What the Heck??!!

Okay, so all day long and for a couple of hours every morning, I make notes, copy links and URLS, and then email them to myself so that I can post everything to the blog. This takes hours. Literally.

Well, for some inexplicable reason, my email to myself has not arrived!!!

I’m hoping it will arrive during the day, so I will (hopefully) check back here later before I go in to work.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world…

I love you guys. See ya later (I hope).


Meanwhile, here’s this–

James Tabor — What Was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh? (13 mins):

2 thoughts on “What the Heck??!!”

  1. Your mail client has multiple mailboxes. Every email you have sent will be in the “sent” box. You don’t have to receive it to see it, just look at the sent box, it will be there.

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