Many Christmas Blessings, Gang!

Wow. yesterday was quite a day. But we are so blessed here, gang. We never lost power, we have plenty of heat, never lost the internet/wifi.

For the most part, we have hot & cold water, although the cold water isn’t making it to the upstairs bathroom right now. Plus, I had to get out of bed every 2 hours during the night, to go into the bathroom and run the shower, so that the hot water pipes stopped freezing up. So I’m tired.

But it is officially 1 degree above zero here now, and the wind has finally died down — it only comes in occasional gusts now. It’s amazing how much warmer the house feels now that the wind has stopped blowing like crazy.

I’ve already run some quick errands that I had hoped to do yesterday, but it was so windy and unbelievably cold, I couldn’t even make it out to my car yesterday.

So at 8:03 this morning, after 20 minutes de-icing my car, I was the first person in line at the post office! I had bought a Christmas gift for Goats of Anarchy, in New Jersey, and guess what??? It arrived in plenty of time for Christmas except that I accidentally shipped it to myself.

So now it will arrive where it’s a supposed to be, but a couple days after Christmas.

Anyway. I feel just so blessed here today, gang. With so many people losing power, heat, internet yesterday.

Including, of course, Phil. He had to cancel his livestream yet again. This time because of weather-related challenges in his new home, high on a mountain top!

The only thing I found of interest this morning, is mostly of personal interest to me, but I’ll share it anyway.

Derek Johnson posted it yesterday night:

“Just remember… when you feel like giving up.

Only 8.3% of population fought in the Revolutionary War… that’s 1.7% a year….

But the other 91.7% and 98.3% dang sure wanted to reap the rewards and benefits from their fight and deaths didn’t they?

Still freakin’ do, don’t they? 💯🇺🇸”

Loyal readers of this lofty blog know by now that my great-great-great-great-etc.- grandfather, fought in the Revolutionary War (and also knew Thomas Jefferson). Yes, apparently, he was one of the 8.3% (!!!!).

So I guess this idea of “taking the road less travelled” is simply in my blood, gang. But I’m really proud of it.

Okay. Have a very Merry Christmas Eve, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys! See ya!

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