week on the Twitter/ Elon development. Here’s the one from yesterday —

Tucker Drops A Bombshell About The Deep State (Ep. 1914) – The Dan Bongino Show (54 mins):


President Trump is going to make some kind of announcement today. I will withhold any expectations in any direction, after what happened recently. (Meaning that you had to be an expert decoder to figure out what Trump actually said.)

From Donald Trump yesterday:

“AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!”


From Derek Johnson:

“December 15 Major Announcement… no coincidence.

The Bill of Rights Dec 15, 1791, plus this.

December 15, 2021, the original date the JFK Files were to be released 😎☠️🇺🇸”


From Aquila yesterday:

“🚨BREAKING – Peru declares nationwide state of emergency for 30 days amid the protests.”


From the Brazilian Report yesterday:

“People at the doors of the house of the Army Commander.

Brasília, Brazil’s capital

Dec. 14th, 2022 — 6:53 PM

General Freire Gomes holds the highest rank in our Army.

So the Patriots in Brasilia decided to ask him directly for help.

This peaceful demonstration of love and respect for our constitution is unseen anywhere in the world.

And, folks, most Brazilians don’t even know what is written in our constitution.

But they are guided by the same spirit of those that do



And We know — 12.14.22: Sodom & Gomorrah! J@B investigation in FL, AZ law suit, Consipiracy no more. PRAY! (55 mins):


This was from a few days ago —

You Only Live Twice – KGB Double Agent & Lee Dawson on the detox show (31 mins):


Posted on Phil’s channel yesterday:

“Another person close to Ellen Degeneres or formerly in her circle has died of suicide…
Remember when Anne Heche (former lover of Ellen) mysteriously drove her car into a house and was subsequently ruled to not be on any drugs?
Nothing to see here.”


From a couple days ago–

Awaken with JP — Getting Dumber by the Day (9 mins):


And last but not least —

Phil’s live last night. The first half was a tribute to his friend, Milo, who recently passed away. The last half was intel — however, it was curious intel indeed, since it somewhat contradicted things we were already told had happened. But we also have to keep in mind that, often, Phil’s intel requires some decoding.

But it’s still good to listen to it, since one way or another, mass arrests are happening and these members of Congress are gone, baby, gone.

REPLAY — In Memory – Milo Holznagel (1 hr 13 mins):


Similarly, from Real Raw News:

Military Arrests Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military on Monday arrested the criminal Biden regime’s former Covid-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients for treason and murder related to pushing experimental and potentially lethal vaccines on the American public, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

Jeff Zients, a businessman whose resume lacks any medical credentials, succeeded the late Dr. Deborah Birx and served as Chief Coronavirus Response Coordinator from January 2021 to April 2022. He had previously been Hussein Obama’s Deputy Director for Management of the Office of Management and Budget.

The military claims with evidence that Zients was an architect of mandatory vaccination mandates, despite knowing the clot shots were sickening and killing tens of thousands of citizens, primarily senior citizens and the immunocompromised. Zients had mountains of hard evidence showing causality between vaccines and excess deaths, our source said. Nonetheless, Zients argued in favor of getting every American, the sick and the healthy, vaccinated, double vaccinated and boosted. […]”

[full article here]


Okay. On a personal note —

My hearing in court yesterday was a whole lot of driving there & back for a 10-minute hearing that, ostensibly, went in my favor but a lot hinges on tomorrow. So I will keep you posted.

And then — some awesome news happened yeterday, gang. Really just awesome.

Sandra got the feedback from the theater in Toronto regarding our revisions on the play and they loved it and are not only moving forward, but they are including me as part of the production team. This is phenomenal, since usually you must be Canadian to be part of the production team.

I am not one to be at a loss for words, but when Sandra called me yesterday and told me this news, I was flabbergasted. Speechless. Really. I was dumbfounded.

I have loved theater, ever since I was a very little girl. Loved theater. Then I was in all the plays in high school — had several lead parts. Majored in theater in college, but dropped out when I realized I wanted to write the words and not act a part…

But then I moved to NYC, lived in the theater disctict for several years. Saw more plays than you can possibly imagine — but never really thought I would work professionally in the theater. I thought of myself more as a singer/songwriter, and then a fiction writer. About 10 years ago, because of Sandra, I started writing plays.

