An Ashwagandha Kind of Morning!

We have a little snow and it’s extremely cold, but what we really have here in the Hinterlands this morning is more of those intensely high winds. So my PTSD is in high gear and has been since about 4am.

So, ashwagandha it is! I have all these days off for Christmas and I don’t want to spend it all quietly freaking out.

Well, actually, I spoke to Sandra yesterday and we are beginning work on the new play on Monday, which means my notes for the new play have to be ready by Monday, and — in anticipation of being an actual writer again — I got a new printer that I have to figure out how to connect to the laptop, etc. …

So, my 5 days of “vacation” are kinda disappearing. But it’s all good, gang.

Phil had to cancel his livestream for last night and, instead, will have it at 8PM Eastern tonight. I hope so. We’ll see!!

Not much new “news”, today, but some items of interest!

Posted to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s channel from Dr. Mike Yeadon (includes brief video):

“I just stumbled on a short (15 minute) presentation I gave in late summer 2021, describing why I was concerned about the potential impact on fertility of the c19 “vaccines”.
I noticed it’s been viewed just 13 times in 15 months & there are no comments.
I’ve no proof or knowledge of technical IT matters, but that strikes me as a recording that should have “gone viral”.
Would several of you please post this link on Twitter?
You won’t get banned because it’s true. I list the journal articles that underwrote my concerns. I made no firm predictions. It’s in the drug company to prove it’s safe, used according to the indications section of the package insert. It’s not on critics to prove actual harms or risks. That’s simply the way it’s worked for many decades.
The risks presented are for accumulation in ovaries and for generation of autoimmune attack on the placenta.
The consequences if these occur would be a reduction in the numbers of live births and an increase in spontaneous abortion in some & miscarriage in others. Some will probably be OK.
We’ve since learned that the Pfizer vaccine when given to pregnant rats results in skeletal malformations in rat pups.
Rule-of-thumb in toxicology is that unless you’ve data which supersedes these observations, you must assume that these risks to humans are real.
You’ve been lied to about so many things. This one is a particularly barbaric series of lies, in my opinion.
Best wishes




From Aquila early this morning:

“Impending – THE LARGEST missile attack on Ukraine should be expected in the next 48 hours, or (Christmas Morning)

We have witnessed extremely heightened movement of the 🇷🇺 Black Sea fleet, all Submarines are out of port.

Unusual divergent movement of the Russian Destroyers, Sevastopol is Completely empty.

Russian Strategic Bombers are all out of its bases & Hangers.”


Posted by Yellow Vest Ireland:

New Zealand Documentary Memorial Day (Silent No More NZ) (25 mins):


From Derek Johnson:

“Ruh Roh. That’s a no-no. Flag is wrinkled 💯✅

And a whole lotttt more to this dog and pony show.

It’s a simple Continuation of Government. And the trolls grow rampant.

But there ain’t a THING in the world they can do to stop what’s coming.

Martial Law and Military Tribunals will be 🔥☠️💯🇺🇸”

“Andddddd it’s damaged.

But I’m the crazy one hahahahahaha ☠️🇺🇸”


And this was posted by Phil yesterday. (In his chat, the photo was enlarged to show that the man in uniform, circled at the far left, was President Trump):

“I spy with my little eye…😂”

And also this — (from President Trump‘s Truth Social account just now):


Also, please make time to watch this 12-minute video, gang. There was stuff here that even I hadn’t known about before — mainly, the truth about the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s kind of staggering.

From Michael Jackson (includes video link);

“Proof the MSM is scripted”


Take a deep breath and then make of it what you will…





Restored Republic news update (15 mins):




And that’s it for today, gang.

I hope you have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


On a humorous note —

The other night at work, I had my iPhone on airplay so that we could have Christmas songs playing while we worked, but I had to crank the volume way up in order to hear it even just a little bit.

After 4 hours of listening this way, I stepped outside to take out some trash and discovered that my iPhone was only hooked up to the outside speakers and they were fucking BLARING!! All over the otherwise dark and starlit night. It was so funny. Apparently, the folks at the gas station across the street were the only ones truly enjoying the Christmas serenade.

And here is what was playing at full blast! So play it loud and enjoy, gang. I love you, guys. Merry Christmas!

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