What the Heck, Part 2!!

Oh my god. The email was sitting in my drafts folder this whole time because I never hit “SEND.” Aaaarrrggh!

Anyway. (Wow the stress in my life has really been just off the charts this whole week, gang. Because of all this bankruptcy stuff. But it is ALMOST OVER.)

And here we are. Back again.


Stuff going on in Brazil. A couple from yesterday, one from just now, all of them from the Brazilian Report:

“🛑 Army On The Move 🛑

Date & Location unknown

The patriot recording this video says the obvious:

For those saying that nothing is happening, please, stay quiet 👀

You can’t say that nothing is happening while seeing the army being deployed all around our country since 3 weeks ago.

We can say that we don’t know why it’s being deployed, but we definitely can affirm that it is.

If we stick to that things will get more clearer.


“🛑 Lights Out 🛑

Brasília, Brazil’s capital

Dec. 16th, 2022 — by night

For the first time ever the Army Headquarters has turned off all the lights.

This raises many questions for sure!

This attracted the attention of all the patriots there, and nobody knows how to justify this.

It’s all dark! This is crazy.

More and more army trucks were also arriving there as the woman recording shows us.”

“I have listened to something and I think it’s worth sharing.

Yet to be confirmed…

But it seems that Bolsonaro signed a decree yesterday giving the Army freedom to use any gas station in the country.

All vehicles of the Army are graced on this decree, and like anything else this is just another coincidence.

Another thing is that lots of patriots are heading to Brasília, and most will arrive on Dec. 18th.

We are going to see a huge crowd on Sunday, and on Monday in my opinion will be even bigger.

Brazilians gave zero f*** to Moraes last tyrant spree. And the False Flag didn’t hurt us a bit.

It was shameful!

We have borderline retarded enemies. They are trying too hard.



From General Flynn — a new book:

The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare – Autographed 1st Edition
To prepare Americans and freedom loving people everywhere for our current global wartime reality that few understand…”

[purchase HERE]


“All I want want for Christmas is accountability for those who committed treason, sedition, & fraud against America, & against me as the incoming & sitting U.S. National Security Advisor to President @realDonaldTrump . I’d like them wrapped up tight in really bright orange wrapping paper with a black & white striped bow & then stuffed down a deep dark hole in the middle of prison-town USA.

Yes America, we the people demand accountability & we must get it. Otherwise, we lose our country.”


From Shadow of Ezra this morning:

“Assassination warning.”


From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:

“These are the 3 main drags in DC. Many of our Govt buildings, and all of the Museums reside on them. Prior to “C” these streets would be absolutely packed with cars, an insane amount of traffic, the sidewalks swarmed with people, and lines at the food trucks during lunch time. It was a hustle bustle district. I wouldn’t even come here, it was that chaotic. The plandemic is over, and yet this city is empty, most buildings, a ghost town. Where is everyone? If this Govt was up and running, like usual, it would not look this way. The swamp was very deep. Patriots are in complete control.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich GIANTS AGAINST CRIMES AGAINST. HUMANITY! (1 hr 17 mins):


Derek Johnson takes us to Bizzaro-Land — (never mind all the complete bullshit here, where’s this $$ coming from??!!):

“It just doesn’t get anymore 🕶️ than this…

So, both parties raised hell over “Biden’s” $802 billion proposal…

This is a MUST-PASS Bill… but signing it… eliminates the Vaccine Mandate within 30 DAYS 😎

Not signing it means Defense Budget isn’t passed ☠️🕶️

So, if “Biden” proposed $802 Billion… and both parties gave him heat for it…

Why is the proposal $847 Billion?

👉🏻 45 Billion more ☠️🇺🇸”


From Intel Slava Z last night — (includes short video of massive peaceful protest):

“🇩🇪 Protests in Munich against inflation, rising prices and the economic policies of the Scholz government.”


A cute, short video from Mel Carmine — (and by the way, the XLM that Wayne invested in for me is utterly TANKING! Kinda like the ENTIRE stock market… but we’re hanging in there!)


From Yellow Vest Ireland:


“An abundance of thanks to all who braved each rally over the last few years despite a mass amount of the population against us. So too to everyone who took the time to advertise and share the events thus making each rally the success they became.
Yellow Vest Ireland would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Highlights of some of the rally’s below.

Erin Go Bragh”


And some GREAT posts from Phil:

“They’re setting the slate for the big reveal.

Mark my words, this all ends SOON.”


It’s not just Twitter.”

And also –– this 3-minute music video will probably make you sick to your stomach, but watch it! (The part that made me really feel sick is that Bruce Springsteen is definitely in here, gang. Just when I was feeling like he had maybe come around… ? We’ll see.)

“Extraction time.”



Restored Republic news update (19 mins):

Why Are So Many “Dying Suddenly”? (Ep. 1915) – The Dan Bongino Show (52 mins):


And that’s it, gang!

Thanks for visiting — again! I’m off to work! Enjoy your Saturday.

I love you guys. See ya!!

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