And now this. It is like a dream come true that I didn’t even realize I had.

As we move forward, I can be more open about the theater itself, but it is arguably the most prestigious theater in Toronto.

Okay. That’s it.

We will await the announcemnet from President Trump sometime today and see what it yields. Some sort of chaos, I’m sure, but hopefully it will be “good” chaos…

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See you!


Nick Cave — On Ghosteen – Faith, Hope and Carnage (6 mins):

Feeling Pretty Good About Everything!

Such great stuff happening out there, gang! Finally!

However (but also great)–

Phil had to cancel yet again. For a very interesting reason! (You can watch a very short video at that link.)

Here’s hoping he can go live tonight. We shall see.

He posted at 4AM this morning:

“Snug as a bug in a rug.”


Watch for another audio file from SGAnon before the weekend is out. He had a TON of posts on Truth Social yesterday. You can follow him HERE.

I particularly liked this one from last evening, after Trump’s speech:

“Opinion Only:
I think the next few days leading up to 11/22 are going to be interesting for Anons and Patriots.

Q-Patriots/Military appear to be fully operational.
Op_SEC dictates Red/Need-Only.
Silence is not Inaction.

At this point, Patriots, public facing comms are off the charts …
>>Elon -> Scavino -> <45>
>>Kash -> J. Jordan -> Melania
>>CentCom -> NG Activity worldwide
>>FULL Bore, coordinated coverage blackout on 45 tonight at #MarALago

“Time to show the world

[I hope you can read that above]


I had to work last night, so I was only able to watch Trump’s speech as a replay, but apparently, the mainstream news outlets were seriously messing with the feed, and/or breaking away from the speech to give “commentary”.

Quick un-messed-with coverage on RSBN (5 mins):

“Nancy Drew” has his entire speech on her channel. You can watch it HERE on telegram (45 mins).


If you are a member of Charlie Ward’s Insider’s Club, or want to join — a great chat is happening today:



A few military planes were out & about in the US yesterday!

From Derek Johnson:








In other news–

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning that could maybe help you with your tinnitus!! Maybe…

Warren claims his tinnitus is so bad that other people can hear it. I think this is nonsense and have told him so, but he says the reason I can’t hear his tinnitus is because my own tinnitus drowns it out…” You can read it in full HERE.

And don’t forget! If you live in Adelaide — this is happening tomorrow!

And also, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ Australian Carnage tour kicks off in Adelaid on Tuesday. You can buy tickets here.


That’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Clearly, awesome stuff is happening out there. Stay alert and stay vigilant!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with some absolutely fantastic driving music! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “Running Man’s Bible,” from their massive hit album, MOJO (2010). Enjoy!!

Catching Up!

Okay, gang. Today will be posts that I was going to post yesterday, and then some for today.

SGAnon did a quick audio file update during the night — US Governors and State Senior Leaderships Being Contacted, Briefed by the US Military | NCSWIC (14 mins):

And from SGAnon on Truth Social

“Just a nugget for you all – why would Q pick Nov 8 for public action? (Anticipated)

Here are just a few reasons:
>Nov 8, 1917 -> Bolshevik Canaanite Vlad Lenin makes his first speech in newly overthrown Russia
>Nov 8, 1960 -> JFK elected POTUS (Q)
>Nov 8, 1997 -> Yangtze River diversion completed; constr. of 3GorgesDam begun
>22nd Anniversary of Year 2000 Election Fraud, where 41, 42, and 43 stole the Presidential election.
>Anniversary of 2016 Presidential election

Hold on tight Patriots.”


Trump is supposed to be doing a rally in PA tonight (?) but it’s not listed yet on his rumble channel. But if he is doing the rally, you can watch it HERE.


Simon Parkes had a quick intel update — NOVEMBER 8TH MIDTERMS INTEL UPDATE… (33 mins):


From Alan Sweeney in Ireland:

“280,000 workers who were on the PUP scheme still facing tax bills
Hundreds of thousands of people have yet to contact Revenue to sort out how they will pay tax owed on the Pandemic Unemployment…”

[full article here]


A huge WTF (?) from Intel Slava Z yesterday:

“🇪🇺🇷🇺⚡️ EU instructed lawyers to prepare the confiscation of assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.”

Also yesterday:

“🇹🇷🇸🇪🇫🇮 Turkey does not believe that Sweden and Finland have fulfilled the conditions of the agreements reached for their entry into NATO, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu”


From Aquila yesterday:

“❗️🇺🇸 US Black Hawks also Airborne over Northern SK 🇰🇷”


From Bannons War Room yesterday:

KARMA: Trump Just Got PERFECT Revenge On NYAG Letitia James

Donald Trump sues NY Attorney General Letitia James claiming she’s abused her position to wage a ‘war of intimidation and harassment’ — The Republic Brief
Old School Journalism You Can Count On”

[full article here]


From Derek Johnson yesterday:

“Ahhhh you know… Nothin’ to see here… Don’t listen to Laws, Orders, Regulations… they don’t matter…

Especially a 33 Mile No FlyZone Radius around D.C. with a UH-60 Blackhawk flying with no Call Sign around 500 feet altitude ☠️

Keep movin’ 🤣🇺🇸 #IFYYK”


From Chris Sky yesterday — a little boy in Mexico dressed as Chris for Halloween, and Chris was able to meet the boy & his family:

“Shout out to Noah and his amazing family! I was lucky enough to be able to meet this powerful, young freedom fighter. Kids like this are why I fight and why I want my own. Thank you for inspiring me, and inviting me to your home.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“The PR firm for @ pfizer and @ moderna tx also work embedded within @ CDCgov to promote the CovidVaccine.”


Mike Pompeo was interviewed on the Black Rifle Coffee podcast– (personally, I would strike-through “former”, just sayin’)

Mike Pompeo – Former United States Secretary of State | Black Rifle Coffee Podcast Ep 234 (32 mins):


And speaking of strike-throughs

Phil posted this today:

“GhostEzra is an Anon a former Anon that is very involved no longer involved with the Q movement. He is was an essential part of the grass-roots movement, to help educate the normies and Red Pill the sleepers.

As his username suggests Even though he has an attractive username, GhostEzra has a very good source has no real intel regarding our movement, and his intel and/or reporting should be followed should be ignored and discarded by anyone who reads it.

Want to be cute with strikethroughs? Cool. Let’s do it.”

He ALSO posted this, which personally meant a lot to me:

ALSO, this by way of We the Pepe:

Reports: Facebook Gives Out User Info To FBI Without Legally Required User Permission

The platform allegedly provides the agency with user information with “a partisan focus” – effectively eliminating all the legal barriers the FBI theoretically has to go through if they had to ask for the information themselves.

The data sharing is allegedly part of “Operation Bronze Griffin,” a new report from House Judiciary Committee Republicans claims.

And, of course, the data provided to the FBI tends to “only to concern users from one side of the political spectrum,” the whistleblowers say.

Want to guess what side it was?”

[FYI, I have been off of FB for a couple of years now. Aside from the censorship, I found FB really incestuous and mean-spirited]


Posted on Yellow Vest Ireland:

Off-the-charts Russell Brand– Oh Sh*t, It’s REALLY Happening (13 mins):


I love this idea–

From Rick Green:

“Defund the left by defunding the universities. Don’t send your kids or your money to these communists…then push your state legislators to stop using your tax dollars to fund these institutions trying to destroy America! Patriot Academy Campus will be a game changer for families to avoid this non-sense.”

Campus – Patriot Academy
Help Build the Patriot Academy Campus Sponsor a Brick! Sponsor a Brick How can you help? Sponsor a brick! If you would like to be part of making the Patriot Academy Campus a reality, you can sponsor a brick…”

[sponsor a brick HERE]


Two posts from Secret History — because I LOVE this stuff:

In 1919, a young Alfred Hubbard created a mechanism which
newspapers dubbed the “perpetual motion machine,” while Hubbard himself called it an atmospheric energy generator.

To attract investors, Alfred held showboat rides. Confessing to greed, Albard feared losing the rights to his miracle invention and actively sought to sell it for more.

In 1920, newspapermen quickly lost interest in the invention and the inventor. In 1929, having patented the “radioactive internal combustion device for the internal combustion engine”, the young genius suddenly abandoned the invention, went to jail and to his patented generators former investors have lost interest dramatically.

For some reason, as soon as it comes to atmospheric electricity or alternative energy sources, inventors die, go to jail, or quit their life’s work.”

The first description of the people of the giants in Patagonia was made by Magellan in 1520.

But it was not the only one and it is not possible to write off Magellan’s testimony as a tourist story. In all, more than 10 navigators (John Byron, Thomas Cavendish, Juan Esther and William Adams, etc.) wrote about the unusual inhabitants of the Americas. The Patagonians were between 2.5 and 3.5 meters tall. Anthony Knivet described bodies found by him and his team that were even slightly taller than 3.5m.”

[FYI, giant skeletal remains were found all over this area of Ohio, but the Smithsonian conveniently “lost them.”]


From Nick Cave — upcoming book signings in Australia:


From James Tabor, currently in the Holy Land–

Reporting Live from Biblical Tamar–South of the Dead Sea (24 mins):


And I’ll close today with a very, very long one from Derek Johnson:

“Only a National Guard C-17 Globemaster at 2:35 AM EST on Friday morning leaving the great state of Maine entering International Territory…

SIMPLY and ONLY Title 10 which specifically says the National Guard is a 👉🏻state-based👈🏻 military force that becomes part of the reserve components of the United States Army and the United States Air Force when 👉🏻activated👈🏻 for 👉🏻federal👈🏻 missions.

In which SIMPLY and ONLY the 👉🏻PRESIDENT👈🏻 can Federalize the National Guard to Active Duty as written in the same TITLE 10 Chapter 12406:


In which President Donald John Trump Federalized the National Guard to Active Duty as written in Executive Order 13912 March 27, 2020:


And also 10 US Code Chapter 1209:

No more than 1 MILLION on Active Duty for no more than 365 👉🏻CONSECUTIVE👈🏻 days meaning continuous Operation until completed and National Emergencies TERMINATED according to Federal Law…

And you visually saw this ACTION as you witnessed 35,000 PLUS National Guard roll into D.C. On January 17… who was the freakin’ President?

You visually witnessed a FENCE placed around the Capitol Building which is outlined in 47 US Code 606 👉🏻titled👈🏻 “War Powers of the President” in which he can close Government Use of Facilities:

President Trump issued THREE National Emergencies that Congress failed to address to the Nation which was THREE National Security Breaches.

National Emergencies must be addressed by Congress 👉🏻 THAT Congress not today’s Congress.

The ONLY person who can terminate a National Emergency is the PRESIDENT when Congress FAILS to address them which is found in Title 50 Chapter 34:

The FAILURE to address THREE National Emergencies gave President Trump the Power via:

Article II of the Constitution
Emergency Powers of the President
War Powers of the President
Executive Order 12148
National Emergencies Act
The Stafford Act
Executive Order 13919
Executive Order 13848 (National Emergency)
Two Verbal National Emergencies declared March 13 & 27, 2020

To extend his powers (as President as Franklin D. Roosevelt also used in WWII as he served 13 years dying in office) by FEDERALIZING the National Guard to Active Duty to ADDRESS the National Security breaches and threats to our Nation.

What proves it is a Covert Sting Operation along with joint partners all over the world are multiple Optics and Code Language but MORE SPECIFICALLY…

Executive Order 13848 which declared a National Emergency AND an Election Fraud Committee and how they would report to the President all in ONE order signed September 12, 2018, which specifically states:

(e) the term “United States election” means any election for Federal office held on, or after, the date of this order;

(h) the term “covert,” with respect to an action or attempted action, means characterized by an intent or apparent intent that the role of a foreign government will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly; and

And where the Maritime Law comes into the equation along with the HUNDREDS of Maritime Patrol Aircrafts that have been in the skies EVERY single day since January 2021 is:

(i) blocking and prohibiting all transactions in a person’s property and interests in property subject to United States 👉🏻jurisdiction👈🏻;


The United States has two faint gray lines around the borders in the oceans and gulf.

The lighter gray = state Maritime Borders 👉🏻 Jurisdiction

The darker gray = United States Maritime Border 👉🏻 Jurisdiction

Gold-Fringed Flag = Admiralty Court 👉🏻 Admiral 👉🏻 Navy 👉🏻 Water 👉🏻 Law of Water = Maritime Law

HOW did President Trump know to pass into immediate Law an Executive Order with a National Emergency and Election Fraud Committee with all of those clauses two years before Covid and Presidential Election?

The Constitution of 1787 and the constitution of the District of Columbia are separate:


Section (15):

Stoutenburgh vs. Hennick:

President Trump stepped down as President on January 20 and stepped up as Commander-in-Chief… via Emergency Powers and War Powers of the President as all other Presidents had the same powers if needed.

👉🏻Two separate Laws, Roles, and Duties. Military Law is separate than Federal Law. Military was founded first. Military can act without Congress.

You’re witnessing the most Biblical, Monumental, Historical, Covert Operation to date… and it’s all been visual and also outlined in Laws, Orders, and Regulations of the Military.

I can build the track, provide a uniform, water, Gatorade, show you how to run, etc. etc. etc. but I CANNOT make you run (read).

If you don’t like it or President Trump, well, it sucks to suck ☠️💯

It’s simply Law and Orders. Like ‘em or leave. It’s happening NO MATTER what 🇺🇸 #1776Nation”


That’s it.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

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Fancy Nancy Gone for Good?!

Finally — it’s taken nearly two years — but it looks like we can put on those party hats at last, gang!

According to Phil’s livestream last night, Pelosi took part in an attempt on Trump’s life, but it was a set-up. A sting. So, instead of being under that weird sort of house arrest she’s been under, followed around by those 2 female US Marshals we’ve been seeing her with for nearly two years now, she is, instead, off to prison at last. I have no idea if she will be executed for violating her plea deal by participating in an attempt to assassinate President Trump, but anyway, she’s gone, baby, gone.

The famous video from her arrest in January 2021:

Photo from the news yesterday, with her 2 US Marshals, escorting her out of her garage and allegedly taking her off to prison.


Phil’s replay from last night (last half hour is from RSBN waiting for Trump’s rally to begin.) (1 hr 43 mins):


Regarding Trump’s rally last night—

A woman I don’t actually really know, unexpectedly texted me this:

“Trump hats in the audience behind trump are green with gold Trump

Green = go


we are so close now

No fringe on the flags at the rally – WhooHoo “

And then, later, she texted me again. This (long) one, she forwarded from “Believe In Miracles”. [This gives you an idea of how my life never, ever, EVER stops, This massive text came though when I had been dead alseep and utterly exhausted]:

“🆘🚨THE END OF THE MOVIE!🍿 🍿🍿🚨🆘 Remember the ending isn’t for everyone!!! Ok So the rumor about all the troops in DC are in fact very true, They have been getting into place in all 50 states aside from finishing up mass arrest, Not only in the United States but all over the world 🌎 We all know Trump has Many Rallies scheduled Starting today through the 7th. I have been told now the dates and times matter, And to pay very close attention to Trump tonight moving forward. Many of us don’t believe Trump will be getting arrested, as it makes no sense. And many of us do not believe we will have elections, Something huge publicly is definitely going to happen November 5th Remember remember the  5th of November!!! I think today moving forward is most definitely going to be confusing, Stressful, And almost as if we have no hope, When in fact it is going to be absolutely “BIBLICAL”!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️There are many things we are expecting to happen over these next few days up to election, However no one knows the exact plan. With that being said I would say we are looking at riots in the streets in those 17 cities, Possibly rods of God to take down the demonic statues and buildings, And most definitely EBS!!!! Just remember if this does go all the way to election day and we have to vote please get out and vote on the day of!!!! Again I do not believe we will be having elections but it could happen!!!! However I believe then 9th of November Would be the day that the military would step in And put an end to all of it because at that point they would have no choice!!!!! Just Know the military is in charge and has been. We are in fact now in the exposure and disclosure stage!!!!!!! The military want you to remember this, THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE CHILDREN 💔!!!!! And what our military has seen and had to go through I pray for them every day🙏 💔🥲 And I am thankful to God for everything they have done and are doing❤️ And I Pray that they have the best counseling they could ever have when this is over🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 And to all of our Military, Army,navy, Air Force, Marines Donald J Trump and Q Team I personally want to thank you for everything you did and are doing to save our country and our children, I speak for all of us when I say thank you with our whole hearts ♥️ I’m sorry that I can’t offer much more than this as I have been told now is the time to try to keep everybody calm and let god move 🙏❤️🇺🇸🙏 In a matter of days many of us will be under an NDA Some already are. Please do not get angry when people are not allowed to talk it’s for the safety of Donald J Trump the movement and our military🇺🇸 I know personally that I will be starting a new journey soon. And I cannot wait to be a part of it!!!! Before I have to step out I will tell you all goodbye. I have come to love everyone of you ❤️ And remember this Trump and our military love you to🙏🇺🇸❤️ We are about to be set free This is the most exciting time of our lives to be alive in history, Now is seriously the time!!!!!!!!!! to get hunkered  down get your popcorn and snacks and watch how this movie ends 🍿🍿🍿🎥🎞🎬📀📽🥨🥨🥮🍰🍰🧁🧁🥤🥤🥤🥤This is NOT A JOKE This is truly happening 🙏 From Believe in Miracles!”


I do not know what motivates her to text me only very specific things and when I least expect it, but it always makes me feel really fantastic. And those flags at the rally last night — the ones really blowing in the breeze, with no gold fringe!! It truly felt like freedom to me. Finally. We WON.

It was really late when I watched Trump’s rally because I had to work unusually late last night. But seeing those flags billowing like that — I could not help but think of my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, who I feel have been by me in spirit, helping me make it through for the last 2 and 1/2 years — I was in the dark, in my bed, watching the replay on rumble and I whispered out loud to them, “We did it. We did it. We WON.” Honestly, I don’t think I could have survived all this without their presence, reminding me that once, it had been a lot harder than even this.


President Trump’s rally last night in Iowa (2 hrs 40 mins):


Things are going to get intense now. If you still own a TV that’s connected to cable, I would seriously consider turning it off . I think the amount of fear-porn coming from all sides could likely get overwhelming.

I had a few other items of interest — not any kind of intel, just interesting things to make note of — but I will post them tomorrow. I have to scoot because, yes, I have to get ready to go back to work. I’m currenlty working 6 days/nights a week and writing a play…let me just tell you that my life is insane right now. I never get a chance to just pause and relax.

But onward.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys. See ya.

Still Waiting…

Again, not much to report today.

Phil is hoping to go live tonight at 7PM Eastern time. Something strange is definitely up in Phil’s world right now. Although the official word is still that he’s been sick with a “bad cold” …all kinds of rumors flying around about where he’s really at and what he’s really been doing, but since these are just rumors for now, I won’t repeat them — from Phil yesterday:

“Feeling better, but not good enough to execute a Live

Rescheduling for tomorrow. I don’t anticipate any reason why this won’t happen by then.”

(I personally find the wording of that final sentence to be a little bit odd….just sayin’)


SGAnon had this wonderful bit of intel exchanged on his Truth Social page yesterday that 100% confirms something I have felt for YEARS!!!!!!

“Great job Anon. Someone is paying attention.

Whole picture = [BROAD/View]”



Saving Israel for last.
Plan to expose networks ongoing. Thank you @Johnny for your part.

Crossovers: IG/FEDgov/Media/Entertainment


Intermediate level homework: when was Mossad founded? What is the background story? What was the stated purpose? What families were behind its’ founding?

What happened in 1948? (Israel)

What happened in 1967? (War)

Who ‘died’ in WWII? (Adolf Hitler)”


SGAnon also posted Audio File #20 last night. This is a great one to share with people who are just starting to wake up.

Anon Audio File 20

SGAnon discusses info on Russian military tribunals for bio-terrorism, as well as ongoing destruction of deep-under-ground-military-bases.

Yes – the war is won, but the actual play-out/cleanup process of the deep-state could not occur until US Devolution and CoG. You are witnessing the greatest coordinated military operation that has ever existed in Mankind’s history.

Trust the Plan. We will get them ALL.


Russian Tribunals Have Begun | Large Scale DUMBs are Being Destroyed | Scare Event Coming (1 hr):


From Simon Parkes yesterday:

Premier Selene Galas Apologises…

Alberta, Canada, becomes the world’s first government to formally apologize for violating the civil rights of unvaccinated people.

Today, Premier Selene Galas apologized for harming unvaccinated workers’ rights. She offered them their jobs back and said discussions are underway about dismissing all lockdown prosecutions.”


On a similar note–

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

BREAKING: New York City ordered by court to reinstate all those fired over Covid vaccine mandates

“Though vaccination should be encouraged, public employees should not have been terminated for their noncompliance,” the New York Supreme Court stated.
On Tuesday, the New York Supreme Court ruled that New York City must reinstate all employees that were fired because of their vaccination status.
The order also states that for those fired, backpay must be issued.”


From Shadow of Ezra last night:

Air Force Readiness: 15 Minutes to Mobilization.”

“17 cities. 1 Event.”


From Chris Sky:

“THE GREAT RESET. England is setting the example for CONTROLLING THE SLAVES.”


From a few days ago, in Real Raw News:

Military Hangs to Death US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink was hanged to death Friday afternoon only hours after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found her guilty of treason.

The brief, unannounced tribunal began at 9:00 am, with Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps presenting photographs and video that showed Brink surrendering $2.2bn in American currency to Ukrainian Ministry of Defense official Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala. The transaction took place at Warsaw Chopin Airport, and the video, though grainy, showed a stocky woman with short blonde hair and a round face shaking Shaptala’s hand while Ukrainian soldiers transferred crates of cash from a US C-5 Galaxy cargo plane to trucks on the tarmac.[…]”

[full article here]


The always fantastic Tony Lin — 80 Canadian Doctors Suddenly And Suspiciously Passed After 2021 – Explained By Dr. William Makis (9 mins):


I am getting ready to forgive Bruce Springsteen for those concerts he gave where vaxes were mandatory…

His new release , cover of the great song “Nightshift”– notice black, white, latino. men, women, young, old. I appreciate this video very much and I’m taking it personally:


And in Nick Cave news!

Tomorrow night in London:

And also, from Cave Things:

A unique and limited edition textual presentation of Carnage and Ghosteen Speaks song lyrics.
The words have been edited by Nick Cave to make sense in this distinct new format – and are here designed to be read and not sung. These limited edition, signed and numbered wall artworks were created using the oldest form of printing – letterpress. Each Letterpress Print is limited to 300 and comes beautifully presented; housed in a glassine bag and placed in a presentation folder with a printed inner.
Created in collaboration with Something Else by Daniel Mason in the UK, a specialist in printing techniques.

Purchase Here


Last but not least–

Nacny Drew” found some strange things in DC last night — primarily, TONS of security everywhere, but almost no people. And this:

“The Capitol tonight……”

And that is it, gang.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Stay alert, don’t panic, use discernment, and most importantly: put on that full armor of God. It is essential these days.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys!

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just sayin’ … this can get rid of a “bad cold” in about a day:

Better Than Yesterday!

Okay, gang. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. I think I’m over the whole shock & horror thing of these last 2 and 1/2 years.

For now, anyway.

I am only keeping track of news that doesn’t seem to be connected to the scare event — whatever that really ends up being. And I’m trying to focus on either things that stand out as interesting or worth watching.

SGAnon will have a new file sometime this evening on rumble, so watch for that. Meanwhile, he had a ton of interesting posts on Truth Social yesterday, but I have trouble posting anything from Truth Social here to the blog, so here is his direct link.

His gives some updates on what’s happening re: those explosions under the FBI building — it lines up with what Phil told us in his live the other night. (Getting rid of the trafficking tunnels/underground city.)


An excerpt from Restored Republic (6 mins):




UK & Australia —Banks Hit By Massive Outage After Central Bank Loses Record Amount Of Cash… (11 mins):

And posted by Santa Surfing on Phil’s channel:

WOAH…this announcement was today 10/12/2022!

Bank of England (BOE) Announcement!!!
They told pension fund managers they have 3 days to finish rebalancing their positions by Friday when the British Central Bank is due to end its emergency support for the country’s fragile bond market!!!



Also from Phil:

And just FYI, Phil is not planning to go live again until Monday.


From Tony Lin —

Unexplained Cancer Clusters After 2021 – Doctors Baffled (14 mins):

[Update] Congressman’s Teenage Daughter Mysterious Death Disclosed (2 mins):


From GEORGE News early this morning:

“⚡️France has 2,500 gas stations without fuel, and almost 2,000 gas stations with a partial shortage!”


From Derek Johnson:

“Gitmo Plane has been veryyy busy ☠️🇺🇸”

(Remember that Phil said literally thousands of wanted individuals had been hiding in those tunnels under the FBI, etc., escaping arrest, but that the current explosions were forcing them out from hiding — could account for all this massive traffic to Gitmo…?)


From Chris Sky:

“What happens when Remeece asks Chris Sky to work in a music studio with just hours notice and absolutely no pre planning? It goes so well they asked us to make a MUSIC VIDEO even though I was literally in my PJs never intending to be on camera. Lol who knew my voice was so catchy? 😀 let me enter your brrrraaaaiiiiinnnns. You will NOT TAKE THE VAX (or any other shit!) We already know to #justsayno … now you know what to say when they even TRY to talk… “SHUT UP” ! My man Remeece featuring Chris Sky”


And that’s it for now, gang. Trump has been very active on Truth Social but that, in my opinion, is optics. (The latest, of course, is that the Unselect Committee is finally getting around to subpeonaing (spell?) him re: Jan. 6th… and also that Durham is exposing the FBI’s $1 million bounty on Trump.)

Other than that, I guess we just have to stay alert and buckle up.

In other news….

Tonight, Nick Cave is in Cheltenham at the Literature Festival!

And that is it!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music! If you click it, you can play it directly on YouTube! CSN&Y “Ohio”.

Ominous Little Morning!

Big things were definitely happening yesterday — I don’t know specifically what. But if you follow Phil, you know he posted quite a flurry of comms yesterday. And he is currently tucked away in the Trump International hotel in NYC…

Major hacking in Iran yesterday.

Also, something very serious is up with Xi and the CCP. Very mixed signals coming from China. They say Xi could be under arrest… Perhaps the “first arrest” Q warned us about??

We will have to wait and see, but my guess is that Xi is finally cleaning it all up.

Posted to Phil’s channel:

“Something big is going on in China. Allegedly 6,000 flights have been canceled — or %60 of flights according to the Epoch Times. Major military movements toward Beijing. Rumors coming out of Asia of either house arrest / coup against Xi Jinping OR consolidation of power.

Let’s see what happens.

“PLA military vehicles heading to Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Xi Jinping was under arrest after CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA””


Trump was late to the rally last night. His plane flew in to the stadium at around 7:20PM. However, the crowd was just unbelievably huge. I kind of couldn’t really believe the size of it. I’ll post a photo when I can find one that does it justice.

If you missed the rally, it was extremely boisterous and upbeat. Here is the replay (2 hrs 50 mins):


I think they are very close to taking out the (fake) Biden. Starting to publicly show that he was a pedophile. (The real one was a pedophile, that is.) Here, he is saying that his “girlfriend was 12 and he was 30.” (42 seconds):


Chris Sky posted an interview he did with Tommy Robinson in the UK. It is on GTTR. THIS IS THE LINK You don’t need to join GTTR to watch the video. (1 hr 29 mins)


If you want to learn more about LumensPay–

Mel Carmine — LUMENSPAY a Peer-to-Peer Web-App That Allows Small Businesses Collect Payments in #XLM (31 mins):


Setting the tone for the ominous weekend….(also, remember: Q told us there would be threat of nuclear war but that it would be a scare event.)

From Shadow of Ezra:


From Phil — (he was at a Yankees baseball game in NYC last night):

“Probably just a coincidence.






Before Phil left for Yankee Stadium, he posted this:

“2 down

2 to go”


Stuff is definitely happening, gang. Huge stuff. But I don’t know what. It’s just the vibe coming from all the channels. I’ll check in later if something concrete gets posted.

Meanwhile, I have to scoot off to the new job.

Oh! Nick Cave’s “In Conversation” in London last night, regarding his new book, looks like it was incredible!

Today is the final day of the book signing tour. Brighton, then Bristol, and then done!


Okay. Enjoy your Saturday!!

STAY ALERT!! Don’t panic!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!